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There are jobs open at PRACS Pakistan Railway Advisor & Consultancy Services Ltd. PRACS works for Pakistan Railway and is currently looking for well-educated, very experienced, hardworking, and well-disciplined people to fill the following positions:

Jobs in Pakistan Railway Advisor and Consultancy Services include Highways Projects Expert, Highway Design Expert, Buildings and Bridges Design Expert, Water Supply Expert, Sewerage System Design Expert, Mechanical Expert, Geo-Technical Material Expert, Senior Architect, Geographic Information System (GIS) Expert, and Quantity Surveyor. The job will be on a short-term deal that can be extended if the person does a good job.


As per the policy of PRACS (Pakistan Railway), applicants should have a Master’s or DAE in the relevant field from a recognized university or school and relevant work experience. Below is the process for applying.


Pakistan Railway Advisor & Consultancy Services Jobs

Vacant Positions:

  • Highways Projects Expert
  • Highway Design Expert
  • Buildings / Bridges Design Expert
  • Water Supply Expert
  • Sewerage System Design Expert
  • Mechanical Expert
  • Geo-Technical Material Expert
  • Senior Architect
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Expert
  • Quantity Surveyor

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Benefits of PRACS Pakistan Railway Jobs

  • Employment Stability: The employment arrangement with Pakistan Railway via PRACS generally ensures security and stability, owing to the critical character of railway operations and government affiliation.
  • Competitive Salaries: PRACS positions frequently offer competitive remuneration and benefits packages, encompassing healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and additional incentives, which serve to safeguard the financial security of staff members and their families.
  • Career Growth and Development: Through skill-building initiatives, training programs, and seminars, PRACS facilitates opportunities for career advancement and professional development. Employees are afforded the opportunity to develop their professional aptitudes and progress in their tenure with the organization.
  • Profound Impact on National Infrastructure: The PRACS endeavors and undertakings significantly contribute to the upkeep and advancement of the railway infrastructure in Pakistan. The direct contribution of employees to the enhancement of transportation services and the nation’s economy as a whole is evident.
  • Technical Experience: PRACS positions offer significant technical expertise across multiple facets of railway operations, encompassing maintenance, safety, engineering, and management. Employees are afforded the chance to participate in a variety of initiatives and develop expertise in their respective disciplines.
  • Work-Life Balance: PRACS positions may provide employees with a favorable work-life balance, enabling them to maintain a harmonious equilibrium between their professional and personal spheres, contingent upon the particular duties and obligations of the position.
  • Networking Opportunities: Opportunities for Networking PRACS is comprised of personnel with diverse professional backgrounds, such as finance, management, engineering, and administration. Engaging in activities within the organization affords individuals the chance to establish connections and cooperate with government officials, sponsors, and experts from various fields of study.
  • Community Impact: By providing dependable and secure transportation services, PRACS programs and initiatives have a direct effect on the lives of citizens. Individuals who are employed by PRACS have the opportunity to positively impact public infrastructure and the overall well-being of the local populace.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: PRACS, being a government-affiliated organization, customarily furnishes its staff with pension and retirement benefits, thereby ensuring their financial stability throughout their retirement phase.
  • Professional Satisfaction: PRACS offers its employees the chance to contribute to initiatives that have a lasting impact on infrastructure development and transportation services in Pakistan, which can be extremely satisfying from a professional standpoint.

How To Apply for PRACS Pakistan Railway Jobs

  • You can get an application form by going to
  • The completed application form, all necessary documents, and current photos should be sent to the address below.
  • Applications that aren’t complete or are sent too late won’t be considered for the screening process.
  • Applicants should clearly write the job they are applying for on the envelope.
  • Only the people who made the cut will be asked to take a test or interview.
  • There will be no travel or living expenses paid for the test or interview.
  • At the time of the interview, candidates should bring the originals of any papers they have.

More Info

  1. What Education Requires For PRACS Pakistan Railway Jobs

    As per the policy of PRACS (Pakistan Railway), applicants should have a Master’s or DAE in the relevant field from a recognized university or school and relevant work experience.

  2. How To Apply for PRACS Pakistan Railway Jobs

    You can get an application form by going to

  3. Who is the CEO of Pakistan Railway?

    Salman Sadiq Sheikh, the current senior officer of Pakistan Railways, is the CEO and Sr. General Manager of Pakistan Railways as of October 2022, and Shahid Ashraf Tarar is the present caretaker minister for railways. Currently, it has six departments and one subsidiary.

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