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Schengen Countries Jobs For International Candidates 2023 


Schengen Countries Jobs For International Candidates: In 2023, you can look for jobs in Schengen countries. In Europe this year, there are thousands of job openings for foreign college graduates, experienced professionals, and skilled workers. There are jobs in all areas of these Schengen countries, and there aren’t many requirements to get one.

Fresh college graduates, skilled workers, and professionals who want to work and build a career in the Schengen countries can choose from a wide range of high-paying jobs. If you live outside of Europe and want to work there, you should keep an eye out for the right job opening and apply as soon as you can after meeting the Schengen work visa standards.


In fact, working in the Schengen area opens up a lot of job chances in different fields and ensures a bright future with benefits like financial security that last a lifetime. On the other hand, working and living here gives you a good life and more ways to make money while still having a good work-life balance.

Schengen Countries Jobs For International Candidates 2023
Schengen Countries Jobs For International Candidates 2023

List of Countries in the Schengen Area

Schengen is an area in Europe made up of twenty-six countries where people can move without passports or visas between them. But the following countries are allowed to join Schengen:

  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Latvia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland.
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Slovenia
  • Spain

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Salary Packages of Jobs in Schengen Countries

Employees in the Schengen countries will get good pay every month and other benefits that will help them live happy, stress-free life. Some of these wonderful perks are:

  • High Monthly Salaries
  • Free Medical & Health Facilities
  • Childcare Allowance
  • Family & Car Allowances
  • Free Transportation Services
  • Lodging & Food at low to no cost
  • Retirement Packages
  • Dental Insurance
  • Free Bikes, or car transport facility
  • Monthly Utility and fuel Subsidies

Schengen Work VISA Permits You to Work in Schengen Countries

Want to find work in one of the Schengen countries? If so, you need to get a Schengen Work VISA, which is also called a Europe Work VISA. With this Schengen Work visa, people from other countries can go to these 26 countries without going through customs to find work and make a career there.

But a Schengen visa won’t work if you want to work in these Schengen countries. People will need a National D-type Work visa from the country they want to work in. For small business trips to Schengen countries that last less than 90 days, you will need a short-stay Schengen work visa.

Every Schengen Country has different rules about what papers you need and how much it costs to get a work visa. So, find out everything you need to know from the office of the country you want to go to.

How to apply for a Work Visa for Schengen Countries?

After you find a job and get an offer letter, it’s time to get ready to apply for a Schengen Work VISA. People who are eligible should call the right authorities in each Schengen country to apply for a work visa. Also, it’s best to go to the embassy at least two months before the employment time starts and fill out the application forms. Below are the documents you’ll need. Most of the time, getting a work visa takes between four and six weeks.

For a Schengen work visa, however, you must bring 2 application forms, 2 pictures of your ID, a job contract, travel plans and insurance, a valid passport, proof of your education, and information about where you will stay.

Highly-Paid Employment Fields in Schengen Countries

Here, we’ve talked about the top ten businesses with the most jobs and the highest pay.

  • Aviation Industry Jobs
  • Schengen Government Jobs
  • Banking Industry Jobs
  • Construction Industry Jobs
  • Teaching & Education Jobs
  • Freelance Industry Jobs
  • Health Care & Medical Field Jobs
  • IT Industry Jobs
  • Driving Jobs
  • Food Industry Jobs

 Schengen Aviation Industry Jobs

In Schengen countries, if you want to work in the aviation business, you have to put in a lot of hard work and be in good physical and mental shape. On the other hand, if you want to be a skilled pilot, you also need a national work visa to be able to get jobs in aviation. Top airlines like Austrian AirlinesAir FranceLufthansaEasyjetIberia ExpressNorwegian Air SwedenIcelandairScandinavian Airlines, and many more operate in these countries and offer high-paying jobs with extra perks.

These world-class airlines and aerospace companies have job openings in many different departments, such as Cockpit Crew, Engineering, Information Security Expert, Business Analyst, IT, Catering Management, Finance, Hospitality, Aerospace Engineering & Program Management, Accounts, Production Management, etc.

But the average pay for jobs in aviation in these countries runs from EUR 32,896 to EUR 103,000.

Schengen Countries Government Jobs

Every country that joins the Schengen area of Europe gives its government workers jobs and other perks that will help them financially for the rest of their lives. Their only goal is to make a place where people will want to work and live. State jobs in Schengen countries are available in many different fields, such as construction, teaching, food industries, tourism, banking, vehicle manufacturing, bus drivers, IT, charitable organizations, state-owned businesses, nursing, etc.

Each country has different standards for getting a work visa. People from outside the EU who want to work for the government need a work visa. The only people who don’t have to pay it are grads and people from EU countries. When applying for an employment visa, people are often told they need to get a job first in order to meet the standards. So, check what the chosen country needs for a work pass before going any further.

On the other hand, the following companies and higher bodies offer Schengen Government jobs. Hitachi EnergyU.S. Army Corps of EngineersEuropean Union BelgiumEquinor, etc.

The average pay for a government job in the Schengen area is between €1,740 and €80,000. But it also relies on the job and the level of education.

Schengen Banking Industry Jobs

The Banking industry is booming and growing in the Schengen area, just like the other industries. It offers around 1,304 jobs in many different areas. Passionate people from all over the world can try their luck and apply for these high-paying banking jobs posted by well-known foreign banks. Danske Bank, Erste Group Bank, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Banco de Portugal, Zurich Cantonal Bank, and many more are among the capital banks that make the most money.

Candidates can choose from different types of work permits based on their skills, job level, and employment situation in order to be able to work in Schengen countries.

Those who want to work in Europe’s banking business can look for jobs as Product Managers, Integration Specialists, Business Information Management, Junior Data Scientists, Proximity Advisors, consultants in Personal Banking, etc.

Professionals who work in a bank can make anywhere from CHF 42,400 to CHF 276,000 per month, which is about EUR 2,031 to EUR 7,608.

Schengen Construction Industry Jobs

Construction is another high-demand area in Schengen Europe that offers a lot of job opportunities to people from all over the world. In different places, there are a lot of building companies. They make a lot of money and help the EU economy grow in a big way. There are many different jobs available in the construction business, such as Sales Engineering, Sales Support, Architecture, Work Preparer, Site Management, Construction Equipment Operator, Assistant Branch Manager, and more.

But in Schengen Europe, there are building companies that are known all over the world.

Hochtief AG, Doka Austria GmbH, Eiffage Construction, Sweco Norway ASPizzarotti & C. S.p.A., and many more.

If you want to work in this building, you can expect to make between €920 and €6531 per month, plus other great benefits.

Schengen Teaching & Education Jobs:

In the Schengen area, high salaries are also paid to skilled, experienced teachers and professors who are eager to share their knowledge and skills with their students. Millions of well-known schools, colleges, and universities have posted job openings in a wide range of areas.

Teachers who are interested and prepared can apply for jobs like Digitalization and Information Management, Research Associate, Part-time Instructor of Philosophy, Junior Professorship in Real Algebraic Geometry, World Languages Coordinator, CNC Technician, Italian Admission Counselor, etc.

Meanwhile, the institutes offering full-time and part-time paid jobs in Schengen countries are TU Dresden, ICS Paris, Vienna University of TechnologyJohn Cabot UniversityOpen University of Catalonia, and the University of Lausanne, The American College of Greece.

A professor or teacher with a lot of talent and skill could make anywhere from EUR 1,740 to EUR 6,600 per month (SEK 36,000 to SEK 112,000) with the help of extra donations.

Schengen Food Industry Jobs:

another popular yet growing industry making waves in the Schengen part of Europe is the Food industry. No matter what happens, people’s love and craziness for yummy food will never die. Moreover, this food industry has so much to offer in terms of job positions for chefs, food experts, sales executives, Production Workers, Supply Chain Food Safety Auditors, Food and Beverage Managers, etc.

Schengen Driving Jobs

For those who don’t know, bus, truck, tanker, shuttle service, and troller drivers can get a lot of different jobs. Many couriers, workers, hotels, and transportation companies are looking for skilled and experienced drivers who can get goods and other things from one place or state to another on time.

Schengen countries have a lot of open jobs for drivers with the right skills, like delivery drivers, van drivers for the E-scooter business, HGV drivers, and so on. A legal passport and driver’s license, or sometimes an International Driver’s Permit, are needed to work as a professional driver in Schengen Europe.

Here are the names of a few companies looking for trained drivers who can work on daily, weekly, and monthly wages, for instance, M&E GlobalEverliUberAman HotelsDFDS AS, & Ski Armadillo. The average salary of a driver in Schengen countries is EUR 1,150 per month or  EUR13,300 / per year.

People Also Ask

  • How to work in Schengen countries?

    I’m going to work in Europe, do I need a Schengen work visa? A “Schengen work visa” is not a real thing. Schengen countries only let you work there for a long time if you have a National D-type Work visa. This visa is given by the country where you want to work and won’t let you work in another state.

  • Which country in Europe has the most job opportunities?

    Estonia got perfect scores for both contract jobs for young people and part-time jobs. Norway has a very high hiring rate and is also one of the richest countries in the world. It is thought to be a good place to work in jobs that require a lot of thinking.

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