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Jobs at New Zealand Police Dept 2023

Jobs at New Zealand Police Dept 2023: You can now work for the New Zealand police department, which just posted 50+ jobs directly through their HR department. The best thing about working for this NZ department is that the salaries are pretty high, ranging from $50,000 to $75,000 per month with salary allowances and free residence.

Jobs at New Zealand Police Dept 2023
Jobs at New Zealand Police Dept 2023

What is the Process to Apply for NZ jobs?

If you have a bachelor’s degree and have taken some short courses, you may be eligible for New Zealand police jobs. To apply for a job, you will need to create an applicant profile and fill out the NZ police officer jobs form. You will also need to send your CV and any other required documents.

After the HR department of the NZ police shortlists job applicants, you may get a call to come in for an interview. If you are suitable, you will be asked questions about your leadership skills, technical skills, and morals. You may also be asked by the New Zealand police interview panel about your weaknesses and strengths, as well as how you would use your strengths to make a good difference in society if you were hired, so you should be ready for these kinds of questions.

Later, if you passed all of these stages, you would have to go through the vetting and assessment stages. At these stages, your record will be checked and vetted, and you will be tested for drugs or alcohol. Your professional conduct will also be looked at before you are hired by the NZ police department.

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List of Jobs Available at New Zealand Police in 2023

Since you already know how to apply for a job in New Zealand, let’s look at all of their openings to find the best one for you to apply for:

S/NLatest Jobs Available at New Zealand Police in 2023
2111 Police Emergency Call Centre Communicator (Part-time)
3Station Support Officer
4Criminal Justice Support Unit File Mgr
5Intelligence Analyst
6Intelligence Support Officer
7TM File Management Support Officer
8Technical Training Lead
9Digital Forensic Technician – AO HTCG
10Arms Officer 
11111 Police Emergency Call Centre Communicator (Part-time)
12Intelligence Analyst
13111 Police Emergency Call Centre Communicator
14Media Advisor
15Communicator Trainee Non-Emergency (AKL)
16Change Analyst – ASC
17File Management Support Officer 3
18Workforce Coordinator
19Communicator Trainee (KPT – Full Time)
20Technical Security Engineer
21Vehicle Safety Officer
22Whangaia Nga Pa Harakeke/Youth-Kaiawhina
23Traffic Camera Operator HB
24Senior Media Advisor
25File Management Support Officer
26Operational Analyst – Capability
27Training Officer (PPS)
28Chief Medical Officer
29TM File Management Support Officer
30Manager – National Drug Intel Bureau
31Shift Coordinator: NCCC
32Intelligence Analyst
33Service Desk Analyst
34Communicator Trainee (KPT – Part Time)
35Strategic Workforce Analyst
36Advisor – Information Management
37Coordinator Awards and Honours
38Sp – Info Mngt Education & Behaviour
39Team Leader – Analytics and Insights
40Intelligence Analyst
41111 Police Emergency Call Centre Communicator
42111 Police Emergency Call Centre Communicator
43Senior Intelligence Analyst
44Payroll Administration Officer
45Senior Specialist-Information Management
46Service Designer – ASC
47Senior Analyst: Investigations
48Operational Policy Advisor
49Frontline Station Support Officer
50Payroll Processing Officer
51Specialist – Information Management
52Museum Education Officer
53Senior Specialist-Information Management
54Forensic Accountant
55Complaints & Service Improv. Supervisor

Eligibility and Requirements

People who want to join the New Zealand Police Department must meet certain requirements, which may include:

  • Being a New Zealand citizen or having a valid work visa.
  • Having no crimes on your record.
  • Being in good shape and meeting the standards for exercise.
  • Having a driver’s license that is still good.
  • Meeting the educational requirements for the job, which change from job to job.

Different jobs may have different needs, so it’s important to check the official website of the New Zealand Police Department for the most up-to-date information.

Benefits of Working at the New Zealand Police Department

Working at the New Zealand Police Department offers numerous benefits, including:

Competitive Salary

The salaries of police officers and other staff members are fair and match their jobs and responsibilities. The salary scale is set up so that knowledge and skills are rewarded, giving people financial stability and room to grow.

Comprehensive Training

The New Zealand Police Department wants its workers to get better at their jobs. Training programs are made to help cops improve their skills, learn more, and stay up-to-date on the latest ways to do their jobs.

Career Development Opportunities

In the New Zealand Police Department, there are many ways to move up in your job. Officers can specialize in areas like investigations, forensics, intelligence, or community police, which helps them grow as professionals and take on leadership roles.

Work-Life Balance

The New Zealand Police Department knows how important it is to have a good mix between work and life. There are different shift patterns and leave choices so that officers can put their health and family obligations first.

Health and Wellness Programs

The health and safety of police officers is the most important thing. The New Zealand Police Department has a wide range of health and wellness programs, such as counseling services, exercise centers, and support networks, to help officers stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Pension and Retirement Plans

Employees of the New Zealand Police Department can get pensions and retirement plans, which make sure they will have enough money when they leave. These plans give cops peace of mind and help them plan for the future.

Employee Assistance Program

The department has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help workers and their families with confidential support and counseling. This training helps officers deal with personal, work-related, and emotional problems. It gives them the tools they need to handle tough situations.

People Also Ask

  • Can a foreigner become a police officer in New Zealand?

    To get a steady job with the New Zealand Police, you must be a citizen of New Zealand or Australia or a permanent resident of New Zealand.

  • How much do police officers get paid NZ?

    The average salary for a New Zealand Police officer is NZ$74,238 per year. The average salary at New Zealand Police is between NZ$52,226 and NZ$109,050 per year.

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