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Newest Job Portal | Peoples Primary Healthcare Initiative (abbreviated as PPHI) is a program run by the government of Sindh. It is very important and plays a major role in reducing the deaths of mothers and babies in Sindh and bringing health care to rural and underdeveloped areas. It has a lot of senior and junior-level jobs, so people with all kinds of degrees are happy to apply because the pay is good and there are growth opportunities.

So, now that you know all of this and have seen the ad, you should apply for these PPHI jobs, which include Medical Officer, Female Medical Officer, Nurse, Midwife, Lady Health Visitor, Dispenser, Technician (Health/X-Ray/Dental/OT/Ophthalmology/Blood Bank/Laboratory/ECG), Electrician, Medicine Handler, Plumber, Driver.


Those who apply will get a good salary and other perks, such as EOBI Fund, Provident Fund, and Medical and Health Insurance. So, look below to see how to apply and what you need to do to be eligible.



People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative (PPHI) Sindh is a very important program that aims to improve public health care in Pakistan’s Sindh province. This piece will talk about what PPHI Sindh is and how it affects health care in the region as a whole.

It will go into detail about the initiative’s past, goals, how it works, what it has accomplished, and what it hopes to do in the future. PPHI Sindh tries to give healthcare services that are easy to get to and don’t cost a lot of money to people who don’t have much. This helps improve the health of the whole province.

Genesis of PPHI Sindh

In 2007, PPHI Sindh was set up after the successful PPHI model in Balochistan. The program was started with the goal of making sure that everyone in Sindh has equal access to high-quality health care. The project was started to fix the healthcare problems that were common in the area, especially in rural areas where it was hard to get to medical facilities.

Objectives of PPHI Sindh

The main goal of PPHI Sindh is to even out the differences in health care between urban and rural areas. Among the most important goals are:

Extending Healthcare to Remote Areas

PPHI Sindh wants to bring health care to the most rural parts of the province. Mobile health teams are sent to remote areas to bring health care to the people who live there.

Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality

The goal of the plan is to lower the death rates of mothers and children by putting in place special healthcare programs for mothers and children.

Combating Infectious Diseases

PPHI Sindh is a key part of fighting infectious diseases by putting on awareness programs, giving out vaccines, and managing diseases well.

Ensuring Free and Quality Medical Treatment

One of the main goals is to give people who can’t afford otherwise free, high-quality medical care.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants should have an MBBS / Bachelor / Intermediate / Matric degree with a diploma in the relevant discipline with the relevant expertise required to apply.

Vacant Situations:

  • Medical Officer
  • Female Medical Officer
  • Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Lady Health Visitor
  • Dispenser
  • Technician (Health / X-Ray / Dental / OT / Ophthalmology / Blood Bank / Laboratory / ECG)
  • Electrician
  • Medicine Handler
  • Plumber
  • Driver
  • Aya / Female Attendant
  • Attendant
  • Sanitary Worker
  • Chowkidar / Guard

Benefits of PPHI Sindh Jobs

  • Job Security: Similar to other government positions, PPHI Sindh employment generally offers a substantial degree of job security. After obtaining employment, the likelihood of encountering redundancies or abrupt terminations diminishes.
  • Stable Income: These positions frequently offer employees a consistent stream of income through fixed salaries and periodic salary increases.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Employment with PPHI Sindh, an organization with a healthcare-centric mission, may grant access to all-encompassing healthcare benefits, such as family medical insurance. Medication, medical treatments, and hospitalization may be included in this coverage.
  • Retirement Benefits: Numerous government-affiliated positions, including those affiliated with PPHI Sindh, provide retirement benefits in the form of pension schemes or provident funds, thereby guaranteeing post-retirement financial security.
  • Prospects for Professional Growth: PPHI Sindh potentially provides initiatives for training and development that aim to augment the expertise and competencies of its workforce within the healthcare industry. This may consist of certifications, workshops, and seminars that all contribute to professional development.
  • Work-Life Balance: Work-life balance is a notable advantage of PPHI Sindh roles in comparison to numerous positions in the private sector, despite the fact that workloads may fluctuate. This may especially appeal to those who have personal or familial obligations.
  • Leave Entitlements: Employees are generally granted a range of leave entitlements, such as sick leave, annual leave, and maternity/paternity leave, which afford them the flexibility to request and utilize time off without incurring excessive financial obligations.
  • Prospects for Progression: PPHI Sindh potentially offers career advancement opportunities via transfers and promotions. Through diligence and ongoing education, personnel have the potential to advance their careers within the organization.
  • Social Impact: Contributing to the direct enhancement of community health outcomes can be a gratifying experience when employed by an organization that prioritizes primary healthcare. Employees may derive satisfaction from making a positive contribution to society.
  • Community Recognition: Working for PPHI Sindh can elevate an individual’s social standing and earn the esteem of the community on account of the organization’s steadfast commitment to the well-being and health of the general public.

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How to Apply for PPHI Sindh Jobs

  • All people who want to work for PPHI Sindh must fill out an online application at or by clicking on the link below.
  • Only the people who made the cut will be called in for a written test and an interview.
  • The applicants won’t be able to get any TA/DA.
  • Original copies of the papers should be brought to the interview.
  • Applicants whose online applications are late or not fully filled out will be turned down.

More Info


The Sindh, Pakistan, health care system has changed a lot because of PPHI Sindh. With its new ideas and community-driven plan, the program has greatly improved access to and quality of health care, especially for underserved groups. As PPHI Sindh continues to grow and change, it could become a model for other public health care programs around the world.

  1. How to Apply for PPHI Sind Jobs

    All people who want to work for PPHI Sindh must fill out an online application at or by clicking on the link below.

  2. What Is The PPHI Sindh Jobs Eligibility Criteria

    Applicants should have an MBBS / Bachelor / Intermediate / Matric degree with a diploma in the relevant discipline with the relevant expertise required to apply.

  3. What is the work of Pphi?

    PPHI’s main focus is to provide health care services, including maternal and child health services, family planning, a general outpatient department, nutrition, immunization, ultrasounds, ambulances, and laboratory investigations. To enhance the spectrum of MNCH services, PPHI upgraded 301 BHU Plus, which provides services 24/7.

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