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Best Jobs to Settle in Arab World for International 2023


Best Jobs to Settle in Arab World for International: Looking for the best jobs in Arab World that pay the most? This country has always been the most popular place in the Middle East to visit and move to. Asian and African countries that are struggling choose wealthy Arab countries like Qatar, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait because they share the same religion and have strong economies.

Recently, it has been in the news around the world because of how quickly it has changed since the West started to affect it. One good thing about this modernization and urbanization is that the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields are doing better than ever in developed and quickly growing Arab countries. Its economy is growing, but most of the people who live there don’t have much education. Aside from a few local schools, education from preschool to college relies on international schools and teachers.


The same is true for every part of the Arab economy; they mostly rely on pros and workers from other countries. So, people from Asian countries are always curious about the best jobs to settle in the Arab World for International Applicants in 2023 that will pay them well to work and live there.


This post is for you if you are one of them. We’ve put together a list of the top five best and most-wanted jobs in the Arab World based on information from the best online sources. You can also use the “apply now” button to find the more than 80,000 new jobs that have been made in Arab countries.

Best Jobs to Settle in Arab World for International 2023
Best Jobs to Settle in Arab World for International 2023

Best Jobs to Settle in Arab World for International 2023

Social Media Marketing/ Digital Media Marketing

Arab World is yours if you know everything there is to know about digital marketing. As an example, says that the average annual salary of a digital marketing expert is SAR 87,000. A first-year worker makes SAR 66,000 per year. As with every other economy, the Arab economies were hurt by COVID-19, which forced all companies to move online. Now that the world is out of COVID-19, businesses are still growing physically, but they are also growing online every day. So, people with skills in digital and social marketing, like SEO experts, content writers, Google AdWords experts, Social Media Marketing managers, etc., are in high demand.

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IT / Computer experts

It is the way of the future. PayScale says that an IT expert makes an average of QAR 77,235 per year in Qatar, which has the best economy in the Arab world. In Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE, the best-paid and most-wanted jobs are in IT and Computer Science. This includes IT security specialists, data analysts, IT managers, software engineers, computer language experts, web designers, etc. IT jobs are actually the “most wanted” jobs all over the world.

Construction managers

The Arab world is well-known for its building skills. It means that design, building, and civil engineering have a wide range of things they can do there. A construction manager is the backbone of a building project. He reports to the higher-ups on everything from planning to who is in charge of what is on the site.

The job of a construction project manager is similar and has a lot of room for growth in Arab countries. He not only manages the building process but also leads the company from the time they buy the land. The average salary of a building project manager in Dubai, the “House of Skyscrapers” of the Middle East, ranges from AED 26,000 to AED 543,000. PayScale says so.

Healthcare professionals

A lot of people need health care workers in the Arab World, so everyone from assistant nurses to doctors gets paid well. To give another example from KSA, the boss, and symbol of the Arab World, a dentist makes an average of SAR 22,585 per year. A surgeon also makes six figures there. Healthcare jobs pay well everywhere in the world, and the average salary for a nursing helper is SAR 394,500.

Customer Services Representatives

Many foreign Call Centers and franchises of Western Businesses are in developed Arab countries like KSA and Qatar. Even Arab countries like Morocco and Tunisia which are still growing are making a lot of progress in sales and marketing. says that a CSR in Kuwait makes an average of KWD 61916 per year.

How to Apply for the Best Jobs to Settle in the Arab World?

By clicking on the link below, you can apply for any job (skilled or not) in any Arab country, from Sudan and Egypt to Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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