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American Agriculture Jobs for Foreigners With US Work VISA 2023

American Agriculture Jobs for Foreigners If you are a talented farmer with experience harvesting crops by planting and cultivating, or if you have work experience in animal breeding or any other farming sector, the United States has high-paying job opportunities in its agriculture sector, where skill shortages are at an all-time high in 2023.

According to a recent survey by USDA ERS, over 21 million agricultural jobs were present in the US labor market, accounting for approximately 10.5% of American employment, so you can see how good your prospects of landing an agricultural career in the US are.

This is now the reason why the US is seeking expert skilled agricultural workers from the international market and allowing them to apply for agricultural work visas. If you want to apply for an agricultural job in the US, your first step should be to become familiar with the type of US work VISA you will apply for, so I have provided the following information for you:

US Agriculture Work VISA: H-2A VS H-2B Work VISA Difference

Actually, this section is quite important since after reading it, you will understand which US work visa is going to be the greatest suit for your goal of emigrating to the United States. So, for the purpose of establishing agriculture-related employment in America, there is a special form of US work VISA available, which is the US H-2A Work VISA, but many people confuse it with the H-2B type work visa of the USA, which is granted for non-agricultural work purposes.

H-2A Agricultural Work VISA for USA: Application Fees Starts from US$460 (Source

Now your task is to find an agricultural employer from the USA who is hiring farm workers or agricultural sector workers under the H-2A work visa program let me give you a hint on this as most agricultural jobs are available in California, then Texas, and then Florida state (Source blog.aghires.comGoogle & Forbes).

American Agriculture Jobs for Foreigners With US Work VISA 2023
American Agriculture Jobs for Foreigners With US Work VISA 2023

Salaries in the Agricultural Sector of USA in 2023

Salaries for agricultural employees in the United States are high since most Agriculture sector employees have skill shortages, which is why the median pay in 2023 was expected to be over US$96715 (Source USDA).

And, to give you an idea of the minimum and maximum incomes in the US agricultural industry, they are around US$36k for entry-level agricultural job positions and more than US$104k per year for highly skilled agricultural workers (

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List of High demand Agricultural Job Occupations in USA

If you are now looking for a job in the agricultural sector of the United States, you will be relieved to know that most entry-level agricultural job occupations (Laborers, or crop farming workers) do not even require an educational degree but only work experience. However, if you are looking for high-paying jobs in the agricultural field of the United States, I have listed those occupations for you here:

  • Wildlife scientist (annual salary of $107,644)
  • Agronomist (wage of $74,978)
  • Veterinarian (wages in excess of $100,000)
  • Agricultural engineer (annual salary of $74,345)
  • Agricultural economist (annual salary of $126k)
  • Geneticist (wages $82k)
  • Farm manager (annual salary $52k)
  • Horticulturist ($70,000)
  • Forester ($49,500)
  • Water treatment worker ($60,000)
  • Grower (Salary: $26,000)
  • Fruit picker (annual salary of $35,000)
  • Ecologist (Salary: $70,000)
  • Harvester (annual salary of $27,500)

People Also Ask:

  1. How can I get a job in the United States with a visa sponsorship?

    How Do I Obtain A Sponsorship Letter for Employment in the United States?
    Step 1: Obtain a Job Contract.
    Step 2: Provide a Labor Certificate.
    Step 3: Send the documents to USCIS.
    Step 4: Watch for the processing of your visa sponsorship application.

  2. How much does farm work pay in the United States?

    What does a Farm Worker earn? The average annual salary for a Farm Worker in the United States is $33,242 as of May 30, 2023.

  3. What is the farm work program in the United States?

    The National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) is a service program for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their dependents that is directed nationally but operated locally.

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