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Children’s Services Manager Remote Job in Britain (Barnardo’s Employment). Barnardo’s jobs are full-time and can be done from home. The pay ranges from $41,600 to $44,980, plus a $312 annual payment for working from home.

  • Contract Permanent Hours
  • Continuous Work Schedule
  • Form of Listing
  • Charity, Child, International, Social Care, Child, Policy, Research, Social Welfare Sector Employment Opportunity
  • Operations are the job function
  • Positional Administration
  • Workplace
  • Absolute independence


In the current job market, working from home has become a big trend. This includes jobs that used to be based in an office, like Children’s Services Manager jobs. In this piece, we’ll talk about how exciting it could be to be a Children’s Services Manager in Britain while working from home.

Understanding the Role

What Does a Children Services Manager Do?

A Children’s Services Manager is very important in making sure that children and young people are safe and healthy. They are in charge of different programs and services that help children grow, stay safe, and feel good about themselves. In a faraway place, their jobs are mostly the same, but how they do them is different.

Children Services Manager Remote Job In Britain - Apply Now
Children Services Manager Remote Job In Britain – Apply Now

Description of Barnardo’s Duties

  • Manager of Children’s Services 
  • Permanent Employment Agreement
  • The Midwestern U.S.

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Under its National Counter slavery Service, Barnardo’s runs several programs in Britain and Wales to stop slavery. The Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship Service is set up by Section 48 of the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.

Do you want to help the young people who are being forced to work today? Do you have experience with immigration, social work, the law, or anything similar? Do you think you are a good manager who is ready for a new task and wants to join a growing team? If you said yes to any of these questions, please get in touch.

Directors of Children’s Services

  • Responsible for setting the vision and directing the day-to-day operations of a group of regional employees, such as Team Managers, Senior Practitioners, Independent Child Trafficking Guardians, Independent Child Trafficking Guardians – Post 18, Regional Practice Coordinators, and Regional Practitioners.
  • Improve how professionals deal with young people who have been kidnapped. Get all Service-supported youth to use the National Referral Mechanism.
  • Have the final say on everything related to employee safety and risk management, and make sure that all relevant rules and practices are followed.

Benefits of Children Services Manager Remote Job In Britain

  • Flexibility: Remote work affords greater flexibility about location and work hours. By balancing their professional obligations with their personal and familial obligations, child services managers can foster a healthier work-life balance.
  • Reduced Commute: The elimination of a daily commute through remote work results in significant time and financial savings. By reducing tension and increasing productivity, managers can devote more attention to their duties.
  • A Greater Access to Talent: Employers can engage the most qualified candidates for remote positions, irrespective of their geographical placement. Managers of children’s services can enhance the team’s skill set through collaboration with professionals who possess a wide range of experiences and origins.
  • Cost Savings: Remote work has the potential to generate financial benefits for employers and employees alike. There are opportunities for managers to reduce expenditures related to transportation, professional attire, and other related matters. Organizations could potentially gain advantages from decreased operational costs associated with office space and facilities.
  • Work-Life Integration: The implementation of remote work facilitates a more seamless integration of professional and personal spheres. By effectively managing their work schedules, children’s services managers can accommodate the obligations and demands of their families, thereby fostering a more seamless fusion of their personal and professional duties.
  • Enhanced Job Satisfaction: The flexibility and independence that are inherent in remote work arrangements may serve as a contributing factor to heightened levels of job satisfaction. The ability of children’s services managers to customize their work environment according to their personal preferences can contribute to the cultivation of a favorable work experience.
  • Technology Facilitates Collaboration: The progression of technology has rendered remote work inconsequential to collaboration. The utilization of communication platforms, project management tools, and video conferencing facilitates efficient coordination between Children Services Managers, stakeholders, and clients.
  • Environmental Impact: The implementation of remote work can effectively mitigate the environmental consequences that are typically associated with commuting. A reduction in travel entails a simultaneous decrease in carbon emissions, thereby making a positive contribution to sustainability objectives and environmental preservation endeavors.
  • Adaptability to Personal Needs: One advantage of remote work for Children’s Services Managers is their increased flexibility to attend to personal obligations, including but not limited to appointments, caregiving duties, and other obligations related to the family. One way in which this adaptability may be utilized is to foster a more inclusive and supportive workplace.
  • Focus on Results: An emphasis on outcomes is frequently prioritized in remote work, as opposed to conventional metrics of productivity. Children’s Services Managers can foster a results-driven work environment by focusing on the attainment of objectives and results.

How to Apply for Children Services Manager Remote Job In Britain?

  • Set up reliable ways to record, organize, and collect data, and give the results in the form of a report.
  • Set up reliable links with the most important strategic and operational players in the area.
  • Serve as the Service’s official representative at operational and strategic meetings at the national and regional levels
  • Teams should be helped to grow and learn on a regional and national level.
  • Add to the data that shows how important it is to help exploited children and teens.

Even though you’ll be working from home, you’ll sometimes have to travel across the area to meet with employees and attend meetings. Do you have a car? Is a car available to you? If you said yes to any of these questions, please get in touch.

What do members of the National Counter-Trafficking Service get out of being a part of it?

  • There are lots of chances to learn, grow, and move up.
  • On the front lines, there is management and clinical control.
  • Twenty-six pay calendar days off, not including holidays or vacation days bought ahead of time.
  • For work trips, the cost of mileage is 45 pence per mile.
  • Help for Workers Program.
  • Switch between time off and changes to the schedule.

More Info


Working from home as a Children’s Services Manager comes with its own set of difficulties and benefits. As the job market continues to change, professionals in this field can find new possibilities and a better balance between work and life by taking on remote work.

  1. What are children’s services?

    Children’s services are in charge of helping and protecting kids who are at risk. This means giving extra help to children and their families. When children are thought to be at risk of getting hurt, children’s services will take steps to keep them safe.

  2. What are services in child care?

    kid care services are the activities and programs that a person with a certificate offers to a kid who is enrolled in the program. These activities and programs include personal care, supervision, education, guidance, and transportation. A multiphase professional services contract is a deal to give professional services in more than one step.

  3. Who funds children’s services in the UK?

    Children’s services are funded through local government.

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