Ph.D. Scholarships At Imperial College UK 2023-2024 Latest Opportunities


Ph.D. Scholarships At Imperial College UK 2023-2024 Latest Opportunities: program at a world-class research institution, the President’s Ph.D. The scholarship provides you with full funding for tuition fees. And can provide a wonderful opportunity to receive a generous scholarship. For a 3.5-year Ph.D. place at Imperial College London.

President’s Ph.D. Scholarships allow students to undertake a research project of their choice with the support of an excellent supervisor, as well as opportunities to collaborate with the President’s Ph.D. Scholars.


For 2023-24, candidates applying for the President’s Ph.D. Scholarships will also be considered for the Sir Michael Uran Engineering Scholarship and the Sir Michael Uran Medicine Scholarship, which support interdisciplinary research in medicine and engineering. . These scholarships provide the same support package as the President’s Ph.D. Scholarships.


Degree Level for Ph.D. Scholarships:

Fully Funded Ph.D. Scholarships at Imperial College London UK 2023-2024 are available to undertake Ph.D. level programs at Imperial College London.

Available Subjects for Ph.D. Scholarships:

The following subjects are available for study under this scholarship program.

  • All subjects

Scholarship Benefits of Ph.D. Scholarships:

Each of the 50 scholarships available provides the following support over 3.5 years of study:

  • Full funding for tuition fees
  • A stipend of £22,900 per annum (2023-24 rate) to help with living costs
  • A disposable fund of £2,000 per annum for the first 3 years of study
  • A program of opportunities and events offered by the Graduate School

You will also have access to the full range of support available to postgraduates at Imperial, including support tailored to disabled and international students, and the wider Graduate School program of professional skills courses.

Eligible Nationalities for Ph.D. Scholarships:

This competitive scheme has higher than usual eligibility requirements (see eligibility criteria below), attracting candidates who demonstrate excellent academic performance and promising research potential. We accept applications from talented candidates at Imperial College London, UK, and around the world. There is no restriction on nationality.

Both full-time and part-time studies are available on the scholarship.

We encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and nationalities, as we recognize that diversity not only benefits Imperial but also helps the sector better represent the communities we serve. are

Eligibility for Ph.D. Scholarships

Educational quality

  • Candidates must have a first-class or equivalent in an undergraduate or integrated master’s degree; and/or
  • Candidates with a standalone Master’s qualification must achieve a Distinction or, where this has yet to be achieved, be able to provide evidence of high performance leading to a Distinction.
  • Candidates pursuing degrees from overseas institutions should check with the respective admissions team whether their scores/grades are equivalent to the scholarship admission criteria.

Other standards

  • Imperial College London welcomes applications from talented candidates from across the UK and around the world. There are no restrictions on nationality, although some departments may be unable to support international candidates.
  • The scheme is open to new Ph.D. applications only. Current registered Imperial Ph.D. students are not eligible to be considered for the President’s Ph.D. Scholarship.

Application Procedure for Ph.D. Scholarships:

President’s Ph.D. Scholarships provide a generous financial package and customized support for Ph.D. students. The President’s Ph.D. The scholarship Scheme considers applications at three points throughout the academic year (see ‘Timing’). Before applying you will have contacted a supervisor in an academic department at Imperial College London who has agreed to supervise your research project. Please note that supervisors are limited to supervising one scholar at any one time. Please visit the President’s Ph.D. Scholarships – Unavailable Supervisors page for more information.

There is no specific scholarship application form. You must submit your application for admission to study at Imperial through our online admissions system and your department will put you forward for scholarships based on academic merit and potential.

Below are the scholarship-specific instructions for the admission process. You must also meet any additional application requirements specified by the department of your choice.

Scholarship-specific admission instructions

  • For the 2023-24 academic year, the start date for funded places is 1 August 2023, the latest start date is 1 November 2023.
  • When asked for a personal statement, you will need a 2-page document, on the first page a personal statement (motives for applying for Imperial and the scholarship, and any other supporting information that you think adds to your application (not included elsewhere in this form) should be included. And second is your research proposal. If your department shortlists you for a scholarship, you can submit updated versions of this statement if needed after submitting your application. You are encouraged to write in the first person.
  • When prompted for the names of two academic referees, they must not include your proposed Ph.D. supervisor. You are encouraged to share this guide with your two referees, noting, in particular, the recommendation to use ‘they/them’ language (rather than gender pronouns).
  • To be considered for the President’s Ph.D. Scholarship Scheme, you must select this option in the Funding section of the Additional Questions tab within the online application form.
  • There are 50 scholarship places available. Applications will be reviewed in a two-step process:
  • Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be evaluated by the department to which they have applied. Departments will select a shortlist of candidates to present to the College Selection Panel for consideration.
  • The final decision will be made by the college selection panel. Members of the panel are the Vice Provost (Research), the Director of the Graduate School, and the Faculty Vice Dean for Research. Imperial recognizes excellence in all our faculties and thus allows certain offers to be made at the faculty level:
  • The faculty allocation phase will score and rank candidates on departmental shortlists, making initial offers to the most promising candidates. Faculty Vice Deans present these candidates with justifications for offers to the College Selection Panel.
  • College selection panels make additional offers from ring-fenced allocations to candidates who meet the goals of increasing participation or another strategic alignment.

Candidates are evaluated by Faculties and College Selection Panels against the following criteria:

  • Academic excellence – as demonstrated by past academic results and transcripts, relative class position, awards, and distinctions.
  • Research potential – as demonstrated by the candidate’s research experience to date, their interest in discovery, research project, and potential contribution as described in their research proposal and departmental statement, based on performance at the interview also appears.
  • Successful candidates will receive written confirmation of their scholarship. Any offer of a Ph.D. place will be subject to the candidate meeting the predicted qualifications.

Applicants not selected for a scholarship will automatically be considered for a standard Ph.D.

Applications submitted for this scholarship scheme will be considered at three points throughout the academic year.

  • Applicants who apply before November 4, 2023, and are awarded a scholarship will be notified by January 23, 2023.
  • Applicants who apply before January 6, 2023, and are awarded a scholarship will be notified by March 20, 2023.
  • Applicants who apply before March 3, 2023, and are awarded a scholarship will be notified by May 22, 2023.

David Thomas

it is our pleasure to have David Thomas on our Guest Authors list. He is a top educationist and a renowned researcher with major publications in his field of interest. David Thomas won a total of 7 fully-funded scholarships to complete his academic career and also won numerous fundings for attending international academic conferences.

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