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Turkish Youngsters Travel Across Europe Through DiscoverEU – Fully Explained

Turkish Youngsters Travel Across Europe Through DiscoverEU: Through DiscoverEU, 1,469 Turkish children will be able to travel throughout Europe for free this summer, along with hundreds of children from other countries.

Discover EU is an action of the Erasmus+ program that provides 18-year-olds from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to travel across Europe, form new alliances with peers, learn about other cultures, and investigate their European identity.

The most recent round of DiscoverEU applications closed at the end of March, and participants from all Erasmus+ participating nations have already been chosen.

According to data provided by the European Union Commission, Turks have submitted the most applications among all participating nations.

The total number of Turkish applicants for the free travel permit was 21,560. reports that because the number of passes is limited and must also be disbursed to youth from other countries, only 1,469 Turkish youth were selected.

Now that the application period has ended, the successful applicants will be able to travel this year as well as next, primarily by train.

The Commission explains that between June 15 and September 15, 2024, all designated Turkish and other young people will be able to travel for up to 30 days. They will be able to travel alone or with up to four friends, assuming everyone fulfills the eligibility requirements.

Eurostat reports that young people from all countries participating in the Erasmus+ program have been selected, with some having a larger number.

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In the March 2023 application round, the greatest number of free travel permits were issued to German youth. These numbers indicate that a total of 6,072 German applicants have been selected for this round.

In terms of the proportion of young people, France (4,919), Italy (4,341), Spain (3,458), Poland (2,767), and Romania (1,467) follow Germany.

Turkish Youngsters Travel Across Europe
Turkish Youngsters Travel Across Europe

The Commission received a total of 145,657 applications and selected 35,324 applicants in this round. The majority of selected applicants are still in school (70.6%), while a lesser percentage (14.6%) have only recently begun post-secondary education.

In addition, 3.9% of the selected applicants are enrolled in vocational training, and 3.6% are taking a sabbatical year.

Those interested in applying for the following year will soon be able to do so, though the exact dates have not yet been announced.

To be eligible to receive one of DiscoverEU’s travel passes, applicants must have been born between July 1, 2024, and June 30, 2025. In addition, they must accurately complete the online application form and be a lawful citizen of an EU member state or one of the third countries associated with the Erasmus+ program (Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, and Turkey).

People Also Ask

  1. What is included in Discover EU?

    DiscoverEU provides 18-year-olds with the opportunity to explore Europe through experiential learning. Traveling primarily by rail (there are exceptions for those residing on islands or in remote areas), you will explore Europe’s diverse cities, villages, and landscapes.

  2. What exactly is the Discover EU pass?

    Selected participants will receive a DiscoverEU European Youth Card that will grant them discounts on cultural visits, educational activities, athletics, local transportation, lodging, and food, among other things.

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