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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Panama for Foreigners 2024


If so, look for work in Panama right away with funding. You should also keep doing the study. This post may tell you about a beautiful place in Europe that helps people get visas. Even though the country is small, there are many jobs that you can apply for. Everyone from outside Panama has a great chance of getting a job.

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. Panama is a country that is on the isthmus between Central and South America. Did you also know that there are jobs in Panama that will pay for your visa? So, in this post, you will learn about the visa-sponsored jobs in Panama that are open to outsiders, the minimum wage in Panama, what you need to do to get a work visa in Panama, and much more.


Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Panama for Foreigners

Here are the jobs in Panama that can help tourists get visas to work there.

  • Recepcionista
  • Service Coordinator
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Contact Center Specialist
  • Procurement & Logistic
  • Team Assistant
  • Senior ESG Leader-LATAM
  • Marketing Director
  • Customer Support Agent
  • Environment Specialist

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Panama for Foreigners

  • Legal Authorization to Work: Visa sponsorship grants legal authorization to work in Panama to foreign nationals. This guarantees that employees are able to perform their duties without encountering any legal entanglements and can experience employment stability.
  • Gaining Entry to an Expanding Economy: In recent years, Panama has witnessed consistent economic expansion, rendering it an appealing location for individuals seeking employment. Sponsorship for visas grants access to numerous industries, such as finance, tourism, and logistics, among others.
  • Cultural Experience: Working in Panama affords non-citizens the chance to gain a comprehensive understanding of the local culture. Individuals may experience personal and professional development as a result of navigating and adjusting to a novel environment.
  • Networking Opportunities: Foreign nationals can establish a professional network by participating in the workforce in Panama. Future employment prospects may be expanded through networking, which can be vital for professional development.
  • Language Proficiency Enhancement: Panama is classified as a Spanish-speaking nation, and employment there can facilitate the development of one’s Spanish language capabilities. This is especially advantageous for individuals seeking to improve their communication skills and increase their international market presence.
  • Life Quality: Panama is renowned for its comparatively superior standard of living. The nation presents a comfortable climatic condition, breathtaking scenery, and an extensive selection of leisure pursuits. Sponsorship for visas enables non-citizens to benefit from these facets while advancing their careers.
  • Tax Advantages: Panama is renowned for its advantageous tax structure. The potential tax benefits of working within the country are contingent upon the specific circumstances and nature of the employment undertaken by the individual.
  • Global Business Hub: Panama’s status as a pivotal center for global commerce and business is attributed to the presence of the Panama Canal. This may confer benefits upon practitioners engaged in the fields of logistics, shipping, and associated sectors.
  • Diverse Job Opportunities: Panama provides a wide range of employment prospects, encompassing segments such as finance, technology, tourism, and more. Visa sponsorship can serve as a facilitator for eligible foreign laborers seeking entry into these sectors.
  • Possibilities for Permanent Residency: Certain visa sponsorships may provide access to permanent residency. Those desiring to establish a permanent presence in Panama may find this feature attractive.

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Work Visa Categories in Panama

Just like any other country, Panama has a set of rules for foreigners who want to move within its borders. Foreigners who want to stay in Panama for up to 90 days can get a vacation visa, but they can’t work while they’re there. For foreign workers to live and work in Panama, they must first get an immigrant visa, then set up residency, and then ask for a work permit.

Requirements to Obtain Panama Work Visas

The papers you need to get a visa to visit Panama can change from time to time. Applicants can contact the Panamanian office or consulate in their home country for a full list of requirements. Foreigners who want to move to Panama for work must usually meet the following requirements:

  • a passport that will be good for at least six months after the time you want to spend in Panama.
  • a copy of the information page of the passport.
  • a finished application for a visa.
  • To get a passport, you need 4 photos.
  • a deal to work for a company based in Panama.
  • proof that you lived in Panama.
  • a report from a health checkup that says the application is healthy.
  • Background checks are done by the cops in the applicant’s home country.

To get a work pass, applicants must send in extra paperwork, such as:

  • The application for a work permit should be filled out by a lawyer.
  • a letter of promise from the boss.
  • a copy of the decision from the National Immigration Service saying that the candidate is a permanent resident.
  • a copy of the applicant’s ID showing where they live.
  • To get a passport, you need 4 photos.

Application Process

  • In Panama, it is the employer’s responsibility to get a work pass for any foreign worker. The worker can’t get a work permit, though, until the National Immigration Service says they are a permanent resident.
  • Foreigners should go to the Panamanian embassy or foreign post in their home country and bring any necessary paperwork to apply for an immigration visa and permanent residency. After the employee gets the visa, the employer in Panama can fill out an application for a work pass.
  • The government of Panama has put in place strict rules to make sure that Panamanian citizens get jobs before people from other countries. Before applying for a work visa, the company will need to find out why they need a foreign worker. Also, there can’t be more than 10% of foreign workers in the company.
  • The application for a work pass must be turned in by the employer to the Ministry of Labor. As soon as the Ministry gives permission, the worker can start working in Panama.

Other Important Considerations

Panama is different in this way because some jobs are only open to people who live there. Engineering, law, accounting, and psychology are all areas that are not open to everyone. Even if they have a work visa, a foreigner is not allowed to work in one of these jobs.

What kind of job can I get in Panama?

Foreigners can work in many different fields in Panama, such as:

  • banking.
  • construction.
  • embassies and other foreign government agencies.
  • hospitality.
  • non-profit.
  • sales.
  • sciences.
  • technology

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  1. How long does it take to get a work permit in Panama?

    The Ministry of Work and Labor may take between one and three months to decide whether or not to grant a request. If the application is accepted, the applicant will be given an ID that lets him work in Panama.

  2. What is the Panamanian minimum wage?

    The minimum wage in Panama is based on the size of the business, the type of work, and how busy the economy is. The average monthly minimum pay is between $326.56 and $971.35.

  3. Where do most people work in Panama?

    Because of its location, Panama has a very well-developed services industry. Many people work in the banking, business, tourist, and trade industries there. The services business employs about 65% of the working population and makes up about 83% of the GDP.

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