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Canadian Scholarships without IELTS: The fully-funded Canadian Scholarships for the class of 2024 are accessible for application in 2024 at all Canadian Universities because admission to various degree, non-degree, and exchange programmes is now open at these Canadian Universities.

If you want to study in North America but do not have the necessary funds to cover the higher education prices in the United States, you might consider Canada for higher education at top-ranked Canadian colleges and universities.

Thirty Canadian universities have made it into the QS World University Rankings. The quality of education supplied by Canadian universities is comparable to that of the United States, but at a lesser cost.

Furthermore, Canada has a plethora of research-focused universities that welcome international students. We discussed some of the greatest scholarships available in Canada in this article, as well as some first-hand knowledge regarding the study requirements, part-time employment conditions, and cost of living in Canada.

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How much does it cost for students to live in Canada?

If you opt to reside in a hub city, such as Toronto or Vancouver, your cost of living will be significantly greater than in other locations. To save money, you can, of course, choose to live on the outskirts of major cities. A student in Canada will typically require between 1000 and 2700 CAD per month. This is an average cost that can vary based on whether you live in a major or small city.

Working on Canadian Student VISA in Canada:

In Canada, students are permitted to work 20 hours a week throughout the semester and an unrestricted number of hours during semester breaks and vacations. This requirement applies to on-campus positions as well. Students who do not follow this law risk losing their student visas and being deported from Canada.

IELTS Requirement at Canadian Universities in 2024:

English and French are the official languages of teaching in Canada. Some educational institutes are also bilingual. Students who desire to study in English but whose first language is not English will be required to take standardized examinations to demonstrate their language skills. The most commonly recognised test is the IELTS.

Because of the novelty of the scenario provided by global health issues, a few of Canadian universities are accepting Duolingo examinations. Nonetheless, students should research the admissions requirements of their preferred universities.

Top Higher Educational Institutions of Canada:

Canada offers a variety of excellent higher education institutions, the greatest of which are, in my opinion, the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, McMaster University, and the University of Montreal.

Benefits of Canadian Scholarships without IELTS:

  • Language Flexibility: Scholarships that do not require IELTS allow students who are not fluent in English to pursue higher education in Canada. This provides up opportunities for a broader spectrum of pupils from various linguistic backgrounds.
  • Increased Accessibility: Students who may struggle to pass an English proficiency test such as IELTS can still pursue higher education in Canada, increasing access to quality education and academic possibilities.
  • Easier Application procedure: For overseas students, the lack of an IELTS requirement simplifies the application procedure. It decreases the time and effort required to prepare for and take the IELTS exam, making the application process more quick and seamless.
  • Broader Pool of Applicants: Scholarships without IELTS attract a bigger pool of international applicants, including individuals with outstanding academic credentials but inadequate English language proficiency. This aids in the selection of talented persons only on the basis of their academic achievements.
  • Academic Excellence Encouragement: By stressing academic achievements over language fluency, these grants encourage students to focus on excelling in their studies and demonstrating their actual potential.
  • Diverse Learning Environment: Allowing students from various linguistic backgrounds to study in Canada strengthens the cultural and learning environment within educational institutions. It increases global awareness and multicultural understanding.
  • Promotion of Multilingualism: Scholarships without IELTS foster and celebrate language variety by recognizing the significance of multilingualism in a globalized world.
  • Opportunity for Language Improvement: Students admitted to scholarships without IELTS have the opportunity to enhance their English language skills while studying in an English-speaking environment, boosting their employability and communication abilities.
  • Talent Retention: These scholarships attract and retain talented individuals who might otherwise be discouraged from continuing an education overseas owing to language competency hurdles. This aids in the retention of skilled workers in the Canadian workforce.
  • Focus on Academic Potential: The absence of an IELTS requirement moves the focus from language competency to academic potential, allowing schools to recognize and develop bright minds who might otherwise have gone unnoticed due to their language ability.

Scholarships in Canada Without IELTS:

There is a significant discrepancy in tuition fees between international and domestic students in Canada. International students can apply for merit-based scholarships in Canada.

Do you know what the following are? If an applicant has a good grasp of English Language Proficiency, Canadian Universities will accept IELTS alternative examinations or certifications. Acceptable exams other than IELTS are PTE, DET, TOEFL, and vice versa for Canadian Scholarship applications. A considerable number of Canadian scholarships are also available to students with minimal financial resources.

The following is a list of all Canadian Scholarships without IELTS that are currently accepting applications for the 2024-25 school year:

1- University of Manitoba Scholarships:

Every year, the University of Manitoba spends a whopping $2 million on graduate student scholarships. These scholarships are only available to master’s and doctorate students. Medical students and MBA students are not eligible to apply for this prize.

Master’s students can get 14,000 CAD every year and reapply the following year (the total value of the award is 28,000 CAD if the students receive the scholarship for two consecutive years). Doctoral students are eligible for annual awards of up to 18,000 CAD. These grants are renewable for a maximum of four years.

2- Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships:

These scholarships are available for both national (including permanent residents) and international students and are worth 20,000 CAD per year for students seeking a Ph.D. in the humanities and social sciences. 25% of the total amount is set aside for international applicants. Scholarship awardees are also given the opportunity to join the Scholar’s community, which provides them with useful insights.

3- University of Waterloo Scholarships:

The University of Waterloo’s Excellence Scholarship Program provides scholarships to Master’s students enrolled in a research-based master’s program. Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply. Candidates will be evaluated based on their entire profiles.

The scholarship is worth 2,500 CAD per semester. It is renewable for a maximum of five semesters. There is no need to submit a separate application because all students will be automatically considered for the scholarship.

4- Scholarships by the University of Calgary:

International students can apply for undergraduate entry scholarships at the University of Calgary. Applicants will be evaluated based on their previous academic and non-academic records. In the first year, the student will receive a 15,000 CAD scholarship in the form of a tuition fee reduction.

They will be eligible for the scholarship for four years if they maintain an accumulative GPA of at least 2.6. The award is valued up to 60,000 CAD each recipient.

5- Canadian Vanier Scholarship Awards:

These scholarships are available to doctorate students or students enrolled in a combined master’s program (a master’s program that leads directly to a Phd), and subject fields must be humanities, health sciences, natural sciences, or engineering. This is a significant and competitive scholarship that offers up to $50,000 each year for up to three years.

There are 166 Canadian scholarships available for students who are referred by their individual colleges to apply, and I believe that direct applications from students will not be approved.

6# York University Scholarships:

The Global Leader of Tomorrow scholarship at York University is worth 20,000 Canadian dollars each year. The scholarship is renewable for succeeding years of study, and there are also university admission awards available, which award about 35,000 for up to four years of the bachelor’s degree.

Both of these grants are renewable, however winners must maintain a specific CGPA in order to continue receiving the scholarship. Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

7- University of Toronto Lester B. Pearson Scholarships:

International students are eligible for this scholarship program. These pupils should have a strong feeling of belonging, leadership, and academic accomplishment. and a total of 37 applicants will be selected for the undergraduate grant. The award includes a full tuition waiver, free housing, and textbook coverage for four years of study.

8- Ontario Tech University Scholarships

The fully-funded Ontario Tech University Scholarships without IELTS are also available for Canadian and International students studying in a variety of subjects and degree levels.


Canadian scholarships that do not require IELTS represent global inclusivity and access to higher education. These scholarships embrace a vast pool of talent from varied linguistic backgrounds by removing language barriers and focusing on academic excellence. This strategy not only fosters multiculturalism, but it also acknowledges and cultivates academic potential, pushing children to thrive academically. The elimination of the IELTS requirement simplifies the application process, making Canadian education more accessible and appealing to a broader range of overseas students. Finally, these scholarships represent a dedication to creating a rich, diverse, and academically robust educational environment in Canada.

People Also Ask:

  1. Can I get full scholarship in Canada without IELTS?

    Although all scholarship applicants do not have to possess any additional certificates or diplomas such as IELTS, applicants are required to have the English proficiency certificate or DET, PTE, TOFEL, or CAEL in order to take enrollment in Canada; nevertheless, if you do not have any of these language proficiency certificates, you are going to be refused admission.

  2. What is the minimum score for scholarship in Canada?

    A minimum of 80% must be achieved to be eligible for the Scholarship for International Students in Canada.

  3. Is Canada offering free scholarship?

    However, with the correct entails, expertise, and academic achievement, you may get a fully financed scholarship in Canada. Canada offers a high-quality teaching and research environment at all levels of education, from elementary school to post-secondary education.

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