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Visa Sponsorship jobs in Kuwait for foreigners 2023-24 Apply Now


Visa Sponsorship jobs in Kuwait for foreigners 2023-24: There are a wide variety of occupations in Kuwait that offer fantastic opportunities for expatriates, and as a result, Kuwait attracts thousands of people from other countries who are interested in working there. In addition to the vast oil industry, oil products also dominate the industrial sector, which is mostly focused on exports. This is because oil goods have a lower cost of production.

Some international workers who reside and work in Kuwait will be eligible to participate in the pension schemes that their respective employers provide for foreign workers. Expats in Kuwait have access to the public healthcare system during their time in the country. In this post, you will learn about the jobs in Kuwait that sponsor visas for foreign workers, the many types of work visas available in Kuwait, how to look for work in Kuwait, and a lot of other relevant information.


Jobs in Kuwait that sponsor visas for foreign nationals and are available in 2023:

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Kuwait for foreigners 2023-24 Apply Now
Visa Sponsorship jobs in Kuwait for foreigners 2023-24 Apply Now

The following is a list of the Kuwaiti companies that are currently sponsoring visas for international workers.


Head of Operations Administrator Mechanical Fitter HR & Administration Officer Call Center Manager Logistics Coordinator Admin Assistant Marketing Executive Operations Supervisor Personnel Assistant Team Leader, Administration Services Passenger Services Manager Medical Delegate Personnel Assistant Receptionist Food and Beverage General Manager Marketing Executive Operations Supervisor Personnel Assistant Team Leader, Administration Services

Work visa categories in Kuwait:

There are a variety of various sorts of visas available for visitors to Kuwait, each of which is determined by the criteria for entry, the reason for the journey, and the length of time spent there. The following options are part of what’s up for grabs:

Tourist visa holders are permitted to travel in and out of Kuwait throughout their stay. The only things that applicants need to do are provide answers to a few questions and some basic information about themselves, such as their contact information and passport number.
Visas for visitors come in a wide variety of categories, each of which is determined by the reason for which the applicant will be traveling. To be eligible for this visa, the applicant needs to have a relative or business in Kuwait that will act as their sponsor.
Foreign nationals who are not members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are required to submit an application for a residence permit in order to reside in Kuwait. This is in addition to possessing a resident visa. This visa can be obtained in one of three distinct categories: employment, domestic, or dependent.
Entry visa: Workers in both the public and private sectors who are in possession of an entry visa are qualified to award employment visas, which have a lower application fee than other types of visas.

The following are the necessities to obtain work visas for Kuwait:

The majority of your personnel will need to first obtain a resident visa before beginning employment with your company. For this particular category of visa, you will need a signed job contract from either a private company or a government organization. The next step is for you, as the employer, to submit an application for the worker’s work visa or permission.

The following types of documentation are required to obtain a work visa:

a passport that can be used for at least another six months after its expiration date without being invalidated.
An application for a visa that was completely filled out was given out by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • the same dimensions as a passport.
  • a diagnostic tool for HIV/AIDS

The applicant’s good health and the absence of any communicable diseases are attested to by a health certificate issued by a local physician.
Police clearance will not show any prior convictions or unlawful activity.
After submitting this paperwork, your employee will be granted a “No Objection Certificate,” often known as a NOC, which will permit them to enter Kuwait. After they arrive in Kuwait, they will be given a residency visa to use during their time there. After that, the employee has the opportunity to make an application for a Kuwait Civil ID after having obtained the resident visa for a period of thirty days.

The process of application:

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send an official copy of the resident’s work permit to the Kuwaiti embassy located in the resident’s home country.

Send the worker a copy of their own work visa as well, so that if it is necessary, they can go to the embassy in person to get it stamped.

If your employees live in a country that does not have a Kuwaiti embassy, then you are required to hand over the work permit and the NOC to the Ministry of the Interior.

Where exactly does one go to look for work in Kuwait?

Finding work in Kuwait can be accomplished most quickly and easily by carefully looking through employment opportunities that are posted online. Sign up for accounts on websites that are based in Kuwait if you want to be kept up to date on career opportunities there. There are several employment boards that do not need a fee for their services. and both have postings for available jobs, so check them out. Both offer a diverse selection of job opportunities to people in Kuwait.

In addition, there are a handful of reputable recruitment firms that concentrate their efforts solely on filling senior management roles. You might begin your search for a job by contacting one of the numerous respectable employment companies available, such as Aman Overseas or Career Hunters.

But when things get difficult, having initiative is the most important thing. Find businesses, both multinational corporations, and enterprises based in Kuwait, that might have a need for the skill set you have to offer, and get in touch with those businesses.

Interpersonal communication is an essential component of many aspects of life in Kuwait, including the corporate world. As a consequence of this, having local connections could prove to be quite advantageous in terms of finding work.

The following are the professional qualifications required for the occupation:

Even while the government is taking steps to promote labor self-sufficiency, it is likely that there will still be a demand for specialists from other countries. There is still a respectable possibility of obtaining work in Kuwait for expatriates who possess talents in industries that are vital to the expansion of the country’s economy.

This is especially true for expatriates who have degrees and a significant amount of job experience in the financial industry as well as in marketing, sales, and business development. If you have experience in the oil industry, you probably have the best chance of achieving your goal of finding work in Kuwait. Engineers with this background should consider applying.

Kuwaiti Business Etiquette & Language:

It would be beneficial to have some knowledge of Arabic.

Companies in Kuwait frequently do not require or even expect their international staff members to be able to communicate in Arabic. In the world of business, English is widely spoken in Kuwait. A significant number of Kuwaiti businesspeople are fluent in English and have extensive experience working in international markets.

On the other hand, English is used significantly less frequently in everyday life. Even if the majority of Kuwaitis have some level of English literacy or higher, it is still in the best interest of foreigners to acquire at least some fundamental Arabic language skills. In addition to this, being able to read Arabic numbers will make grocery shopping a lot less difficult. When you are able to answer appropriately to basic expressions and greetings in Kuwaiti, your neighbors, acquaintances, and shopkeepers will likely appreciate your efforts.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Kuwait’s official and written language is a form of Arabic known as Modern Standard Arabic. However, the majority of people in Kuwait use Kuwaiti Arabic, which is a regional colloquial version of the Arabic language. People who plan to go to or live in other Arab states may consider making an effort to learn Standard Arabic rather than the Kuwaiti regional dialect. Standard Arabic is the official language of all Arab countries. When you chat, you might wind up giving off an impression of being rather professional, but you won’t step on anyone’s toes, and everyone will understand what you’re saying.

Employment visas need citizens to act as sponsors with the appropriate government in order to be granted. Therefore, as a job seeker, you have very little to no responsibility in terms of your visa. Your employer will take care of the remainder of the process if you just give them the information that they have required from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can a foreigner get a job in Kuwait?

    Except for nationals of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, all ex-pats must get a work permit before they can work in Kuwait. Work visas are only granted if the ex-pat has a legitimate job offer.

  • How much is the Kuwait visa fee?


    SINGLE ENTRY 30 DAYS (Female)

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