Australian University Scholarships for International Students


Australian University Scholarships for International Students 2024: A significant number of scholarships are made available by the Australian government and universities to international students interested in pursuing higher education in Australia.


Studying in Australia is a one-of-a-kind chance to get a world-class education in a varied, friendly place. So that more people can take advantage of this chance, Australian universities offer scholarships for foreign students.


Types of Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships

Scholarships based on merit are given to students who have done well in school. These scholarships are given to students who did well in their past studies, like high school or college.


Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based grants are given to students who can show they really need the money. The goal of these scholarships is to make sure that all qualified students, no matter how much money they have, can go to school in Australia.

Country-Specific Scholarships

Some universities in Australia give funding to students from certain countries. Students are encouraged to be different and to work with people from other countries through these grants.

Course-Specific Scholarships

grants that are tied to a certain course or field of study are called “course-specific” grants. They are meant to get skilled people interested in certain subjects, like STEM or the arts.

Australian University Scholarships for International Students
Australian University Scholarships for International Students

Details About Australian University Scholarships for International Students 2024

International University of Sydney Scholarships:

The University of Sydney International Scholarship is open to applicants eligible to pursue a Postgraduate Research Degree or Master’s by Research at this university (USydIS). The USydIS will pay tuition and living expenses for Ph.D. candidates for up to three years, with a possible extension of one semester.

Simple overview:

The University of Sydney International Scholarship, supported by the University of Sydney, is awarded annually to international postgraduate students of outstanding caliber who intend to pursue a master’s by research or doctoral degree.

Institution Host:

Sydney University in Australia

Degree/Subjects of Study:

Master’s by research or Doctor of Philosophy Degrees Offered by the University

The number of honors:

Not indicated.

Intended Audience:

International university students

Scholarship value, benefits, and duration:

The scholarship was valued at $35,629 a year for the 2022 awards. T The award assists with tuition and living expenses.


You must:

be a beginning or enrolled overseas student with an exceptional academic record and research potential, an unconditional offer of admission, or be enrolled in a master’s by research or Ph.D. program at the University of Sydney.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Application instructions

Scholarships for International Study at Macquarie University:

Outstanding students who wish to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the North Ryde campus of Macquarie University are eligible to apply for the Macquarie University Vice-International Chancellor’s Scholarship, which will provide them with a scholarship to cover a portion of their tuition fees. The sum of the scholarship ranges from $5,000 AUD to $10,000 AUD.

Explanation in Summary:

Macquarie University’s Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship is given annually to an outstanding international student. Future students can win this highly sought-after scholarship by excelling academically. For exceptional students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at Macquarie University, this grant will cover a portion of their tuition costs.

Accommodating Organization:

Australia’s Macquarie University

Education/Study Levels:

All University Courses, Both Undergraduate and Graduate

Number of Awards:

To be determined

Group Intended:

Students from countries other than Australia and New Zealand

Scholarship amount, time commitment, and benefits:

The amount of the scholarship, which can be up to ten thousand Australian dollars, will be deducted from the total cost of your education. Not a renewable resource.

The scholarships DO NOT cover any living expenses, including but not limited to visa fees, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), travel expenses, lodging expenses, conference fees, or any other educationally related expenses.


Full-time overseas students enrolling in an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree program (excluding Graduate Certificates and Global MBA courses) are encouraged to apply for this scholarship provided they meet the following requirements.

Get at least the undergraduate equivalent of a Western Australian Matriculation (WAM) score of 65, or an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) score of 85.
Please begin your studies at the institution and in the academic year specified in your scholarship offer letter.

How to Fill Out an Application

Excellence in Scholarships from Griffith University:

The Griffith Remarkable Scholarship is offered by Griffith University to extraordinary candidates applying to their undergraduate or graduate coursework programs. This scholarship will reduce your program’s tuition by half during the time that you are enrolled.

Explanation in Summary:

The Griffith Remarkable Scholarship is offered by Griffith University to extraordinary candidates applying to their undergraduate or graduate coursework programs.

Accommodating Organization:

College of Higher Learning at Griffith

Education/Research Concentration:

University of Xyz’s full-time undergraduate and graduate degree programs

Scholarship Award Quantity:

To be determined

Group Intended:

Individuals who are not citizens of Australia or New Zealand.

Benefits of the Scholarship:

This scholarship will pay for half of your undergraduate or graduate course tuition for the length of your program.


  • Have a nationality different from Australia’s or New Zealand’s
  • Obtain a cumulative GPA of 5.5 or higher on a 7-point scale (or its equivalent) or higher in preceding studies. Verify that you meet the Minimum GPA requirements (PDF).
  • Have a completed Griffith application on file by the scholarship deadline.
  • Complete all prerequisites for your desired undergraduate or graduate study programs, including English language proficiency.

How to Fill Out an Application

Graduate Research Scholarships at the University of Melbourne:

The Graduate Research Scholarship was founded by the University of Melbourne and is offered to local and international research students with exceptional academic achievement. The perks of the scholarship include a tuition waiver, a living allowance, a relocation stipend, and international student health coverage.

How to Fill Out an Application

Scholarships for International Students in Adelaide Recognizing Global Excellence:

Students from outside of Australia who are beginning their undergraduate or graduate courses at the University of Adelaide are encouraged to apply for the Global Academic Excellence International Scholarship, a highly competitive prize that recognizes academic excellence. The scholarship will pay for half of your college expenses.

How to Fill Out an Application


Australian university scholarships for foreign students give them the chance to get a world-class education in one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse countries on the planet. You can make your dream of going to school in Australia come true if you carefully look into these grants and apply for them.

People Also Ask

  • How can I find the scholarships that I am eligible for?

    You can check out the scholarships that Australian universities offer by going to their official websites. You can also look for chances with scholarship search engines.

  • Can I work while studying in Australia as an international student?

    Yes, international students on a student visa can generally work part-time during their studies.

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