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Relocate to Canada as a Driver on a Work Visa With Monthy $6700 Earning

Relocate to Canada as a Driver on a Work Visa: In Canada, if you drove a cab for an 8-hour shift every day for a whole month, you could make up to CAD$6700.

But you must have a valid Canadian LTV driver’s license and know at least the basics of English or French to be eligible.

In this piece, I answer your questions about how to make money as a taxi driver in Canada, what kind of license you need to drive a cab, and how to legally become a taxi driver in the country.

Delving into the Pay of a Taxi Driver in Canada

Relocate to Canada as a Driver on a Work Visa With Monthy $6700 Earning
Relocate to Canada as a Driver on a Work Visa With Monthy $6700 Earning

The high pay potential of this job path in Canada is a good reason to think about it.

Recent research shows that taxi drivers in Canada make a good living, getting on average between CAD$3000 and CAD$6700 per month if they work full time for the whole month.

Here is a complete list of taxi driver pay in 2023 in all of Canada’s regions:

Taxi Driver Salaries in Canada 2023Hourly Salary8 hours/Day Salary1 Month’s Salary (8 hours/day)
Newfoundland and Labrador14.98$119.84$3595
Nova Scotia14.5$116$3480
British Columbia19.23$153.84$4615
Canada (Overall)15.91$127.28$3818

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Is Immigration to Canada for a Taxi Driver Position Possible?

Yes, that’s the simple answer. In 2023, you can move to Canada if you work as a cab driver, a chauffeur, or a limo driver.

But CIC Canada has the final say on these kinds of choices. If any Canadian provinces have a lack of people with these skills, it would be easier to get into the country.

With permission from CIC Canada, some Canadian taxi companies and hotels that need chauffeurs or limo drivers will also post job openings for skilled foreign workers.

The process is pretty easy to understand. Just go to the Canadian immigration/employment portal and type the NOC codes for jobs like a driver, taxi driver, limousine driver, or chauffeur to find them.

This will give you a list of open jobs in Canada, for which you can then apply by sending in your papers and starting the process of moving there in 2023. In the meantime, you can look at this list of 17 driver jobs that will be in great demand in Canada in 2023:

1Taxicab driver
2Funeral chauffeur
3Limousine driver
4Private household chauffeur
5Long vehicle driver
6Ambulance driver
7Airport limousine driver
8Hearse driver
9Route driver
10Taxi owner-operator
11Private chauffeur
12Funeral driver
13Company chauffeur
14Taxi driver
15Bus driver
16Small van driver
17Truck driver

Pre-Requisites for a Driving Job in Canada

To be able to apply for a driving job in Canada for immigration reasons, you must first take the IELTS test and get a CLB score of at least 4.

You can choose to take CELPIP instead of IELTS if you want to show that you know French. Once you’re done with this step, you’ll need to do an online educational credential exam (ECA), which is free.

To get a work visa to drive in Canada in 2023, you will also need at least 3 months of vocational driving training, a good driving record backed up by work experience, a clean medical and criminal record, and a valid foreign driving license.

People Also Ask

  • What are the different types of work permits in Canada?

    In Canada, there are two ways to get a work permit: Temporary Worker Program for Foreigners: For a foreigner to get a work permit, they need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Program for International Mobility: A foreigner does not need an LMIA in order to get a work permit.

  • How can I work in Canada as a driver?

    It may be necessary to finish an approved driver training course that lasts up to three months at a trade school or community college. To drive a straight-body truck, you need a Class 3 or D license. Long combination cars can only be driven by people with a Class 1 or A license.

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