Fully Funded Scholarships At UAlberta 2023-24 – Apply Now


Fully Funded Scholarships At UAlberta 2023-24: The International Student Scholarships at the University of Alberta are now available. Submit an application for a Canada 2023–2024 UAlberta Scholarship. The scholarship is open to both Canadian and international students from all over the globe.

The fact that Canada welcomes candidates with open arms and provides these types of amenities helps students become habituated to the country and view it as a paradise. The University of Alberta no longer mandates IELTS.


The University of Alberta Scholarship in Canada permitted students to enroll in programs leading to bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees. Canada’s Alberta University offers numerous fully funded scholarships to international students.


The university offers concentrations in all disciplines. The vast majority of Alberta scholarships are automatically awarded. Canada offers Alberta a scholarship at no cost. Additional details are provided below.

Information Regarding Fully Funded Scholarships At UAlberta 2023-24

  • Host Country: The host nation is Canada
  • Host Institution: Alberta University.
  • Study Level: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees
  • Deadline: On the first day of November 2023

Some Valuable Advice Regarding Alberta University

  • Alberta University is a well-known institution within and beyond Canada.
  • It holds the 119th position globally and the fifth position in Canada.
  • More than 40,000 international students from over 150 countries are enrolled at the University of Alberta.
  • Therefore, you will not be alone, as there are many international students.
  • The University of Alberta (UAlberta) is a publicly supported university in Alberta.

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Alberta Scholarship Application Process

List of University of Alberta Scholarships for 2023 and 2024: International students are eligible to apply for these scholarships. When submitting an online application, include the name of the scholarship.

These bursaries are funded by the federal government of Canada, the provincial government of Alberta, and Alberta University scholarships.

1. Admission Scholarships

Entrance scholarships are eligible for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. There is no additional application required for these grants. You will be immediately considered for this scholarship the moment you are offered admission.

2. Financial aid for international students

This bursary is available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents with a valid student visa.

3. The Gold Award

Due to the high level of competition, only the top 5 percent of students in terms of academic standing are eligible for these $6,000 scholarships.

4 . Masters Scholarships in Canada

Master’s Awards from the University of Alberta Applicants will receive a $17,500 honorarium, and international applicants will also receive a $10,000 cover fee.

5. Canadian Ph.D. Scholarships

Ph.D. Scholarships at the University of Alberta are intended to assist Ph.D. students with tuition costs and have an annual value of $5,000.

6 . Scholarships for Graduate Excellence

The considerate Canadian government provides for international scholars. Master’s and doctoral degree candidates are eligible for a $15,000 honorarium to cover their expenses.

To learn more, please consult the Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships website (Visit Here and Visit Here). For more information on graduate scholarship opportunities, please click here.

Let’s now discuss IELTS Exemption.

Exemption from the IELTS at the University of Alberta

Alberta University has revised its list and added more countries, removing the English proficiency requirement for candidates from these countries and applicants who have completed degree programs at these universities.

You can verify here if the University of Alberta exempts your university from the IELTS.

The study disciplines consist of 250 specialties, 300 research areas, 200 undergraduate programs, and over 500 graduate programs.

  • First, nursing
  • Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences occupy the second position.
  • Also included are the medical and dental sciences, science, engineering, law, and social sciences.
  • Aesthetics and Humanities
  • Alberta School of Business
  • Indian Studies
  • Education
  • Sciences of Agriculture, Life, and the Environment
  • Rehabilitative Medicine in Public Health
  • Check out bachelor’s degree programs in science (click here).
  • Graduate Degree Programs (Click Here)

Eligibility Requirements for Fully Funded Scholarships At UAlberta 2023-24

  • Both international and domestic students are eligible to apply.
  • The Alberta Scholarship is open to applicants from any country.
  • A high school diploma is required to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program.
  • You need an undergraduate degree to be eligible for a master’s degree.
  • Entrance into the Ph.D. program requires a Master’s degree certificate.

Application Closing Date

You may apply to any of the four intakes at Alberta University and await a response. These dates apply to admissions in 2023 and 2024:

  • The deadline for September admission is July 1 (annual).
  • The deadline for January admission is November 1 (annual).
  • The application deadline for May admission is March 1. (annual)
  • The deadline for admission in July (annually) is May 1st.

How to Apply for Fully Funded Scholarships At UAlberta 2023-24

Applying is only possible online. There is no alternative method. Recognize the necessary steps, their duration, and how to apply them. Before applying for scholarships, a letter of offer must be submitted.

Below are links to the international application deadlines and the online admissions portal.

People Also Ask

  1. How do I apply for the University of Alberta scholarships in 2023?

    Criteria for University of Alberta Scholarships in 2023
    International students and Canadian students are welcome to apply.
    Alberta scholarships are available to candidates of any nationality.
    To apply for a bachelor’s degree, a high school diploma is required.

  2. Can I still apply for admission to the class of 2023?

    The UP College of Fine Arts is currently accepting applications for undergraduate program admissions for the academic year 2023-2024. The application deadline is May 12, 2023.

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