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Visa Sponsorship jobs in Brunei for Foreigners 2023-24 – Apply Now


Visa sponsorship jobs in Brunei for foreigners 2023/24: The teeny-tiny nation of Brunei can be found on the island of Borneo, split into two distinct parts and surrounded on all sides by Malaysia and the South China Sea. Its most well-known attributes are its beaches and its biodiverse rainforest, the majority of which is contained under reserves for its protection.

If you have all of the necessary documentation, the process of applying for an employment pass in Brunei may not take very long. However, in order for employment to begin, businesses and candidates from outside must first secure the proper approvals, which may be a very stressful process.
This page will provide you with information regarding the jobs in Brunei that sponsor visas for foreign people, the relevance of job-sponsored visas, the requirements for obtaining Brunei Work Visas, and a great deal more information.

Jobs in Brunei that can sponsor visas for international workers in the years 2023/24:

A company or other organization needs to act as a visa sponsor in order to be able to hire foreign nationals to fill positions or provide work. They provide sponsorship to qualified immigrants who are currently living in a foreign country. Any organization or corporation has the potential to act as an employer sponsor for qualified foreign workers.

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Brunei for foreigners 202324 Apply Now
Visa Sponsorship jobs in Brunei for foreigners 202324 Apply Now

The promise made by the foreign worker in Brunei that he or she would continue to work in the country is recognized and acknowledged by the employer there. When it comes to sponsoring foreign nationals, the company is obligated to follow certain rules.


Administrative Assistant Trade Finance Specialist Product Manager Project Manager Healthcare Account Manager Product Operations Manager Consulting Analyst – Operations Transformation IT & Business Processes Automation Manager Consulting Analyst Program ProGrad – Software Developer Business Analyst Junior Trader Java Developer Automation Engineer Financial Controller Administrative Assistant Trade Finance Specialist Product Manager Project Manager Healthcare Account Manager
Administrator and Senior Data Engineer for Quality Data

Types of Work Visas Available in Brunei:

Brunei provides a wide range of work licenses and visa options to accommodate a wide variety of reasons. The Commercial Visitor Visa, often known as the BVV, is a type of transit document that enables foreign nationals to engage in business activities while they are temporarily present in the country. Non-citizens are permitted to use the Business Visitor Visa (BVV) for a wide range of business-related activities, such as attending meetings, negotiating contracts, buying and selling goods, and more.

If an individual possesses an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) that is specifically allowed for Brunei, they do not require a visitor’s visa in order to enter Brunei for business purposes.
People need an employment pass in addition to a foreign worker license, also known as a Lesen Pekerja Asing (LPA), for jobs that are more involved and last for longer periods of time. Employment passes are typically necessary for long positions, including those in marketing, project planning, and technical work. If an individual wish to keep an employment pass for a period of three months or more, they need to make a separate application for a Green Identity Card.
If a noncitizen wishes to work in the oil, construction, or information technology industries for a period of time that is less than one year, they are required to submit an application for a Special Authorization Work Pass, which is not renewable (SAWP).

The following are the requirements to obtain a work visa for Brunei:

Applicants for a work visa are required to produce a number of identification and legal documents, including the following:

  • a valid passport and identification card that is not expired.
  • necessary items of documentation for the application process
  • a letter of application written by the prospective employer themselves.
  • a copy of your work permit, if you have one.
  • You are required to obtain clearance from the relevant government agencies before you may allow your employees to apply for LPAs. The LPA will then be required in order to submit an application for an employment pass.

The Procedure of Application:

The procedure to submit an application for a work visa is a time-consuming one that requires the LPA, an employment pass, and maybe an identity card. The first thing that applicants will have to do is get the necessary permits for an LPA. You are responsible for obtaining authorization from the Tabung Amanah Pekerja and verification from the JobCentre Brunei (JCB) (TAP).

As an employer, you are required to register your company with the Registry of Companies and Business Names and comply with all employment rules pertaining to noncitizens. After that, it will be up to your employees to produce documents such as a valid passport, authorization letters from the relevant government offices, and a certificate proving their credentials.

You or the employee will be responsible for paying the security deposit, and the LPA will be delivered to you in two weeks’ time. Your foreign worker will be able to submit an application for an employment pass once the procedure has been completed. They are expected to provide the necessary documentation for the job application and go through the mandatory medical examination that is outlined by the Ministry of Health.

In most cases, the processing time for employment passes is five days. The authorization granted to the applicant is valid for a period of two years after it has been issued, and the pass can be renewed if necessary. If a worker plans to stay in their position for more than three months, they are required to register with the national identity card system.

Additional Essential Considerations:

When compared to the application process for other visas, the one that is necessary for foreign workers in the country has a substantially lower time limit, and acceptance is typically very easy to obtain. However, in order to avoid being audited by the Department of Labor and the Ministry of Home Affairs once the initial permit has been granted, it is essential to keep track of the renewal dates and to submit an application for an identification card.

The following is why we hire workers from other countries:

Due to various factors, companies will occasionally hire citizens of other countries.

  • They looked all around the country but were unable to find somebody to fill the position.
  • It’s possible that the choice to hire someone was made because Brunei didn’t present an applicant who was qualified or suited for the position.
How to Apply
How to Apply

What exactly is the relevance of having a visa sponsored by one’s employer?

If you are a foreign national and intend to work in Brunei, you are required to hunt for a job that will sponsor your visa application. Any company that takes on an employee from another country is required by law to act as the worker’s sponsor. If you do not have a job offer or a letter of sponsorship, you will not be permitted to work in the country. The essential documentation is sent to the immigration office by mail by the organization. The sponsorship of the visa is important for the following reasons:

You will have an easier time obtaining a work visa for Brunei as a result of this.
You are required to make a commitment to working for either their company or their group.
The invitation letter or letter of a job offer is one of the essential pieces of documentation required for an employment visa.
There are jobs in Brunei that provide visa sponsorship and are currently accessible. If you are interested in working in Brunei, you can submit your application for a wide selection of positions. With the assistance of a visa sponsor, you will be able to migrate to the nation or remain in the country for employment purposes.

Have you found this information on how the sponsorship of visas for foreigners works in Brunei to be helpful? Please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comment section below, and don’t forget to add this page to your bookmarks so you don’t miss any updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a foreigner get a job in Brunei?

    Every foreigner who wishes to work in Brunei must obtain a valid Employment Visa from the High Commission of Brunei Darussalam in their home country. Brunei’s Immigration and National Registration Department will issue this visa.

  • Is it easy to find jobs in Brunei?

    Given the structure of its economy, it is extremely likely that you will have a decent opportunity of finding work as an expatriate. You are unlikely to face a language barrier at work due to the country’s preference for English as a business language.

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