Full-Ride Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS for Foreign Students


Full-Ride Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS for Foreign Students: Monaco is a densely populated country in Europe that has recently gained popularity among overseas students due to its highly ranked colleges that give completely paid scholarships.

Despite this, international students prefer to come to Monaco for higher education due to scholarships granted by the International University of Monaco (IUM), and in this post, I will explain how you can apply for admission on Monaco scholarships for the class of 2024.

There are ten higher educational institutions in Monaco, thus for those interested in studying there, I have included some of their scholarships that can pay for your stay as a student in Monaco in 2024.


English Language Requirement in Monaco Universities

You should be aware that the International University of Monaco teaches all of its programs in English and requires proof of English language proficiency even from its local students (Ref IUM), and students are permitted to take one of many popular English language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE, among others, in order to be eligible to apply for Monaco scholarships.

Full-Ride Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS for Foreign Students
Full-Ride Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS for Foreign Students

Let’s Get an Idea of Living Expenses for Students in Monaco

With an abundance of job opportunities, the cost of living in Monaco for a local person is estimated to be more than €1,875 per month. whereas for ex-pats, this cost is slightly higher, but a family of four will require between €6900 and €9000 EUR per month, and with that cost of living for a student in Monaco is estimated to be between €6900 and €9000 EUR per month.

Can You Work as International Student in Monaco?

As an international student in Monaco, you are permitted to work part-time, but you must obtain permission from your university first. The authorities recognize that living in Monaco is expensive, which is why they permit international students to work.

Educational Institutions of Monaco

As previously stated, Monaco’s International University of Monaco (IUM) is the most sought-after educational institution among locals and foreigners seeking higher education in Monaco, while L’Institut de Formation en Soins Infirmiers (IFSI – Nursing Training Institute) and L’École Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques (ESAP – Monaco Art School) are two other notable universities in Monaco.

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Lets Explore Scholarships in Monaco 2024

Scholarships by IUM

Scholarships are available at the International University of Monaco in a variety of amounts ranging from 1,000 EUR to 5,000 EUR. and the scholarship committee considers solely the intellectual merit of their applicants, not their financial necessity.

Monaco scholarships are also offered based on nationality at IUM, and many students seek for government-funded study loans or utilize their personal funds to pay their education. To be eligible for the award, students must excel in their studies, have leadership potential, and demonstrate a genuine desire to contribute to the university’s goal.

Papyrus Association Scholarships

This is a private organization that grants many scholarships to students studying in Monaco for the class of 2024.

  • The Paul Scholarship is available to students who have completed a literature project. The quantity of financing is determined by the significance of the project.
  • The Marc Scholarship is given to individuals seeking degrees in medicine or health care.
  • The Tote Exchange Prize is intended for students who must fund an international study project.
  • The Stephane scholarship is available to students participating in a management studies program.
  • The scholarship for Robert Grant is in the field of law and political science.
  • The Noah Stock Exchange award is available to Monaco students studying marketing and communication studies.
  • Thomas scholarships are available to engineering, computer science, and digital science students.

Government of Monaco Grants

The Monaco Department of Education, Youth, and Sports is granting scholarships to persons who desire or intend to travel to another nation to acquire a foreign language. Applicants must be 15 years old or older and enrolled in a school or institution.

Monaco Government Study Awards

The Monaco Government scholarship program offers two categories of awards:

  • Students obtaining a diploma in Monaco are eligible for this scholarship. The list of these diplomas is available on the Ministry of Sport, Youth, and Education’s website. The prize amount can cover the diploma program’s tuition fee from 40% to 100%.
  • The second award is given to pupils who live independently of their immediate family. These students are classified as having ‘independent households’. Applicants must be apprentices or workers who work more than 15 hours each week. Students from Monaco who apply will receive a larger share of the award. This prize can also cover the entire tuition expense.

Monaco Foundation Scholarship

The Monaco Foundation’s Prince Albert II has launched a scholarship program to assist people working in the fields of sustainability and environmental research. Individuals involved in research and studies relating to ethically aware behaviors and technology growth are eligible for the award. It supports the cost of an online climate change management degree through its scholarship program.

The goal is to raise awareness among people in developing countries to be more conscious of their environmental impact. The total number of awards is twenty. Students will learn about the economics and science of climate change, as well as how to control it, after participating in the program.

People Also Ask

  • Can I get a fully funded scholarship without IELTS?

    It is crucial to remember that certain scholarships may demand additional English language competency assessments, such as the Duolingo English Test. Furthermore, applicants from officially recognized English-speaking countries are not required to take IELTS for ANY scholarship in the world.

  • Can I study in the US without IELTS 2023?

    Yes, it is feasible to study in the United States without taking the IELTS exam. If you completed your high school or undergraduate studies with English as your medium of instruction. In addition to the IELTS, you may submit scores from other English language competence exams.

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