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Kitchen Helper Jobs in Canada 2024 – LMIA Approved

AL’S KITCHEN INCORPORATED in Saskatoon, SK, is looking for 10 people to help in the kitchen. AL’s Kitchen is one of the most well-known hospitality businesses in the area. They hire everyone and do LMIA for tourists. The hourly pay ranges from CAD 20 to CAD 35. Experience is not required, but it is a plus. Pay is based on schooling and experience.

Are you from outside of Canada and looking for a rewarding job as a kitchen helper in Canada? AL’S KITCHEN INCORPORATED offers interesting visa funding opportunities to people who qualify. Their funding program is meant to help people follow their culinary dreams while working in Canada’s diverse food scene.

Are you interested in cooking and looking for a rewarding job in Canada as a kitchen helper? AL’S KITCHEN INCORPORATED is looking for people with ambition to join our team as kitchen helpers. AL’s Kitchen is looking for people who are committed to high-quality food and great service and want to join the AL’s culinary team. This article will tell you everything you need to know about kitchen helper jobs at AL’S KITCHEN INCORPORATED in Canada, including the role, perks, opportunities, and sponsorship for a visa. Let’s look at the simple needs for kitchen helper jobs in Canada (LMIA-approved) with full employee benefits and see what they have to offer.

Details of Kitchen Helper Jobs in Canada

Requirements of Kitchen Helper Jobs in Canada

  • Al Kitchen likes people who are enthusiastic, ready to learn, and hard workers. Formal training in cooking is a plus, but it’s not a must. Al Kitchen wants people who are passionate about food and have a good mood. Do you need to have worked in a kitchen before?
  • Experience in the kitchen is helpful but not necessary. Their team works hard to train and help new kitchen helpers learn the skills they need to do their jobs. How does the process of getting a visa work? Al Kitchen will help you get a job in Canada if you are a foreign candidate who meets the requirements. Our HR team will walk you through the steps you need to take and give you the help you need.
Kitchen Helper Jobs in Canada - LMIA Approved
Kitchen Helper Jobs in Canada – LMIA Approved

Benefits of Kitchen Helper Jobs in Canada

  • Employment Prospects: The hospitality and culinary service sector in Canada is highly developed, providing an abundance of employment opportunities for individuals with kitchen assistance skills in establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and catering firms. This affords individuals opportunities to secure employment and generate income.
  • Proficient Growth: Kitchen assistant roles afford individuals the chance to cultivate an array of culinary proficiencies, including but not limited to food preparation, cooking methodologies, adherence to food safety protocols, and effective kitchen organization. Individuals considering a profession in the culinary industry may find this experience to be beneficial.
  • Stable Income: Numerous kitchen assistant positions provide a steady income in the form of salaries or hourly compensation. This can provide individuals and their families with financial stability, enabling them to save for the future and cover living expenses.
  • Flexible Hours: Certain kitchen assistant positions provide the advantage of flexible work hours, enabling individuals to effectively manage their professional obligations in conjunction with personal pursuits, familial duties, or academic studies.
  • Career Progression: Although kitchen assistant positions are frequently considered entry-level, they can function as a transitional phase towards more senior-level roles within the culinary sector. Opportunities for professional growth may arise for individuals who acquire further education and experience in their chosen fields, including line cook, sous chef, or chef de cuisine.
  • Cultural Exchange: Gaining experience in Canadian kitchens grants individuals the chance to engage in cultural exchange while also becoming acquainted with an assortment of cuisines and culinary customs. Engaging in this practice can provide individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds with valuable insights and foster an inclusive and dynamic work environment.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Working in kitchens provides the chance to network with chefs, cooks, and other culinary industry professionals. Establishing connections with professionals in a given industry can provide future employment prospects, advisors, and career guidance.
  • Access to Benefits: The provision of benefits to kitchen assistants is contingent upon the employment arrangement and employer. These benefits may comprise paid time off, health insurance, and retirement savings plans. The availability of such benefits has the potential to enhance the overall well-being and job satisfaction of kitchen helpers.
  • Community Involvement: Kitchen assistants are integral members of the food service sector, aiding in the supper preparation and delivery processes. Kitchen assistants bolster the local economy and contribute to the development of thriving communities through their support of restaurants and other culinary establishments.

Job Duties of a Kitchen Helper at AL’s Kitchen

  • As a kitchen helper at AL’S KITCHEN INCORPORATED, you will be an important part of the kitchen team, helping them with different jobs to make sure the restaurant runs smoothly. Among your duties, you will have to:
  • Providing help to chefs and cooks as they prepare and cook food
  • Cleaning and taking care of the kitchen’s tools, dishes, and work areas
  • Putting together the ingredients and tools needed for daily business
  • Putting food on plates and making sure they look good
  • Cleaning plates and cooking tools by washing and sanitizing them.
  • Keeping the kitchen clean and well put together
  • Keeping food safe and clean by following the rules

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Who can Apply for Kitchen Helper Jobs in Canada (LMIA Approved)

Food and Beverage Assistant Jobs at David Lloyds UK with Visa Sponsorship are open to people from all Asian, African, and Latin American countries who usually want to work in Canada or other European countries.

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • Barbuda
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Dominica
  • Sudan
  • Grenada
  • Trinidad
  • Tobago
  • Lucia
  • Vincent
  • The Grenadines
  • Kitts-Nevis
  • Montserrat.

How to Apply for Kitchen Helper Jobs in Canada (LMIA Approved)

More Info

  1. What are the qualifications for a kitchen helper?

    Good at talking to people. Good at keeping things in order. Know the rules and methods for keeping food safe. Be able to safely use popular kitchen tools and appliances.

  2. How much do kitchen helpers make in Canada?

    How much does a Canadian kitchen helper make? In Canada, the average pay for a kitchen helper is $29,250 per year or $15 per hour.

  3. What is the NOC code for kitchen helpers in Canada?

    The following information is applicable to all food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, and related support occupations (NOC 65201).

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