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Canadian Restaurant Jobs for Pakistanis 2023 – Apply Now


Canadian Restaurant Jobs for Pakistanis 2023: Pakistanis now have access to a wealth of employment opportunities, as restaurant jobs in Canada for Pakistanis have been announced. The salary package, which ranges from $16.25 to $19 per hour, is quite attractive.

Canada is the most developed nation in the world in terms of employment opportunities and living conditions. Canada is renowned for its hospitality and stunning landscapes. Numerous individuals migrate to Canada for job hunting and immigration. Numerous Pakistanis are thriving in Canada. Pakistanis are therefore encouraged to apply for the job below.

Details About Canadian Restaurant Jobs for Pakistanis 2023

This restaurant named 2 Scoops Cafe Ltd. is looking for permanent full-time cooks to join their team as soon as possible.

Below are more details about these jobs in Canada:

Wage Rate: $16.25 – $19.00 / hour
Weekly Hours: 30 to 40 hours per week
Vacancies: 3
Employment Type:Full-Time, Permanent
Start Date: As soon as possible
Employment Location: 33640 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC (V2S 2B9) Canada
Employment Group: Indigenous people, Newcomers to Canada

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Requirements for Canadian Restaurant Jobs for Pakistanis 2023

The following requirements must be met to apply for restaurant jobs in Canada for Pakistanis:

  • English is the most preferred language.
  • Certificate of Secondary (High School) Completion
  • Two to three years of experience at most.

Benefits of Canadian Restaurant Jobs for Pakistanis 2023

  • Free Food.
  • Free Accomodation.
  • Free Medical Insurance.
  • Free Transport.
  • On-The-Spot Visa Booking (As Soon As The Job Is Confirmed).
  • On-The-Spot Flight (As Soon As The Job Is Confirmed).
  • Paid Holidays.
  • paid Overtime.

How to Apply For Canadian Restaurant Jobs for Pakistanis 2023

Candidates are requested to apply for this job at the below email address:

By Email:

People Also Ask

  1. Is it easy for Pakistanis to find employment in Canada?

    Finding jobs for Pakistanis in Canada is typically the top priority for new Pakistani immigrants. Numerous immigrants discover that obtaining employment is more difficult than anticipated. It is not simple to begin a new life in a new country, but Pakistani immigrants in Canada can begin a successful career.

  2. How can one obtain a job offer from Canada?

    Follow these straightforward steps to maximize your chances of obtaining a job offer in Canada:
    First, format your CV according to Canadian standards.
    Write a cover letter that Canadian employers will adore.
    Step Three: Ensure you’re maximizing LinkedIn’s benefits…
    Apply for the appropriate jobs.

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