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The Federal Board of Revenue put out a notice about their new jobs. This ad for a job with the FBR came from the Nawaiwaqt newspaper. FBR is looking for professionals who are qualified, highly driven, and have a lot of experience. Junior Procurement Specialist: Those who are qualified can apply for these jobs.

About FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan is a federal law enforcement body. It used to be called the Central Board of Revenue. Its job is to look into crimes like tax evasion and fraud, as well as things like the suspicious buildup of wealth and money laundering. The FBR is also in charge of making rules about how taxes are collected in Pakistan.

Details of Join FBR Jobs

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Vacation Positions of FBR Career

  • Junior Procurement Specialist

FBR Jobs Eligibility Criteria

Benefits of Join FBR Jobs

  • Job Security: FBR Jobs generally provide an exceptional degree of employment security due to the fact that they are government positions characterized by consistent funding and enduring opportunities.
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits: FBR frequently provides its employees with competitive compensation and benefits, such as supplementary allowances, health insurance, and pension programs.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: FBR offers a diverse range of career growth opportunities, including promotions, participation in training programs, and engagement in professional development endeavors.
  • Standardized Policies and Procedures: Employment with a government agency such as FBR typically entails a stable work environment characterized by standardized policies and procedures.
  • Social Impact: Through assuring tax compliance and revenue collection, FBR employees have the opportunity to contribute to the economic development of Pakistan, thereby directly influencing government budgets allocated for public services and infrastructure.
  • Training and Development: In order to augment the expertise and competencies of its personnel in tax administration, financial management, and associated domains, FBR may provide training initiatives.
  • Work-Life Balance: Government employment frequently provides employees with fixed leave policies and consistent working hours, which contribute to the maintenance of a harmonious work-life equilibrium.
  • Possibility of National Service: Employment with FBR provides the opportunity to serve one’s country through the oversight of equitable and effective tax collection, a critical component in the operation of public welfare programs and government services.
  • Pension Benefits: Upon reaching a specified length of service, FBR employees are generally eligible to receive pension benefits, which afford them financial stability during their retirement years.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment in FBR may present prospects for establishing connections with stakeholders in the business community and international organizations, in addition to professionals in the public sector.
  • Professional Development: FBR has the capacity to facilitate the professional growth of its employees through sponsorship of additional educational opportunities, certifications, and attendance at role-specific conferences and seminars.
  • Access to Resources: Access to Resources FBR personnel may be granted access to a variety of resources to aid in the administration and enforcement of taxes, including databases, research materials, and expert opinion.

How to Apply For FBR Jobs

Official Website •

  1. What Is The Salary Package For FBR Jobs

    Salary Package
    PKR, 100000 – 200000.est

  2. Which degree is required for FBR?

    Bachelor’s Degree in Law/Bar at Law/Master’s Degree or foreign qualification in Public Policy, Governance, or Legislative Drafting; • Ten (10) years of post-qualification experience in the legal field on similar projects, procurement, or commercial and trade discipline in a relevant organization (for e.g., legal…

  3. What is the age limit for FBR?

    10 years, up to the age of 55 years; (iii) government servants who have completed two years of continuous government service on the closing date for receipt of applications.

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