Visa Sponsorship jobs in Canada 2024

Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024

It’s good news for unskilled workers. We discovered really simple occupations with visa sponsorship in Canada that required no skill. In Canada, there are no better or easier jobs. Jobs for Fruit Pickers in Canada with Visa Sponsorship It is thought to mean “fruit picker”. It is your responsibility to collect fruits and vegetables from fields and gardens. It’s almost as if you had to gather fruits and veggies from the fields.

They will then be assembled and the packing procedure will commence. The fruits and vegetables will then be delivered to the market by truck drivers. Fruit picker Jobs in Canada, like Farm Worker Jobs in Canada, are among the most popular and in-demand jobs in Canada. Farmworker positions are also popular in Canada. Fruit-picking jobs in Canada are in high demand. Send your CV and application.

Details of Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Job CountryCanada
Job TypeFruit Picker from Places
Minimum Experience RequiredNo
Education RequiredBasic English
Any Age LimitNo
Salary Hourly$14-20/Hour

Look, I believe that fruits are a basic human requirement, so every country requires good farmers. As a result, Canada is not a very populous country. They need workers, workers, laborers. As a result, they place a greater emphasis on international foreign employees who can come to Canada. So, you may have heard that the Canadian government has announced the creation of more than one million employees, with a goal of 447,055 in and 451,000 in 2024.

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And fruit harvesting employment in Canada with visa sponsorship is a common government need. A fruit picker’s annual wage in Canada is $27,300, or $14 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level employment start at $27,300 per year, with most experienced professionals earning up to $30,284 per year.

Types of Fruit Picking Jobs Available

  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Plums
  • Peaches
  • Prunes
  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries, and more.

Don’t pass this up because a fruit-picking job in Canada is one of the most popular types of occupations for folks looking to try something new. Fruit-picking jobs in Canada are highly recommended for a variety of reasons, particularly for individuals looking to supplement their income.

Benefits of Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

  • Legal Work Authorization: Having your work permit sponsored by a visa gives you the assurance that you are able to work in Canada legally, giving you peace of mind about your employment status and guaranteeing that immigration regulations are followed.
  • Possibility of Seasonal Employment: Fruit picker positions are frequently temporary, enabling you to make money during the busiest times of the harvest and possibly explore other options in the off-season.
  • Competitive Pay: Fruit pickers in Canada usually get paid a competitive rate, and some companies may also throw in extras like meals, lodging, and transportation.
  • Work Experience in Agriculture: If you’re interested in a career in farming or similar sectors, picking fruit can give you invaluable practical experience in the agricultural sector.
  • Possibility of Outdoor Work: Fruit-picking jobs provide you the chance to work outside while getting some exercise and fresh air.
  • Experience with Culture: Working as a fruit picker in Canada gives you the chance to engage with people, experience Canadian culture firsthand, and possibly pick up new agricultural techniques and abilities.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Working in Canada’s agriculture sector offers chances to establish business relationships with farmers, agricultural laborers, and industry experts. These relationships may prove beneficial for future career progression.
  • Possibility of Permanent Residency: For qualified individuals, certain work visa programs in Canada, like the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP), may provide a route to permanent residence, giving them the chance to build long-term ties to the nation.
  • Support Services: Companies who sponsor fruit picker visas may provide support services, such help with accommodation, transportation, and healthcare access, to help with the migration process.
  • Contribution to Local Economy: In Canada’s agricultural industry, jobs related to fruit picking are essential for both the local economy and the food supply chain.

Who can Apply for Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada?

  • Fruit picker employment in Canada for foreigners is available to people from all over the world, regardless of where they are from. Anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to apply.
  • Anyone, including foreigners living outside of Canada, is welcome to apply. The majority of applicants are from India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.

List of Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

If you love fruits and live a quiet and pleasant life in the countryside, why not try fruit picking?

  • The first step is to apply for a Fruit Picker Job that will sponsor an international worker’s visa.
  • The worker will then send you an email or a response informing you of your selection or rejection.
  • They will then guide you and aid you with the Invitation Letter and Visa Type.
Alberta3Click Here
British Columbia9Click Here
Canada42Click Here
New Brunswick2Click Here
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Here are some Canadian firms’ websites where you can now discover fruit-picking jobs:

Fruit Picking Jobs in British Columbia

More Info

  1. How can I get sponsored to work in Canada?

    Employers may apply for an employer’s particular employment visa to sponsor a worker for employment and residence in Canada when they cannot locate a local candidate for the position. The worker could be located in Canada or abroad. They could both be working in the same business at the moment.

  2. How much is the salary of a fruit picker in Canada?

    The average fruit picker makes $29,250 per year or $15 per hour in Canada. Entry-level earnings start at $27,788, with those who have experience making up to $32,321 annually.

  3. Do Canadian companies sponsor work visas?

    Canadian employers don’t “sponsor” candidates to work in Canada but can assist in bringing foreign workers by securing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or submitting an electronic job offer (LMIA-exempt categories).

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