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Scholarships are excellent opportunities that have proven to be beneficial in a broad range of different settings. If you are a citizen of the Philippines and are considering furthering your education in New Zealand, and you are reading this post, then you are in the right place!

Scholarships are given out to a significant number of students each year, and the fundamental objective of these grants is to provide assistance to persons who are unable to pay for their education due to financial constraints. Students who are able to meet the standards for earning a scholarship from one of the many available organizations are likely to receive financial aid from one of those organizations.
It is unfortunate that there are some people who are unable to afford either of these two options, but there are other people who have chosen to get an education or become engaged in sports in order to lift themselves out of poverty. Poverty is a deplorable condition that has adversely impacted the lives of a great number of individuals all over the world.

A scholarship enables the student to consider enrolling in a more rigorous academic program, reduces the likelihood that the student will drop out of school, and frequently provides the recipient with opportunities to broaden their academic experience by participating in internships or study abroad programs. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] A scholarship enables the student to consider enrolling in a more rigorous academic program, reduces the likelihood that the student will drop out of
Scholarships are made available to students who meet the requirements set forth by both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Some students are granted a scholarship that is fully supported, while others are granted a scholarship that is partially funded.

It is important to keep in mind that there are a variety of scholarships, the academic award being the one that is offered the most frequently. On the other hand, there are a variety of other types of scholarships, such as those associated with athletics, the military, national organizations, workplaces, and so on.
This essay will focus on examining the aspects of Scholarships in New Zealand that are considered to be the most significant. Remembering that only students from other nations are qualified to apply for these scholarships is a very crucial point to bear in mind.

Candidates who are interested in the role should educate themselves on the duties and responsibilities of the position. In addition, it is essential to emphasize the significance of interested parties making it a point to check that they are able to meet the prerequisites in order to avoid being disappointed or disqualified in any other way. This is because it is critical to avoid being let down or being disqualified in any other way.


Details of Scholarships for Filipinos in New Zealand 2024

Students who need financial assistance to pay for their education might apply for scholarships. Scholarships, in contrast to student loans, do not require any sort of repayment. Every year, tens of thousands of organizations donate tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund scholarships and fellowships.
In most cases, scholarships and fellowships are only available to students who meet specific requirements, such as having the exceptional intellectual, athletic, or creative ability. Students who are members of underrepresented groups, students who live in certain parts of the country, students who demonstrate financial need, and students who are interested in particular fields of study are all eligible for awards.


A customized search, such as the one offered by Fastweb, in which your student profile is compared with a database of awards is the most effective method for locating internships and scholarships. Only the awards that are a good fit for your profile will be shown as potential matches. The scholarship database offered by Fastweb is unparalleled in terms of its size, precision, and frequency of updates.

David Strachan, the New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines, extended an invitation to students from the Philippines to submit scholarship applications to New Zealand during a recent press conference in Davao (New Zealand). According to Strachan, there are currently scholarships available on an annual basis for a total of 24 postgraduate programs in three distinct industries: disaster risk management, agri-industries, and renewable energies.
Scholarships are available from the New Zealand government for students from other countries who wish to further their education in New Zealand. Scholarships are offered to nationals of developing nations so that they can pursue university education or vocational training in New Zealand or the Pacific region.

Scholars who are awarded New Zealand Scholarships are provided with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications necessary to make a positive contribution to the economic, social, and political growth of your country. New Zealand has a wide variety of alternatives, including brand-new master’s degrees that may be completed in only one year.
According to Strachan, the number of Filipino students studying in New Zealand is rapidly growing to become one of the most significant among all overseas students. For the year 2015, for instance, it was predicted that there were 3,600 Filipino students studying in the country. According to the ambassador, “There was an increase of 83 percent in the number of Filipino students traveling down to the courses in New Zealand.”


  • Diverse Scholarships: Find out about the different kinds of scholarships out there, such as academic, athletic, military, national, and employer-sponsored scholarships. These give students from a range of backgrounds and hobbies the chance to succeed.
  • International Opportunities: Filipino students can get Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in New Zealand with grants from the government and universities.
  • Financial Support: Scholarships pay for all of a student’s costs, like tuition, books, meals, medical insurance, and travel. This gives the winners full financial support.

Different kinds of scholarships are:

There are many distinct kinds of scholarships available, some examples of which are listed below:

Scholarships for Higher Education:

An academic scholarship is the same thing as a merit scholarship, a chancellor award, or a trustee scholarship. Less selective educational institutions offer this type of scholarship in order to attract individuals with exceptional academic ability. Scholarship sums might range anything from a few thousand dollars to an entire year’s worth of tuition.

Scholarships Awarded to Athletes:

The amount of financial assistance provided by a college’s sports department to a student-athlete in the form of a scholarship is referred to as an “athletic scholarship.” The student’s physical prowess and the value they provide to the team are the primary considerations that go into deciding who receives one of these scholarships.

Scholarships for Military Members:

Veterans, active-duty service members, as well as high school and college students who aspire to have careers in the military are all eligible for the Military Scholarship. Individuals who are now serving or have previously served in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force, or National Guard are considered to be members of the military.

Scholarships at the National Level:

A grant that is granted to fund a student’s education and is awarded to that student based on academic accomplishment or another achievement is called a national scholarship. Students can win this scholarship based on their academic performance or on a variety of other criteria, including their demonstrated need for financial assistance with their education.

Scholarships Awarded Through an Employer:

A scholarship at work is a grant that is presented to a worker or employee in an organization owing to the individual’s accomplishments on the job. This indicates that the organization recognizes individuals who are able to complete difficult jobs as a result of their dedication, persistence, and strong work ethic and then rewards such persons with scholarships.

Specifics Regarding the Scholarships Available in New Zealand in 2024

  • New Zealand is a country that offers scholarships.
  • Degree Level: Bachelor, Masters, PhD
  • Financial Protection: We Are Completely Funded

Financial Benefits:

  • Complete Cost of Instruction
  • Allowance for Daily Living
  • A fee for the establishment of a business
  • Insurance for medical treatment while you are in New Zealand Cost of travel Tickets for travel within and outside of your home country
  • Travel Insurance

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Scholarships offered by the New Zealand Government:

Scholarships are offered by the Government of New Zealand for students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs. Scholarships are available to nationals of poor nations who wish to pursue higher education in New Zealand or at one of the country’s universities, education institutions, or Pacific universities.

Scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study: These are full tertiary scholarships for international students who meet the eligibility requirements to study full-time at an educational institution in New Zealand or a university in the Pacific.

Scholarships for People Living in the Pacific and Timor-Leste That Cover Short-Term Training Short-term scholarships for workers from qualified Pacific countries and Timor-Leste to receive skills training and on-the-job work experience are available through this program.

Scholarships for People from Southeast Asia and Timor-Leste to Participate in Short-Term Training Programs These are short-term scholarships for workers from qualified Southeast Asian countries as well as Timor-Leste to participate in skill training programs.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Scholarships offered by the University of Otago in New Zealand:

All domestic and international students are eligible to apply for one of Otago University’s 200 doctoral scholarships. Candidates for professional doctorates and Ph.D. degrees are eligible to apply for scholarships offered by the University of Otago in 2022-23. Any time is a good time for applicants from other countries to submit their applications for this scholarship. There is No Predetermined Time Limit.

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Scholarships available in Wellington, New Zealand:

Any academic program that the university has to offer is open to applicants for the Wellington New Zealand Scholarship. Additionally, the scholarship is available for doctoral degree programs.

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Scholarship for International Excellence offered by the University of Waikato:

The University of Waikato Scholarship 2022 is open to students who wish to pursue studies leading to a baccalaureate, master’s, or doctoral degree. Everyone who has never attended a university before and is applying there is eligible.

  • Degree Level: Bachelor/Masters/Ph.D. Degree
  • Deadline: Anytime

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The following is a list of universities in New Zealand that do not require IELTS:

A student can apply to study in New Zealand without needing to have their IELTS scores evaluated at the following top universities in New Zealand: You may also check out where they are in the rankings.

  • Auckland’s own University of Auckland (179th in the World, Top in New Zealand)
  • This is the University of Otago (184th in the World, Top in New Zealand)
  • Canterbury University of New Zealand (270 in the World)
  • The University of Lincoln (8th in New Zealand)
  • The University of Technology at Unitec (8th in New Zealand)


In 2024, Filipino students who want to study in New Zealand can choose from a number of funding programs. These grants, which can come from the New Zealand government or well-known universities like the University of Otago and the University of Waikato, are meant to help students go to college without having to worry about money. Explore the options, make sure you meet the standards, and start an academic journey in New Zealand that will change your life.

People Also Ask

  1. What types of scholarships are available in New Zealand in 2024?

    New Zealand has many types of scholarships, such as academic, athletic, military, national, and employer-sponsored grants. These give students a wide range of options.

  2. How can Filipino students apply for scholarships in New Zealand?

    Students from the Philippines can apply for scholarships by reading the eligibility requirements and application methods given by each scholarship provider. This could mean sending in an application form, certificates, and other necessary papers.

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