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UK Truck Driver Jobs in the United Kingdom


UK Truck Driver Jobs in the United Kingdom: Foreigners can now find a lot of truck driving jobs in the UK. For those who want to work as truck drivers in the UK in 2023, this position is very intriguing. Many employers are eager to help qualified and aspirant truck drivers obtain visas so they can work in the UK. You can easily apply for a truck driver job without any experience if you have the necessary professional skills.

Many foreigners visit the UK in search of employment, particularly for positions that do not necessitate a high level of education or experience. You will learn about the various businesses in this article that are looking to hire truck drivers in the UK and provide them with the best compensation packages. IELTS is optional.


Keep in mind that businesses in the UK are looking for a licensed truck driver who will be in charge of the timely and safe delivery of goods to their clients in other cities. Truck driver jobs are required by many businesses.

UK Truck Driver Jobs in the United Kingdom
UK Truck Driver Jobs in the United Kingdom

Why Choose a Career as a UK Truck Driver

There are a lot of good reasons to become a truck driver in the UK. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • Jobs are in high demand and are safe. The UK has a big problem with not having enough truck drivers, which means there are a lot of job possibilities. This also means that truck drivers are in high demand and can get good pay.
  • Pay and perks are good. Truck drivers usually make a good salary, and many companies also offer benefits like health insurance, paid vacation, and retirement plans.
  • Several ways to work. There are many different kinds of jobs for truck drivers, so you can find one that fits your hobbies and way of life. You could work for a big company, a small one, or you could work for yourself.
  • Changeable hours. Many truck driving jobs let you choose your own hours, which can be great if you have a family or other responsibilities. You could work full-time, part-time, or on a temporary basis.
  • Chances to move up in life. Truck drivers can move up to higher-level jobs like fleet managers or training teachers as they gain more experience. They can also move into logistics or transportation planning, which are related areas.
  • Visiting new spots. One of the best parts of being a truck driver is that you always get to go to new places. If you like to travel, this is a great way to mix that interest with a good job.

jobs for truck drivers in the UK Details:

  • Permanent Job Type Eligibility Criteria: Open to everyone
  • Weekly hours per hour: 37.5
  • Workweek: Monday through Friday
  • 11.32 pounds per hour plus benefits
  • Working from home:

1. Group BSS:

One of the top UK companies, BSS Group, assists qualified and experienced truck drivers with their visa applications so they can deliver the business’s goods and products to other locations as needed. Travis Perkins plc includes BSS. The business is known as the top distributor of heating, plumbing, mechanical equipment, and more in the UK.

Job Specifics

  • Business Name: BSS
  • Post: Truck Driver Full-Time Employment
  • High School Diploma Required Job Experience: One Year
  • Private Sector Job Location: Sheffield, England, United Kingdom Salary: £14 to £20 per hour
  • Working Time: Eight hours
  • Working from home: No

2. The driver of a warehouse reaches the Truck:

Truck drivers are needed by a company called Warehouse Reach Truckers to deliver food to hospitals, schools, and other establishments.

Job Specifics

  • in Tamworth, United Kingdom
  • Afternoon Shift: Begin at 2:00 PM
  • 39 hours are worked each week (Sunday to Thursday)
  • Pay scales: £11.31 per hour from 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Time: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.; rate: £12.44/hr plus a $1,500 annual attendance bonus

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3. British Trucker, Verhoek Europe:

To deliver the goods, Verhoek Europe needs a truck driver. Truck drivers from the UK who are qualified and experienced are needed.

Job Specifics

  • Manchester, United Kingdom
  • the annual salary of £32,500
  • Full-time, permanent; overtime; type of work
  • Experience: Operating a Reliable Vehicle: 1 year of experience is necessary
  • License: Class one or two HGV Driving Permit (Required)
  • Working from home: No

4. Brightwork Ltd:

Job Specifics

  • Hourly wage of £11.04 to 11.04, paid weekly if overtime is the only rate available. Temporary position.
  • Business: Brightwork Ltd.
  • As of recently
  • SKILLS: 1 to 3 years
  • Day shifts Monday through Friday, with an early Friday finish

5. Cotteswold Dairy:

One of the top independent dairy producers in the UK is Cotteswold Dairy. He observed a skilled forklift operator.

6. The DX Group:

In the UK, car, and taxi services are in need of qualified and experienced truck drivers.

Job Specifics

  • Competitive rate of pay for salary
  • Willenhall, England is the place.
  • Automobile and taxi services
  • Eligibility Criteria: A valid HGV 1/C+E license is required.
  • Type of Work: Permanent

Top Companies Hiring Truck Drivers in the UK

  • Amazon 
  • DHL 
  • Tesco 
  • Royal Mail 
  • Asda 


When you start a job as a UK truck driver, you can look forward to an exciting and rewarding journey. Since the whole country depends on things getting from one place to another, your job as a driver is very important. Being a truck driver is a unique and fulfilling job, from the freedom of the open road to the challenges of the job.

People Also Ask

  • How much can I earn as a UK truck driver?

    In the UK, a truck driver makes an average of £34,355 per year. Pay can vary, though, based on experience, area, and the type of truck. For example, truck drivers with more experience can make up to £45,000 per year, and those who drive long-haul cars can make even more.
    Class 1 truck driver: £36,500 per year
    Class 2 truck driver: £32,000 per year
    Artic truck driver: £38,000 per year
    Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver: £35,000 per year

  • What qualifications do I need to become a truck driver in UK?

    You’ll need the right kind of driver’s license, like a Category C or C+E, as well as the right kind of training from a recognized school.

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