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Visa Sponsorship jobs in Mali for Foreigners 2024


Jobs in Mali that will support visas for people from other countries in 2023 and 2024! Mali is a country in West Africa that can only be reached by road. It is also known as the Republic of Mali. An area of more than 1,240,000 square kilometers makes Mali the eighth-biggest country in Africa. There are 21.9 million people living in Mali. Are you wondering how to get a job in Mali that will pay for your visa? Do you want to know a list of jobs in Mali that will fund your visa if you are not from there? If so, this piece was written just for you.

Some companies want to do business in Mali because it has a diverse economy and is close to other African countries. When businesses go to Mali to take advantage of new business possibilities, offer more goods and services, or become known around the world, they need a strong team to help them. If there are foreign workers on the team, they will need to know how to get a Mali work visa for each one of them.


This piece will talk about how to find jobs in Mali that sponsor visas, lists of jobs in Mali that will sponsor a foreigner’s visa, the best staffing firms in Bamako, Mali, how to apply for jobs in Mali that sponsor visas, and a lot more.


How to Find Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Mali

If you want to work in Mali and get a visa, follow these steps:

  • Before you apply anywhere, you should look into the visa officials, people, and immigration services of a country. It is very important to know all the visa-related requirements for a job before asking for it.
  • Look for jobs and companies that will help you grow your skills and recognize your ability.
  • Check with the company you want to work for to make sure you are qualified. You need to make sure that the company will support your visa and that all the rules and requirements are met. This is one of the most important things you need to do to find work in Mali that will sponsor your visa.

Jobs in Mali with visa sponsorship for foreigners

  • Business Analyst
  • Procurement officer
  • Account Manager
  • Spécialiste IT / IT Specialist
  • Office Manager
  • Finance and Administrative Manager
  • Senior Electoral Administration Specialist

How Do I Apply for Jobs in Mali That Sponsor Visas?

For simple explanation, getting a visa supported means that a person or business will pay for all or part of your visa application. With a work visa sponsorship, the company or group will pay for your visa and any fees while you wait for it for a set amount of time.

If you want to get a job in Mali that will sponsor your visa, you must follow these steps:

  • You need to apply for a work visa. If a newcomer has a job offer, they may be given a work visa.
  • There is a legal person you need to find in order to live and work in Mali. A licensed sponsor could be a company in another country that wants to hire you. Before you can get a sponsored visa, you need to look for a job or internship and get it approved by the company.
  • In order to get a visa, you have to meet certain requirements. If you do, you will be given a certificate of sponsorship, which is an important document that proves your job and is supported by the organization.
  • The person who hires you or sponsors you must pay you a wage that is fair and follows the rules and policies of the Mali government.
  • You will have to go through the basic steps that are needed to apply for a visa, such as background checks, medical tests, and so on.

The top recruitment agencies in Bamako, Mali

Are you looking for the best job services in Bamako, Mali? You can find the best job agencies in Bamako, Mali, on this list.

  • MALI RH  Consulting
  • Talents Plus Conseils Mali
  • Rmo Mali
  • Ups
  • Saer
  • 2ts

Mali Work Visa Categories

People who want to visit Mali must get a visa from one of the country’s diplomatic offices, unless they are from a country that doesn’t need a visa. At the moment, people from 25 countries can visit Mali without a visa. You can get business and tourist cards that let you stay for up to six months or enter and leave the country more than once. It takes about 10 days to get the visa.

There are also visas for missionaries, officials, and diplomats. These do happen less often, though, and most of your employees will apply for a work visa. Your employees will need to get a work permit from the embassy or consulate in their home country to officially work for your company.

Work Visa Requirements for Mali

Staff will need both a valid passport and a work visa to go to Mali. For a work visa, you need these things:

  • Two real, filled-out forms to apply for a visa.
  • A passport that is good for at least six months after the visit is over.
  • Two fresh pictures of your passport.
  • Business cover letter.
  • Certification of the yellow fever vaccine.
  • The flight times.
  • The paperwork that proves your business is registered and your most recent tax return.

There are extra rules about getting a work pass in Mali. For instance, you need to write a letter on your business’s letterhead explaining the company and your role and responsibility within it. You also need to show proof of your company’s finances. Employers often handle the work permit application process because these papers need to include information from you.

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Process of Applying

Your staff should get visas at the embassy or consulate in their home country before coming to Mali. People need to make sure they fill out the application completely and include all the necessary documents, as applications that aren’t complete could slow down the process. Once the application is complete, the person can either pick up their passport at the office or send it back with a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope.

There is a fee that you have to pay based on the country of your employee and the type of visa they want. For instance, US citizens have to pay $131 for any type of visa that isn’t official or foreign. All other visas are good for up to five years and let you enter the country more than once.

The following pay plan is used for people from other countries:

  • $80 for a three-month single-entry visa.
  • $110 for a three-month multiple-entry visa.
  • Visa with multiple entries valid for six months: $200
  • $370 for a one-year multiple-entry visa

Mali Work

Mali’s economy is based on farming for survival, which makes it very hard to grow. The country is a member of ECOWAS and has strong business ties with other countries in the area. There are a lot of minerals in Mali, and gold is its main product.

Mali is one of the hardest places to live and work in Africa. There aren’t as many big fields to work in because the country is still growing. Agriculture is the main business in the country, which means there are jobs for professionals.

The education and health care services aren’t very good yet, so you will need to find private solutions to keep yourself safe and happy. There is a lot of crime, especially late at night, so you should follow your boss’s safety instructions. Before you can go to Mali, you need to have a confirmed job.


Jobs that don’t require a visa make it easy to find work in Mali. Learn about the standards for a work visa, look into different job openings, and get to know the best recruitment agencies in Bamako. This guide will make sure you have all the information you need to find a fulfilling job in Mali with visa support, whether you are a local or a visitor.

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