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Jobs in Dubai for Foreigner Applicants 2024 – Apply Now


UAE is now taking applications from all over the world for high-paying jobs that will start. There are a lot of businesses, institutions, and markets in the fields of health, education and learning, banking, engineering, IT, and aviation that hire people from other countries.

If you have the right skills, knowledge, and experience for your job and want to move to Dubai on a working visa, you need to know the basics about jobs in different parts of Dubai.


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Listing of Jobs in Dubai for Foreigner Applicants

Dubai International Jobs in Education Sector

  • If you want to work in the education and learning market, you can get a Dubai visa if you have a good history of teaching and the right certifications. Many universities and other academic institutions hire people from all over the world to work in different academic fields.
  • Dubai British School Jumeirah, GEMS Education, Academia Management Solutions Internationals, Zayed University, MENA College of Management, and Al Salam Community School are some of the most well-known places to work in the education field.
  • Student counselors, teachers of physical education, admissions officers, administrative assistants, science teachers, university speakers, and mentor assistants are some of the jobs that might be open at these schools.
  • In Dubai, the average pay for a teacher is 10,000 AED per month, and the average pay for a college professor is 25,000 AED per month.

Benefits of Jobs in Dubai for Foreigner Applicants

  • Tax-Free Income: The lack of personal income tax is one of the most alluring aspects of working in Dubai. A foreign worker’s complete salary is exempt from income tax deductions, resulting in a greater amount of money retained in their possession.
  • Diverse Job Opportunities: Dubai’s economy is robust and multifaceted, offering employment prospects across a range of sectors including finance, construction, healthcare, technology, and hospitality. Applicants from abroad are able to investigate a vast array of employment opportunities that correspond with their credentials and skills.
  • High Salaries: In Dubai, salaries are frequently competitive, especially in the finance, energy gas, and information technology sectors. Dubai attracts a significant number of expatriates due to the opportunity to generate a higher income in comparison to their countries of origin.
  • International Exposure: Dubai, being a prominent center for international business, draws professionals from all over the world. Exposure to a multicultural work environment, while employed in Dubai, facilitates the development of a global professional network and the acquisition of significant international experience.
  • Contemporary Infrastructure: Dubai is renowned for its sophisticated and contemporary infrastructure, which comprises transportation systems, recreational facilities, and cutting-edge office spaces. Operating in a metropolis equipped with state-of-the-art facilities can augment the standard of living for international employees.
  • Safety and Security: Regarding security and safety, Dubai is regarded as one of the most secure cities globally. A secure environment is fostered by the low crime rate, which attracts foreign professionals and their families.
  • Cultural Diversity: Dubai is characterized by a multicultural society due to the presence of a diverse expatriate community. The exposure of foreign laborers to a variety of cuisines, customs, and cultures fosters a vibrant and diverse way of life.
  • Quality Healthcare and Education: Dubai provides individuals with the opportunity to avail themselves of world-class healthcare and educational establishments. Frequently, the availability of international institutions and medical services of the highest caliber for their families is valued by expatriates.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: Career Development and Progression Opportunities Dubai’s economy is expanding at a swift rate, creating career growth and professional development opportunities. A significant number of organizations in Dubai place a premium on meritocracy and employee advancement according to performance and skill development.
  • Opportunities for Networking: The international business milieu of the city offers abundant opportunities for networking. By participating in events and conferences and networking with professionals from a variety of industries, foreign laborers can expand their professional networks.

Dubai International works in the Health Sector

  • Dubai is a country that has jobs in the health and wellness market that are reliable and pay well. A candidate from another country can work with different companies and health fields to get hands-on experience in different health jobs.
  • The Emirates Group, Manzil Health Care Services, Saudi German Hospitals Group, Via Medica Intl, Idex Consulting, First Response Medical Care, and NMC Healthcare Ltd are all businesses and medical care departments that hire immigrants.
  • Clinic managers, doctors, medical representatives, nurses, cardiologists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, neurology experts, medical care managers, and endocrinology specialists are all possible jobs in these institutions. A doctor in Dubai makes an average of 47,100 AED to 51,700 AED per month, while a nurse in Dubai makes an average of 20,800 AED per month.

Taxi Driver Jobs In Dubai For International Applicants

  • If a job seeker is good at driving and has done it before, he can get a low-paying job in Dubai with a number of companies. Many companies in Dubai hire people from all over the world to help them reach their driving goals.
  • Raj Transport, First Call HRC, Al Huda Facilities Management, International Market Group of General Services, Dar Al Huda Transport, Hire Hub Global, and Dubai Taxi Corporation are all companies in Dubai that hire people to drive taxis.
  • Taxi Drivers, Limousine Drivers, LTV Drivers, and Bus Drivers are all jobs that could be opened in these companies. A taxi driver in Dubai makes an average of 3326 AED per month.

 International Jobs In Dubai Aviation Industry

  • The Dubai Aviation industry is also a great opportunity for people who want to build their careers in Australia. Here are some places where a person from another country can apply for a job. AirHub Aviation, Dubai Airports, Aviation Services Management, Air Arabia, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, and GE Aviation are the names of these businesses.
  • Flight Data Specialist, Aviation Logistics, Aviation Consultant, Aviation Engineering Services Team Member, Airline Safety Specialist, Air person hosting, and Aircraft Engineer are all jobs that could be available in these industries and businesses.
  • A Pilot’s average salary in Dubai is 39,500 AED per month, and an Aircraft Engineer’s average salary in Dubai is 21,500 AED per month.

Construction Worker Jobs for International Applicants in Dubai

  • Like the other Gulf countries, Dubai is a great place to work if you have experience in building. International Applicants can apply to different building companies in Dubai for high-paying positions.
  • Archirodon Group N.V., Royal Brand Corporation, Bronze Electromechanical Bros, Blue Bahar Engineering, Green Initiative, and Al-Bahar Alalami Technical Services are some of the industries and companies in Dubai that offer building jobs.
  • International Applicants can apply for jobs like Civil Foreman, MEP Supervisor, Commercial Coordinator, Pipe Fabricator, Construction Manager, and Civil Site Engineer in these companies. A construction worker or laborer in Dubai makes an average of 45,734 AED per year, and a foreman makes an average of AED 2,986 per month.

 International Jobs In Dubai Tourism Industry

  • A global applicant can also get a job in Dubai’s tourism market, but there are different ways to do this. These companies work with people who want to get jobs in tourism,
  • Regal Dubai Travel Agency, Voyage Journeys Travel, SkyLife Holidays, KDS Travel And Tourism LLC, Pacific Destination Tourism LLC, One Go Travel and Tours LLC, and Unique Desert Tourism are some of the companies that offer travel services.
  • There are jobs like Senior Travel Consultant, Travel Coordinator, Manager of Tourism and Events, Tourism Services Officer, Tourism Product Supply Specialist, and Tourism Support Officer that you could get at these visitor services and companies.
  • In Dubai, the average monthly salary for a Travel Manager is AED 4,870, and the average monthly salary for a Travel Consultant is AED 5,000.

International Jobs in the Dubai IT Industry

  • In the Information Technology field in Dubai, there are a lot of jobs available. Every year, a number of businesses and institutions in Dubai hire skilled and experienced people from all over the world.
  • Alpha Data Processing Services, RapidData Technologies LLC, Vigil Technologies LLC, Sobha LLC, Maxtouch Computers LLC, and The Emirates Group are all places where people from other countries can get in touch and apply for jobs.
  • IT Support Officer, IT Technician, Software Engineer, IT Specialist, IT Operator, and IT System Administrator are some of the jobs that could be open in these companies. In Dubai, the average pay for an IT technician is AED 3,717 per month, while the average pay for a software engineer is AED 10,000 per month.

Heavy Machine Operator Jobs in Dubai

  • As Heavy Equipment Operators in Dubai, people who have a lot of experience running heavy machinery can get a good job and a good salary.
  • Serco Plc, Nomac, Al-Futtaim, IKEA, Manpower Middle East, and Chiltern TMC are all companies that hire people from all over the world to operate heavy machinery.
  • Heavy Equipment Operator, Forklift Operator, Heavy Vehicle Operator, Machine Operator, and Supervisor are some of the jobs that a candidate can look forward to in these companies. A heavy equipment operator’s average annual salary in Dubai is AED 150,798.

 Banking Jobs in Dubai for International Applicants

  • In the Dubai Banking Sector, there are many opportunities for people from all over the world to get high-paying jobs with reasonable titles.
  • The international applicant can look for work and also expect to get it at these Dubai banks: Merriott International, World Bank Group, Deutsche Bank, Commercial Bank of Dubai, and Dubai Islamic Bank.
  • In these Dubai banks, you could work at the front desk, as an associate accountant, as a front office executive, as a bank manager, as an assistant front office manager, as a receptionist, as a banking consultant, or for the company.
  • A bank manager in Dubai makes an average of AED 35,300 per month, while an accountant in Dubai makes an average of AED 5,000 per month.
  • In this post, we talked about and walked you through the job opportunities in Dubai for people from other countries. There are a lot of job opportunities in Dubai for skilled and experienced international applicants in many different areas, departments, industries, and institutions. If you are not a citizen of the UAE and you get a job in Dubai, you will need to legally get a UAE work permit before you can start working there.

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  1. How can a foreigner locate employment in Dubai?

    If you wish to work in the UAE, an employer must sponsor you; you cannot work on a visit or visitor visa. After accepting a job offer, your employer will submit for a residency visa on your behalf, and you can then obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labour.

  2. How is the Dubai employment market?

    Digital marketing specialists, user interface/user experience (UX/UI) specialists, business intelligence (BI) analysts, data scientists, and data mining professionals will be in high demand,” he added.

  3. Is it possible to get a job in Dubai from Pakistan?

    Dubai is among the most vibrant and thriving cities, with an economy that provides many jobs for professionals from around the world. Pakistani citizens are also able to apply for positions in Dubai due to the close relations that exist between Pakistan as well as Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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