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Digital Project Manager Jobs in Germany at Huble Company


Digital Project Manager Jobs in Germany at Huble Company: Do you wish to work at Huble Company as a Digital Project Manager? To assist you in creating a thorough update, this post includes a description of the digital project manager.
You must read the information below this page in order to gain a deeper understanding of Hubble Company, including its obligations and important details.

The Role of a Digital Project Manager

A Digital Project Manager is a key player in ensuring the successful execution of digital initiatives. They are responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing projects that involve digital technologies, such as software development, website launches, app development, and more. Their role requires a unique blend of technical expertise, leadership skills, and effective communication.


Why Germany?

Germany’s image as a place where new ideas come to life makes it a great place for digital professionals to live. The country has a strong economy, a strong focus on research and development, and a tech group that is well-connected. From Berlin to Munich, there are a lot of tech hubs, which is great for digital project managers.


Huble Company: A Brief Overview

Huble Company, a top tech company with headquarters in Germany, has made a place for itself in the digital world. Huble Company has become a magnet for top digital talent from all over the world because of its focus on cutting-edge solutions, innovation, and customer happiness.

Digital Project Manager Jobs in Germany at Huble Company
Digital Project Manager Jobs in Germany at Huble Company

Details About Digital Project Manager Jobs in Germany at Huble Company

Job Details

  • Huble Company is the company’s name.
  • Digital Project Manager Position Location: Munich, Germany
  • Full-Time Annual Salary: €54448

Company Description

Huble is an elite HubSpot Partner and a multinational, creative, digital business, and CRM firm. utilizing the HubSpot software.
They supply strategic consulting in the areas of marketing, sales, service, websites, and company operations, in addition to offering solutions to raise our customers’ degree of CRM sophistication.
You will create project plans and oversee their execution as a project manager. Additionally, you will be recognizing difficulties and concerns, coming up with solutions, and aiding in the selection of suitable alternatives.
They count on you to manage the project scope by evaluating the requirements and changes, figuring out the impact on money, schedule, and risk, and communicating that impact.

Budgeting and Project Scheduling

It is your responsibility to use best practice methods to develop a project plan that meets the needs of your stakeholders and consumers while staying within your budget.

Work with the resource managers to forecast the resources required to accomplish the goals effectively and quickly.
Create the budget based on the required resources and the project’s scope of work, and make sure it isn’t exceeded or underutilized.
When necessary, in charge of overseeing the budget for outside vendors.
Take responsibility for writing the project plan in the project management program used by Hubble.
Must feel comfortable leading meetings with project stakeholders and briefing resources on project schedules and milestones.

Project Tracking (reporting and administration)

The account initiation document, client contact reports, and any other project documents, including but not limited to those, must be completed, distributed, and stored by the person in charge.
accountable for ensuring that all briefs are prepared on time and for resolving issues with confusing or incomplete briefs.
To identify possible issues before they arise, prepare and maintain clear and concise progress reports.
tracking the project members’ progress in relation to their project commitments on a regular basis using a proactive approach.

Project Communication (timelines and client satisfaction)

responsible for organizing effective SPAT Method project meetings.
When issues arise or looming issues are there, make an effort to recognize them and communicate them.
identifying and reducing project risks.
All project stakeholders, including the internal Huble team and client stakeholders, should be kept informed of regular project updates, dependencies, and deadlines.
Resolve any internal or external project bottlenecks, such as a lack of login information or missing instructions.


The following conditions must be met:

  • Extensive project management experience in sales, marketing, or related fields.
  • working knowledge of project management techniques, preferably acquired through formal training.
  • possess experience working for a consulting firm, an agency, or a software development company
  • a track record of finishing projects within the specified scope, money, and deadline
  • possess knowledge of project management tools like, TeamGantt, or Accelo.
  • working familiarity with Google’s software.
  • German writer and speaker at an advanced level.

Other Abilities

  • Be driven to see things through to completion.
  • Be thorough and analytical, paying close attention to every detail.
  • Work well under pressure and feel at ease with complexity and change in fast-paced workplaces.
  • Dedicated to finding solutions to issues.
  • Exceptional resourcefulness and strong interpersonal skills.
  • great communication abilities both in writing and speaking.

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Our company is only as inventive, imaginative, and dependable as its employees. The Huble Digital team is composed of carefully vetted industry experts from all around the world, each of whom brings their own distinct specializations and expertise.


Here at Huble, we’re dedicated to five key values in order to consistently be a business where people can flourish and offer long-lasting solutions for our clients. Five values that we cherish and use as a compass in our daily activities. These are our people, these are all of our voices, and this is who we are, as this brief film explains.


We are a close-knit, global team made up of truly kind and amiable individuals. We benefit from variety and equality, appreciate one another, exhibit empathy for one another, and stand up for one another. We always give everyone on the team our full support since, while acting alone, we can accomplish a lot, working together, we can accomplish even more.

How to Apply for Digital Project Manager Jobs in Germany at Huble Company


In the world of digital project management, which is always changing, Huble Company stands out as a beacon of growth and potential. As a Digital Project Manager at Huble Company, you’ll get to work in a supportive workplace and have the chance to grow in Germany’s thriving tech scene. It’s an exciting journey waiting to be taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a German digital project manager earn?

    €52,514. The estimated annual salary for a Digital Project Manager in the Berlin, Germany region is €52,514.

  • Are digital project managers in demand?

    As more and more businesses shift their operations online, digital project managers are in high demand. A Digital Project Manager can expect a decent salary if they possess the necessary skills and experience. Glassdoor reports that the average annual salary for a Digital Project Manager is $85,486.

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