MENA Scholarships By Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2024

MENA Scholarships By Netherlands Ministry: if you missed out on applying for fully funded scholarships abroad in the past, I have another one for you. It’s the Netherlands MENA Scholarship Programme 2024, which is sponsored by the Ministry of foreign affairs for international students. But you need to act fast, because the early bird deadline is July 19, 2023, and the final deadline is August 22, 2023.

Are you eligible for MENA Scholarship 2024?

Now, I’m going to answer this question that most of you have so that you can find out if your MENA grant application will be reviewed or not. First of all, I suggest that you check to see if your subject or degree is part of the MENA program 2024.

MENA Scholarships By Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2024
MENA Scholarships By Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2024

And if your degree is offered, your English language skills must be high, and you need to make sure that you are 45 years old or younger when you send in your MENA scholarship application. Your resume or CV should also show that you have worked for at least two years.

You will also have to be from one of the countries where MENA topic projects are happening. From what I’ve learned, some of these countries are Tunisia, Mauritania, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, and Libya.

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How Can You Submit Application for MENA Scholarship?

Now I’ll talk more about how to apply for a MENA scholarship and what papers you’ll need. I’ll start with how to fill out your online application for a MENA scholarship in 2024.

I recommend that you think of professional answers to these questions, which you will have to answer in your MENA scholarship application. For example, if you are accepted into the MENA scholarship program, how will these courses help you solve the problems you mentioned in your country, and how would you use your position to help solve these problems in your country?

You will also need to provide a statement from your employer (required), a statement from the government (optional), a statement from your MSP (optional), the MENA scholarship application form, and your passport. If you want to learn more about this MENA scholarship, you should do so as soon as possible because the application deadline for this Netherlands scholarship is coming up.

People Also Ask

  • What is the MENA Scholarship Programme MSP in the Netherlands?

    With this scholarship, a small number of working people up to and including 45 years old can take a short course in the Netherlands that is fully paid for. Short training can last between two and thirteen weeks.

  • How many scholarships can I get in the Netherlands?

    For the academic year 2023-2024, top universities in the Netherlands are giving out more than 800 scholarships to foreign students. These scholarships give a monthly stipend of about $2,500, as well as tuition fees, housing costs, health insurance, and money for trips.

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