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Download the Pakistan Testing Service form. The Pakistan Testing Service Agency is a government organization that is looking to hire qualified, skilled, and well-disciplined people to work as Part-Time Test Administration Staff as Invigilators, Skill Test Conductors, and Physical Test Conductors for the posts of Regional Director of Marketing, Assistant Director of Marketing, Test Center Supervisor, and Exam Invigilators.

PTS Jobs are open to people from all over Pakistan, including FATA/Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Applicants have to work most of the time on weekends, which means they have to work full days on Saturday and Sunday. Now, I’ll tell you what you need to do to qualify, and you can use the factors below.


PTS stands for “Pakistan Testing Service.” It is a government agency that is allowed to run “Pre-Admission Tests” and “Pre-Recruitment Tests” for more than 10,000 candidates from different departments and reports the results quickly and accurately. All kinds of job opportunities are available at all levels, and those who apply will get a good pay deal.


PTS Invigilator Jobs

Eligibility Criteria

For those positions, you need an MBA, Master’s, BBA, or Bachelor’s degree, and those with experience working with mass boards and schools will be given priority.

Vacant Positions:

  • Regional Director Marketing
  • Assistant Director Marketing
  • Test Center Supervisor
  • Exam Invigilators

Benefits of PTS Invigilator Jobs

  • Flexible Work Schedule: PTS invigilator positions frequently provide a flexible work schedule, enabling individuals to effectively manage their professional obligations alongside supplementary employment or educational pursuits.
  • Part-Time Opportunities: PTS invigilator positions are frequently available on a part-time basis, rendering them viable options for individuals seeking additional financial support or employment on a limited scale.
  • Achievable Placements: Invigilators may be entrusted with a range of locations and examination centers, affording them the chance to operate in diverse settings and engage with an array of individuals.
  • Improved Communication Abilities: An invigilator is responsible for engaging in dialogue with examination participants, verifying comprehension of instructions, and handling any complications that may occur throughout the assessment. Engaging in this activity may facilitate the development of interpersonal and communication proficiencies.
  • Advantages of Networking: Engaging in PTS invigilator duties provides individuals with the chance to establish professional relationships with fellow practitioners in the education and testing sectors, which may result in subsequent career prospects or business alliances.
  • Contribution to Education: Invigilators uphold standards of academic integrity and professionalism while ensuring the impartiality and integrity of examinations, thereby making a valuable contribution to the education system.
  • Proficiency enhancement: The responsibilities of an invigilator encompass a multitude of activities, including but not limited to preparing examination sites, authenticating candidates, and upholding exam security. These obligations may facilitate the growth of one’s problem-solving, organizational, and attention-to detail-abilities.
  • Prospects for Development: Proficient invigilators might be eligible to pursue career progression opportunities with PTS or analogous testing organizations, including assuming supervisory or leadership roles.
  • Travel Opportunities: Invigilators may be granted the privilege of visiting various cities or regions, contingent upon the placement of examination centers. This would afford them the chance to discover uncharted territories and acquire a wide array of experiences.
  • Contribution to Fair Assessment: As a result of their vital function in ensuring examinations are conducted in an unbiased and equitable manner, invigilators ultimately bolster the credibility and dependability of assessment procedures.

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How to Apply for PTS Invigilator Jobs

  • You can download the application forms and payment slips from the PTS website at or from the link below.
  • Application forms should be sent to the right address, along with a paid deposit slip.
  • The application must be sent to the Director (Exam & Coordination) PTS, and the name of the job should be written clearly on the application.
  • Test fees must be paid at UBL & HBL Bank by those who want to take the test.

For More Info:

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  1. How to Apply for PTS Jobs

    You can download the application forms and payment slips from the PTS website at or from the link below.

  2. What Is The Eligibility Criteria For PTS Jobs

    For those positions, you need an MBA, Master’s, BBA, or Bachelor’s degree, and those with experience working with mass boards and schools will be given priority.

  3. What is PTS recruitment?

    PTS is Pakistan’s innovation-driven, reliable, self-sustaining, and autonomous testing organization that assesses candidates’ capabilities and competence for recruitment, scholarships, and admissions. We help organizations recruit the right people, develop employees, and enhance productivity and performance.

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