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Delivery Driver Jobs In Canada 2023


Delivery Driver Jobs In Canada 2023 ABATE PACKERS, headquartered in Arthur, ON, is seeking self-motivated individuals with strong interpersonal skills to fill the position of Delivery driver. The selected candidate will be required to begin work as soon as feasible. The vacancies pertain to Permanent or Full-time employment. The shift schedule consists of Day, Evening, Overtime, On-Call, Flexible Hours, Undetermined, Early Morning, and Morning.

  • Name of Employer: ABATE PACKERS
  • Position: delivery driver Number of openings: five
  • Pay is $22.00 per hour for 44 hours per week.
  • Permanent employment with full-time hours
  • Locale: Arthur, Ontario

Position Description

  • The candidate will be required to operate and drive automobiles, vans, and light trucks in order to gather up and deliver a variety of products and items.
  • In terms of customer service, the candidate will be expected to maintain professionalism.
  • The candidate is responsible for receiving and relaying information to central dispatch.
  • The candidate is required to transport and unload cargo.
  • The candidate must utilize maps and other instruments for trip planning.
  • The candidate will be required to record travel details including vehicle mileage, fuel costs, and any issues.
  • The candidate must both purchase and receive products.
  • The candidate will be responsible for performing pre-trip, en route, and post-trip inspections as well as supervising all vehicle aspects.

Job Requirements

  • The candidate should speak English fluently.
  • There are no standard educational prerequisites, such as a bachelor’s degree, certificate, or diploma.
  • The optimal candidate will have at least one to two years of relevant work experience.
  • The candidate must possess both a Class 3 or D Driver’s License and a Class D Driver’s License (Class 2 or B or C).
  • The candidate must be able to lift up to 45 kilograms (100 lbs).

Work environment

  • The applicant must be willing to work remotely.
  • The applicant must be willing to work in a pastoral setting.
  • The candidate will be required to operate in a number of different locations.
  • Expertise and Accomplishment
  • Transportation/travel experience
  • The candidate must have local transportation and travel experience.

Further information

  • Safety and security
  • The applicant must be sociable.
  • The candidate must undergo a comprehensive criminal background check and a driving record check (abstract).
  • Transportation and travel details
  • The employer will provide a vehicle for the candidate.
  • The candidate must be prepared to undertake extensive travel.
  • The applicant must possess a legitimate driver’s license.
  • The candidate is unable to utilize public conveyance.
  • Conditions of employment and physical attributes
  • The candidate must be able to perform effectively in a fast-paced, hectic environment.
  • The candidate must complete the assignment within the allotted time frame.
  • The applicant must be able to perform physically demanding activities as part of their daily duties.
  • The candidate must be required to routinely carry large loads as part of their duties.
  • The candidate must be willing to work extra hours if required.
  • Own tools/equipment
  • The candidate must possess safety footwear with steel toes, gloves, and a cell phone.

Benefits of Delivery Driver Jobs In Canada 2023

The selected candidate will receive a Health care plan under Health Benefits.


How to Apply for Delivery Driver Jobs In Canada 2023?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Canadian delivery driver earn?

In Canada, the average salary for a delivery driver is $36,010 per year, or $18.47 per hour. The starting salary for an entry-level position is $31,200 per year, while most experienced employees earn up to $48,750 per year.

How do I become a motorist in Canada?

How to obtain your first driver’s license in Canada
Take a written test of your knowledge (and sometimes an eye exam)…
After one year of practice, you will be able to take the intermediate permit road test.
After one to two years of driving, you will be eligible to take the road test for a full license.

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