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Careers for Poultry Farm Supervisors in Canada The year offers ambitious individuals from poor nations who lack a prestigious educational background but have strong organizational, management, and interpersonal abilities another chance to advance their careers. Not only are Canada’s farms (livestock and crops) productive, but they are also breathtakingly beautiful. Our current employer is located in the rural countryside of Canada.

Those who are fortunate would receive a variety of job benefits in exchange for relatively informal and simple requirements since you do not need to be highly educated or certified. Likewise, little experience is required.


Poultry farming is widely regarded as the fastest-growing segment of Canada’s agricultural industry. According to research by the BC SPSA, chickens are the most farmed animal in Canada. The expected total number of hens farmed for meat in Canada is 107,9 million. Chicken and turkey are two of the most regularly consumed and produced meats in Canada, according to Statista. Canada produced approximately 1,3 million metric tonnes of chicken in 2021. Canada imported roughly 151 thousand metric tonnes of chicken in 2021.


By examining the preceding information, it is simple to estimate the variety of employment prospects in the Canadian chicken farm market. Get more about the open openings for Farm Supervisors and other Chicken farm workers in Canada for foreign nationals by reading below.

Details About Chicken Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada

  • Job title: Greenhouse Farm Supervisor
  • Job Industry: Agricultural Jobs
  • Employment type: Permanent, Full-time
  • Hiring Company: Port Hill Farm Inc
  • Location: Tyne Valley, PE, Canada
  • Free Food: No
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Free Medical Insurance: No, but healthcare benefits are included
  • Free Transportation: No
  • Hours: 40 to 60 hours per week
  • Expected Salary: $19.01-$28.52

Job Qualifications for Chicken Farm Supervisor Jobs:

  • The candidate must be able to read, write, and speak Standard English with ease.
  • No formal education is required, however, a college or CEGEP credential is sufficient.
  • The ideal candidate has at least one to two years of agricultural supervision experience.
  • The candidate must be able to oversee the farm activities of 10 to 15 employees.
  • One must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Capable of functioning in high-pressure, fast-paced circumstances.
  • Because this profession is physically demanding, you must be able to stand and walk for extended periods.
  • Should be able to operate farm machinery and equipment.
  • Capable of working extra hours.
  • Capable of functioning in settings that are damp, hot, noisy, and dusty.

Responsibilities of Chicken Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada:

  • Organizing, assigning, and monitoring all general agricultural laborer operations.
  • Monitoring the staff responsible for feeding the chickens and their feeding regimen.
  • Examining the health and overall condition of the flock. If necessary, contact a veterinarian or other animal sciences professional.
  • Verifying that farm workers are handling and caring for hens properly.
  • Examining all egg-related duties, such as if workers are collecting, washing, and storing eggs correctly. They must also oversee the process of egg collection.
  • Removing the dead sheep.
  • Examining enclosures, such as whether or not employees are cleaning and fixing sheds, barns, and fences.
  • Monitoring the water and ventilation routes.
  • Managing vaccinations and drugs for chickens.
  • Monitoring all supply and trading activities, such as selling eggs to wholesale or retail distributors and dressing carcasses to their respective buyers (chicken meat sellers).
  • Keep harvesting quality control and financial and production records.

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Benefits of Chicken Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada:

  • Stable Employment: The poultry industry in Canada is firmly established and experiencing ongoing expansion, thereby offering chicken farm supervisors consistent employment prospects.
  • Competitive Salary: Chicken farm administrators generally receive competitive salaries, which are commensurate with their managerial duties and proficiency in the operations of poultry farming.
  • Career Growth: As they gain experience and complete additional training, poultry farm supervisors have the potential to progress to more senior management roles, including farm manager or production manager, within the agricultural sector.
  • Practical Experience: Chicken farm administrators amass practical experience in all facets of poultry production, encompassing disease management, hatching, breeding, and feeding. This knowledge can prove to be advantageous in terms of advancing one’s career and exploring entrepreneurial prospects.
  • Professional Experience: Engaging in the role of a chicken farm superintendent affords individuals the chance to amass an extensive comprehension of the poultry industry, encompassing regulatory frameworks, optimal procedures, and prevailing trends. Such knowledge can bolster an individual’s reputation and appeal within the agricultural sector.
  • Leadership Development: By coordinating daily operations and supervising farm workers, poultry farm supervisors gain experience in leadership and management, including problem-solving, team building, and decision-making.
  • Contribution to Food Security: Chicken farm administrators fulfill an essential function by ensuring the streamlined manufacturing of poultry products, thereby making a significant contribution to food security in Canada and satisfying the increasing need for premium protein sources.
  • Community Engagement: The presence of numerous poultry farms in rural areas affords chicken farm supervisors opportunities to support agricultural initiatives, engage with local communities, and contribute to the economic growth of rural regions.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although chicken farm supervisors may be required to put in extended hours during periods of high production, their scheduling flexibility is typically greater than that of other agricultural positions, which contributes to their improved work-life balance.
  • Working with Animals: Individuals who possess a deep affection for animal husbandry and agriculture can derive immense gratification from the responsibility of supervising poultry farms and ensuring the animals’ welfare is maintained throughout the entirety of the production process.
How to Apply
How to Apply

Typical Salary of Chicken Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada:

The typical compensation of a crop farm laborer relies on several variables, such as a worker’s skills, experience, location (particularly in Canada, where salaries might vary by province), and so on. But, according to Ca.talent, an entry-level farm supervisor in Canada earns an average of $20.28 per hour.

How to Apply for Chicken Farm Supervisor Jobs

Internet job-searching websites and online newspapers are effective resources for locating Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada that support visas. By registering an account and activating the job alert notifications on any of these job search portals, you receive regular email alerts for all available positions in your preferred work role and desired area. In addition, you can select the relevant employment roles and receive updates on their impending openings. Job Bank Canada, the official website of the Canadian government for job searches, is the best resource for finding jobs in Canada. Whether it be agricultural or livestock farming, or any other occupation requiring exceptional competence. Here are some helpful tips for locating additional Crops/Livestock Farmer Jobs in Canada:

More Info

  1. How much does a Canadian farm supervisor earn?

    What is the salary of a farm supervisor in Canada? The average annual compensation for a farm supervisor in Canada is $37,050, or $19 per hour.

  2. What is the supervisor’s role at a chicken farm?

    The individual supervises and directs the actions of employees engaged in poultry farming, egg collection, and equipment and facility maintenance on a poultry farm. The individual consults with the management of the poultry farm to determine the production requirements and discuss the supplies and maintenance of equipment.

  3. Are farm workers in demand in Canada?

    Although the primary agricultural sector continues to grow, Canada faces a significant shortage of farm workers. Primary agriculture, which is work performed on farms, nurseries, or greenhouses, contributes to 1.6 percent of Canada’s GDP and employs over 241,500 people.

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