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Visa Sponsorship Kitchen Helper Jobs in Poland 2024

Jobs for Kitchen Assistants in Poland: In prior articles, we established the high demand and significance of positions requiring expertise in cooking and culinary arts in Poland. It will be evident from this post that in the “Land of Apples,” lesser kitchen occupations such as cook collaborator, dishwasher, and kitchen partner are equally valued and popular.

This article will provide an overview of Cook Collaborator/Kitchen Partner Occupations in Poland with Visa Sponsorship, including the extraordinary benefits that can be obtained, including complimentary food, accommodation, and visa assistance. Continue reading to learn more about Cook Assistant/Kitchen Assistant Positions in Poland with Visa Sponsorship.

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Details of Visa Sponsorship Kitchen Helper Jobs in Poland

  • Job Region: Poland
  • Work Timetable: 10–12 hours per day. Work on Saturday and Sunday can be accessible (banquette administrations).
  • Experience required: 2 years
  • Age Limit: 23–50
  • Salary: 2480-3400 (9.5–10 PLN/h after taxes)
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Worker Advantages: Yes

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Poland

  • Notwithstanding specific challenges, labor in Poland proves to be an extraordinary experience for both foreigners and native inhabitants of the nation.
  • Poland, being the largest economy in Europe, is widely regarded as an ideal location to work due to the abundance of opportunities for foreign nationals to obtain employment there through visa sponsorship.
  • This article has been compiled to assist you in your quest to secure a new line of work in Poland that will support your visa, as a significant number of foreign nationals desire employment in Poland.
  • It is advisable to thoroughly examine the entire exposition and verify the provided data, as it is entirely evident and devoid of any errors.

Duties of Kitchen Helper Jobs in Poland

  • Aiding the chef in the preparation of the ingredients.
  • performing tasks such as dishwashing and tidying.
  • Concurrently cleaning the kitchen while preparing meals or organizing the many culinary messes.
  • Cleansing coolers and coolers is required.
  • Waste disposal and the maintenance of refuse cans.
  • Managing the inventory and storage areas to guarantee the presence of a sufficient quantity of fasteners and their completeness at all times.
  • Keeping the food storage area and the storeroom clean.
  • Keeping track of the amount of food that is discarded when it could have been utilized due to its pristine condition and lack of opening.
  • Disposing of food containers and ensuring that all operations run smoothly.
  • Transporting all food supplies from the additional area or space to the kitchen in response to the cook’s requests or when they are required.
  • Foil, Freezing, Warming, and Cooling Assembling desserts, hot beverages, soups, and condiments in accordance with the specifications of the dish. If the cook is overburdened, you must prepare them to assist.


  • The Polish government imposes stringent requirements for visa sponsorship from foreign nationals seeking employment in the country. You must satisfy all prerequisites for a supported visa by:
  • The ideal age range is between 23 and 50 years old.
  • It was improper for me to have labored for so long.
  • That you ought to be aware of Restore fasteners and nuts.
  • possess a valid visa.
  • possess a legally administered government retirement number Demonstrate your foundational competencies or prospective professional background.
  • demonstrate the required English language proficiency in order to pass a clinical examination.
  • Illustrate the means by which you intend to maintain your livelihood in Poland.
  • Possess an authentic job offer from a Polish company.
  • Provide evidence of sponsorship from your Poland-based supervisor.
  • If you meet the aforementioned requirements, you will be eligible to submit an application for visa sponsorship and commence employment as a kitchen partner in Poland.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Kitchen Helper Jobs in Poland

  • Employment Opportunities: Employment Opportunities Visa sponsorship enables individuals who might not otherwise be eligible to work in Poland to obtain employment opportunities. This facilitates the employment of foreign kitchen assistants in Polish culinary establishments, thereby enhancing the country’s labor force and addressing labor market deficiencies.
  • Legal Work Status: By sponsoring a culinary assistant’s visa, sponsorship guarantees them legal employment status in Poland, guaranteeing them access to labor rights and protections as stipulated by Polish legislation.
  • Cultural Exchange: A visa-sponsored position as a kitchen assistant in Poland affords the chance to engage in cultural exchange. Employees have the opportunity to gain knowledge of Polish language, cuisine, and customs through their collaboration with native chefs and culinary personnel.
  • Skill Development: Possibilities for Skill Development and Training in Culinary Techniques, Food Safety, and Kitchen Management May Be Present in Kitchen Assisting Positions. The provision of visa sponsorship enables individuals to acquire hands-on experience in a professional culinary setting.
  • Financial Security: Visa sponsorship for kitchen assistant positions in Poland can offer individuals who are actively pursuing employment opportunities overseas a means to ensure financial stability. Wages are provided to employees in exchange for their labor, enabling them to provide for their families.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: Visa sponsorship for kitchen assistant positions in Poland may, in certain circumstances, function as a means to obtain permanent residency or citizenship. Employees may be eligible to apply for residency or citizenship upon fulfilling specific criteria, including tenure of service and assimilation into Polish society, contingent upon the visa program and individual situations.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Working in a professional kitchen environment made possible by visa sponsorship can offer significant prospects for networking. Relationships established between staff and chefs, as well as other industry professionals, have the potential to facilitate career progression and provide prospects for future employment.
  • Personal Growth: Facilitating personal growth and development can be achieved by securing visa sponsorship to enable one to reside and operate in a foreign country. Employees may develop self-assurance, autonomy, and flexibility as they confront novel circumstances and surmount obstacles in an environment characterized by cultural diversity.

How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Kitchen Helper Jobs in Poland

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By obtaining sponsorship for their visas, candidates from all over the globe are able to obtain positions as kitchen partners in Poland. External individuals have the potential to establish a prosperous career in the lodging industry in Poland by capitalizing on the myriad of opportunities that are available in the sector.

By obtaining the appropriate visa and certifications, non-natives have the capacity to assist in the kitchen and acquire substantial expertise in culinary expression. Securing a position as a culinary partner in Poland could serve as an exceptional opportunity to travel and establish professional connections within the hospitality industry.

Working as a kitchen assistant in Poland could potentially serve as an ideal way to gain practical knowledge and skills, regardless of whether one is seeking temporary or permanent employment.

Does Poland Recruit Foreign Worker?

Statistics indicate that the number of foreign workers seeking employment in Poland increases annually. In addition, the majority of the commanded foreigners had relocated to Poland. This outcome can be attributed to the streamlining of the framework for the recruitment of foreign laborers by the clean government.

  1. How much do kitchen helpers make in Poland?

    The average pay for a kitchen assistant is PLN 45,603 a year and PLN 22 an hour in Poland. The average salary range for a kitchen assistant is between PLN 35,571 and PLN 52,034.

  2. How do I get a job offer in Poland?

    Job offers in Poland are published mainly by district labor offices, the Voluntary Labour Corps (Ochotnicze Hufce Pracy), private employment agencies, the press, and web portals. District labor offices publish job offers in the online Central Job Offer Database.

  3. How do I get an unskilled job in Poland?

    Engage in networking opportunities, both online and in person. Connect with local job placement services or employment agencies that can assist in finding unskilled worker positions.

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