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Nursing Jobs in Dubai for UK 2024 – Apply Now

Nurses are competent healthcare professionals who are licensed to practice independently or under the supervision of a physician, surgeon, or dentist, and who promote and maintain health. In addition to its time-honored reputation for compassion and devotion, nursing is a highly skilled profession that is continually evolving to meet the requirements of society.

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Details About Nursing Jobs in Dubai for UK

From guaranteeing the most accurate diagnosis to educating the public on vital health issues, nurses are important to the protection of public health.

In addition to caring for patients, interacting with doctors, providing medication, and monitoring vital signs, nurses have several responsibilities.

Benefits of Nursing Jobs in Dubai for UK

  • Attractive Wages: Nursing positions in Dubai frequently offer competitive compensation, and British nurses may benefit from a greater disposable income due to the absence of income tax in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Tax-Free Income: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not levy income tax on individuals, thereby enabling nurses to retain their entire salary. This confers a substantial financial benefit in comparison to numerous other nations.
  • A City Friendly to Expats: Dubai, being a cosmopolitan locale, boasts a heterogeneous expatriate community. As a result of the city’s customary reception of international professionals, it is less difficult for British nurses to adjust and feel at home.
  • World-Class Healthcare Facilities: Dubai is renowned for its cutting-edge and contemporary healthcare facilities, which afford nurses the chance to practice in exceptionally furnished clinics and hospitals. This may provide opportunities for professional growth and increased exposure to cutting-edge medical technologies.
  • Cultural Diversity: British nurses who work in Dubai are exposed to a multicultural setting. Engaging in interactions with colleagues and patients of diverse cultural contexts has the potential to expand one’s scope of comprehension and improve one’s aptitude for effective communication.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: Career Development Opportunities The healthcare industry in Dubai is expanding rapidly, presenting numerous prospects for professional development. There may be opportunities for nurses to participate in training programs, assume leadership positions, or specialize in particular areas of healthcare.
  • Safe and Secure Environment: Dubai is widely recognized for its exceptional standards of safety and security. The city’s low crime rate may provide UK nurses and their families with an added sense of security.
  • High-Quality of Life: Dubai provides an extensive array of entertainment options, amenities, and a lively social scene, all of which contribute to its high standard of living. The contemporary lifestyle and infrastructure of the metropolis may contribute to an overall improvement in quality of life.
  • Travel Opportunities: Dubai is a travel gateway due to its strategic location. During their time off, British nurses stationed in Dubai may find it advantageous to visit countries in the region and further afield.
  • Generous Employment Packages: Numerous employers in Dubai provide generous employment contracts, which may include housing allowances, education allowances for dependents, health insurance, and housing provisions.

Requirements For Nursing Jobs in Dubai for UK

To be eligible for a nursing position in Dubai, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) requires that you hold the proper nursing qualifications and licensure from the United Kingdom.
To work as a nurse in Dubai, you’ll need a degree from a recognized nursing or midwifery program with at least three years of training.

A certification for basic life support. Minimum of two years experience as an RN. The majority of firms provide great benefits, such as housing.
This is accomplished through the provision of free housing or generous housing allowances. In addition to health, life, and dental insurance, educational and travel allowances, and paid vacation days, Dubai employees also receive health, life, and dental insurance.

Available Nursing Positions in Dubai for British Nurses:

Mediacentres is seeking medical nurses to join their team; the details of this opportunity will be detailed in this post.

The Opening for Medical Nurses:

Resume summary

Promotes and recovers the health of patients by completing the nursing process, coordinating with physicians and multidisciplinary team members, offering physical and psychological support to patients, their families, and friends, and managing assigned team members.

Job Duties

  • Ensure that all consulting rooms are inspected at least twice each day to ensure that they are adequately stocked and that the checklist is filled out and signed.
  • Check with administration frequently throughout a shift and activity, and accurately file any reports or outcomes.
  • Maintains and adheres to all applicable UAE rules, guidelines, policies, and standards for the provision of nursing clinical services, including the maintenance of refrigerator temperatures and the proper disposal of waste by COSHH requirements.
  • Referring to other members of the practice for guidance, consultation, and information on a range of health issues and minor diseases
  • Conducting registration/welcome checks and collecting vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, and temperature)
  • Blood and urine samples, other specimens, and swabs are collected.
  • Performing common treatments such as ear aspiration, eye cleansing, dressing application and removal, healing wounds, and pregnancy testing.
  • Transporting all swab samples to the proper laboratory or hospital.
  • Documentation of laboratory results and distribution to pertinent parties
  • Dispensing of drugs (IM, IV, SC)
  • Administering injections and vaccines to infants
  • Administering travel vaccinations and guiding travel healthcare
  • Providing first aid and emergency care as needed
  • Check weekly that the defibrillator, emergency bag, and doctor’s pack are in functioning order and/or well stocked.
  • advising patients on their ongoing medical and nursing requirements
  • Resupply and maintenance of clinical spaces and consulting rooms
  • Noting all consultations and treatments with precision and legibility and recording them in patients’ notes.
  • Assisting physicians in delivering medical care to patients as needed.
  • modifying the clinical computer system with patient and treatment information
  • At all times maintaining the principles of confidentiality and security of patient notes and data.
  • Greeting patients with a cordial and helpful demeanor
  • Administrative duties – covering the reception desk when necessary
  • Interacting with other nurses, general practitioners, receptionists, and office personnel Other duties as assigned by the Chief Nurse/Clinical Manager/Medical Director
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  • Job Requirements (OPD, IPD, ER/ICU, OT, PEDIA with at least 2 years of experience in a relevant sector; a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and a valid DHA license or letter of eligibility.
How to Apply
How to Apply

Salary Of Nurses In Dubai:

  • A typical salary for a nurse in Dubai is approximately 20,800 AED per month.
  • The lowest average salary ranges from 13,000 AED to 40,800 AED (highest average or more).

How to Apply For Nursing Jobs in Dubai for UK

More Info

  1. How much do UK nurses earn in Dubai?

    The average salary for a registered nurse is AED 10,000 per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The average additional cash compensation for a registered nurse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is AED 3,000, with a range from AED 750 to AED 5,000.

  2. What countries can UK nurses work in?

    There are also plenty of opportunities to work abroad in clinical facilities similar to those in the NHS while enjoying the experience of new cultures. Every year, thousands of nurses leave the UK to work in Australia and New Zealand, elsewhere in the EU, and in the Middle East.

  3. Can a UK nurse move to Dubai?

    Must hold a recognized nursing qualification such as a diploma, bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Must be a registered member of the national nursing governing body. Must have at least 3 years of experience in a general nursing capacity, either within a hospital, private clinic, community, or residential care setting.

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