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Young Females Easily Get a Job as Teacher in Government Schools


Job as Teacher in Government Schools: Shehzad Roy, a well-known singer, and philanthropist, has set up a job path for intermediate-level girls in Karachi.

He encourages them to get a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree from the Government Elementary College of Education (GECE) and gives them a job through his non-profit organization, Durbeen.


Graduates from his school will be hired by the government to teach in schools that Durbeen has taken over.


If you pass the test to become a teacher, you can change this job into one where you teach government to students in grades 6–16.

Young Females Easily Get a Job as Teacher in Government Schools
Young Females Easily Get a Job as Teachers in Government Schools

The first pay for these graduates will be the same as that of a banker or lawyer. Students who want to go there can fill out an application by July 8.

The teachers’ license policy was passed by the Sindh government last month. Its goal is to give teachers more professional skills.

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The policy gives teachers at the basic, elementary, and secondary levels three different kinds of licenses.

New teachers will have to take a test to get their licenses. If they pass, they will get a license that is good for five years and can be renewed after that.

For the 700 new teaching jobs, the licenses will be used, and the new teachers will be put in grades BS-16.

Experts from places like the Aga Khan Board and Durbeen are putting together the program. For teachers to move up in their careers, they will have to get a license.

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