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Recruitment Agencies in Algeria For Foreigners 2023


Recruitment Agencies in Algeria For Foreigners: Algeria is a country that is in North Africa. Morocco is to the northwest, Tunisia is to the northeast, Libya is to the east, Niger is to the southeast, Mali is to the southwest, Mauritania is to the west, and Western Sahara is to the southwest. Algiers is the biggest and most important city in Algeria. Algeria’s official language is Arabic, but French is also widely spoken there and is used in business, government, and schools.

Algeria has a lot of jobs, especially in the oil and gas business, which is very important to the economy of the country. There are also job opportunities in the construction, telecom, and manufacturing fields. There are also opportunities in the service field, such as the travel and hospitality industries. Algeria might have jobs for engineers, IT experts, accountants, and managers, among other things.


Many companies that help people find jobs have websites where you can find their addresses and contact information. There are a number of recruitment companies in Algeria that can help you find a job. This article talks about how to find a job in Algeria and gives a list of recruitment companies for both foreigners and Algerians in 2023 and 2024. You will also learn about the different kinds of employment companies in Algeria and a lot more.

Recruitment Agencies in Algeria For Foreigners 2023
Recruitment Agencies in Algeria For Foreigners 2023

Algerian Recruitment

Algeria rests mostly on foreign workers because it has a big economy. If you want to hire someone from outside the country, they will need a work pass to get a work visa. Then, they must get a visa from the Algerian embassy or office in their home country and show it when they arrive in Algeria.

Most people look for jobs on general job sites and niche job sites, as well as on professional social networks. Hiring a human resources expert to keep track of these contacts can be helpful, since some people may send their resumes straight to your company.

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Recruitment Agencies in Algeria For Foreigners 2023

In Algeria, there are a number of staffing companies that focus on different types of businesses and places. There are a number of employment companies in Algeria.


This company has a location in Algeria and helps people all over the world find temporary and regular jobs.


This is a multinational staffing firm that places people in professional and technical areas like IT, engineering, and finance.

Michael Page

This is a global senior search firm that has offices in Algeria,

Robert Walters

This is a multinational staffing firm that places people in professional and technical areas like IT, engineering, and finance.


is a global company with offices in Algeria. It specializes in both temporary staffing and permanent placement.


This is an RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) company’s Algerian branch.

Algerian Employment Procedures.

When you choose the person from Algeria you want to hire, you must make a written or verbal deal with them. All contracts must be written in Arabic and include all important information, like pay, perks, how to get out of the contract, paid time off, and more. In all offer letters and contracts, the salary and other payment amounts should be written in Algerian Dinar instead of any other currency.

Employment Laws in Algeria

Regular work hours are one of Algeria’s requirements for job compliance. Employees should work 44 hours over the course of five or six days. They usually get one day off per week, usually on Friday. Your workers are only allowed to work 20% more than their regular hours. As an employer, you must pay people who work extra hours at least 50% of their standard hourly rate.

Types of Algerian Recruitment Agencies

In Algeria, there are a lot of different types of recruitment companies that focus on different businesses and industries. Some common types of Algerian employment companies are:

Temporary staffing firms

Companies can hire contract or casual workers from these companies for a set amount of time.

Permanent placement agencies:

These groups help companies find full-time workers who will stay with the company.

Executive search firms:

Executive search firms are companies that help companies find top-level executives and leaders.

Contract staffing agencies:

Companies that need temporary or project-based help with staffing can get contract staffing options from these groups.

Niche recruitment agencies:

Niche firms are staffing companies that focus on filling specialized jobs in areas like IT, health care, or engineering.

International recruiting agencies:

These groups encourage companies to hire foreign workers and help them find talent abroad.

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    Robert Walters
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