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Pakistan Oilfield Limited Jobs Opportunity 2023


POL Occupations 2023Latest Pakistan Oilfield Limited Jobs Opportunity, Pakistan Oilfield Restricted (POL) is a Pakistani state-had oil and gas examination and creation association arranged in Karachi, Pakistan. Pakistan Oilfield was spread out in February 1959 by Pakistan Petrol Ltd (PPL) just after the nationalization of the oil and gas industry in the country. Pol Occupations around then it was yielded a concession for examination and making of hydrocarbons toward the ocean as well as seaside areas of Pakistan.

Pakistan oil field limited is an exhausting, geophysical, and entering organizations association, a helper of Pakistan Oil Restricted (POL Occupations), and the greatest Investigation and Creation Organization in Pakistan. PPL, a nationalized industry that has formed into a worldwide venture was set up in 1956 by the nationalization of assets of all the classified region oil associations.


Pakistan oil and gas field confined (POL Occupations) is a Karachi-based business mix, recorded on the stock exchange of Pakistan. The association was combined in 1974. It is by and by under the power of its chief Mr. Zahid Saeed. Since its beginning, POGFL has been partaking in exploring the country’s tremendous hydrocarbon resources.


Pakistan Oilfield, a helper of Between State Gas Frameworks and a primary player in the Pakistan upstream energy region, is focusing on executing perhaps of the most uncommon ocean-entering undertakings in Pakistan. The association is at this point going through the most well-known approach to picking whether to seek after the decision of floating an overall fragile or executing the understanding for Profound Water Penetrating Apparatus (DWDRR) with any of the ensured and pre-embraced exhausting contraption associations.

Pakistan Oilfields Restricted POL Occupations one of the greatest public oil associations in Pakistan is the main oil and gas examination and creation association. Since its beginning in 1959, POIL has dependably stayed aware of its remaining as an industry boss in the examination, progression, and production of hydrocarbon resources in Pakistan. The Organization is the greatest head in Pakistan with 10 licenses covering an area of approx. 34600 km² in Sindh and Baluchistan regions.

Pakistan Oilfield Occupations are to be accounted for by people who know the need to work in the field of oil and gas. Candidates who know this field can pursue this position.

Pakistan Oilfield Limited Jobs Opportunity 2023
Pakistan Oilfield Limited Jobs Opportunity 2023


Are you ready to start a journey of growth and success? Pakistan Oilfield Limited wants you to check out the many possibilities in the oil and gas industry, which is always changing. In this article, we’ll talk about the organization, how important the industry is, the different kinds of jobs that are offered, and the benefits of joining the POL family.

About Pakistan Oilfield Limited

Pakistan Oilfield Limited has been around since 1950 and is one of the most important oil and gas companies in Pakistan. Since the company has been around for decades, it has a track record of doing great work. POL is dedicated to exploring, producing, and developing hydrocarbons in Pakistan in a responsible way, which will help meet a lot of the country’s energy needs.

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The Importance of the Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas industry is very important to Pakistan’s economic growth. It not only gives us energy, but it also powers many businesses and helps the economy grow. POL’s work is important for making sure the country has a steady source of energy, which makes it a key player in the country’s progress.

POL’s Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is not just a goal at POL; it’s how they live their lives. The company is committed to the greatest standards of safety, care for the environment, and efficiency in operations. When you join POL, you become part of a team that values honesty, new ideas, and always getting better.


  • Colleague Engineer Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Kettle Operator

Capability Conditions:

  • Applications complete in any respect or gotten after the due date, will not be locked in.
  • Contenders will be supposed to make all extraordinary files at the hour of the interview POL has the choice to keep or drop the whole selection process at any
  • stage without assigning any clarification.
  • Just shortlisted new kids on the block will be welcome to the gathering assurance process.
  • No TA/DA will be reasonable for the gathering/assurance process.

POL Occupations


In the end, Pakistan Oilfield Limited’s job openings for 2023 aren’t just about getting a job; they’re also about becoming part of a family that cares about doing its best. POL is the place to be if you want to start a profitable journey in the oil and gas business.

People Also Ask

  • How do I apply for a job at POL?

    Visit the POL website, look at the jobs that are available, and send in your application online.

  • What benefits does POL offer to its employees?

    POL offers competitive salaries, full health care packages, and chances to grow and advance in your work.

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