Fashion Internships in Italy 2023 – Apply Now


Fashion Internships in Italy 2023: There are a majority of Fashion internships in Italy, and all of the most recent openings are now available for interested applicants to apply for. The Italians have long taken pride in the clothing they wear. From the 14th century Italian Renaissance, fashion has been about expressing personal beauty, confidence, position, and wealth.
As a Fashion intern in Italy, you will not only acquire new skills and knowledge that you could never acquire in your native country, but you will also create invaluable connections for your future.
Before undertaking a Fashion internship in Italy, you must consider a number of factors, including whether or not the internship will be paid.
All the information necessary to acquire a Fashion internship in Italy will be highlighted alongside the most recent internship opportunities.

Details About Fashion Internships in Italy 2023

Fashion Internships in Italy 2023 - Apply Now
Fashion Internships in Italy 2023 – Apply Nowc

Often, but not always, an internship is a few-weeks-to-months-long employment opportunity provided by a company to students in order for them to obtain entry-level introductions to a certain business or subject.
An internship in fashion provides students with hands-on experience in the fashion industry. There are internship possibilities available with fashion journals, fashion designers, fashion retailers, and other fashion-related enterprises.
A fashion internship in Italy is an ideal stepping stone toward achieving your dream of working in the fashion sector.
Spending time in a variety of internship roles in the fashion sector will help you determine what aspects of the industry you enjoy most and establish a list of connections who can steer you in the correct way.
Internships in fashion are not confined to design-focused employment. There are a variety of internship options for students interested in fashion marketing, supply chain management, and financial analysis.


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Varieties Of Internships In Fashion:

  • Textile Designer Pattern Makers
  • Costume Designer Design Assistant
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Personal Stylist Buying Agent Photographer Fashion Journalist Copywriter
  • Sales Associate Social Media Assistant

Available Internships in Fashion in Italy:

LVMH is always on the lookout for young talent that is pragmatic, inventive, and eager to participate in important projects.

Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or just starting out in your profession, they offer a variety of programs meant to convey your expertise and cultivate tomorrow’s talent.

Internships and apprenticeships are opportunities for students and new graduates to get professional experience.

At LVMH, these are wonderful opportunities to discover and grow, with the help of seasoned management, and to share your innovative perspective.

The following are the lists of available fashion internships in Italy for which applications are presently being accepted:

  • Buying of Raw Materials Internship Accounting Internship Brand Image Studio – Creative Production Internship Design Internship Marketing Finance Project Internship Internship in Content Production Digital Internship
  • Internship in Digital Media Internship in HR Training and Development (Curricular)
  • Internship EMEA Business Analyst Italy Legal Corporate Affairs Internship Procurement Internship Product Development Internship Production Planning Internship in addition to a number of others.

Details On Some Of The Vacancies Above:

CURRICULUM VITAE: Internship in Design

The resource will assist the Design Team with all functions-related operations. Specifically, the resource will participate in the following activities:

  • Help the designers in the operative execution of technical drawings in accordance with creative briefs; Assist in the construction of mood boards and renderings; Operationally support the organization and production of materials for filming and videography.
  • Deliver supplies to the various laboratories and workshops;
  • Support the administration of models during presentations of collections.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Design or a related field; seeking an internship.
  • Proficient in both verbal and written Italian and English.
  • Excellent computer abilities; excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office (especially Excel and PowerPoint); and proficiency with Adobe, especially InDesign and Illustrator.
  • Problem-solving, accuracy, and teamwork mentality.

Internship in Marketing Content Creation

The resource will be part of the Content Production Department in Milano (MI) and will assist the team and manager with all function-related activities.

Specifically, the resource will participate in the following activities:

  • Planning, development of presentation (i.e. shooting brief and timeline, deliverables, product brief), suppliers’ cooperation in conjunction with external consultants, budget and invoice management;
  • Management of samples for photography: from product brief to sample research and shipment coordination;
  • Contributing to the development of BTC marketing tools for the gathering and organizing of requests, the observance of deadlines, and the coordination of the chosen graphic department;
  • Providing operational assistance for ATL communication on several platforms;
  • Contributing to the update of the generic database for digital asset management;
  • Plan and refresh the digital signage in-store system’s programming;
  • Creating Photoshop mockups for internal use.


  • Masters in Marketing and Communication, Fashion Management, or a related field;
  • The knowledge of a third language is viewed as a plus; fluency in Italian and English (spoken and written) is required.
  • Computer skills, including proficiency with Microsoft Word, Photoshop, InDesign, and graphic design software. Premiere and fundamental video editing knowledge;
  • Capability to export documents in several formats for printing and digital use;
  • Concentration on photography and videography;
  • Problem-solving, precision, initiative, organization, planning abilities, attention to detail, a teamwork mentality, and adaptability are all required skills.

Purchase of Raw Materials – Internship:

The resource will be incorporated into the Supply Chain at the Raw Material Procurement Office to support the team’s operational and analytical tasks. It will specifically address the following activities:

  • Participate in the MRP (Material Requirements Planning) analysis to determine the required raw materials;
  • Assistance in the entry, transmission, and management of purchase orders;
  • Assist in monitoring the status and receipt of raw supplies and the warehouse;
  • Assist with supplier reminders in the event of delivery delays;
  • Assist in the analysis of delivery key performance indicators (lead time, in the team) and the appraisal of suppliers.

Principal Communicators: – Interior

  • Product Space Management
  • Office of Production Merchandising Office of Sustainability


  • Providers
  • Laboratories

Profile Prerequisites

  • Economics or management engineering degree;
  • Good knowledge of the MS Office suite, especially MS Excel;
  • Capacity for analysis, activity planning, and deadline monitoring;
  • Teamworking and problem-solving skills;
  • Fluency in the English language.

Internship at Brand Image Studio – Creative Production:

The intern will assist the Brand Image Studio team with all tasks related to project management and the creation of corporate documentation.

Specifically, the resource will participate in the following activities:

  • Facilitate the creation of corporate presentations.
  • Enable the creation and ongoing revision of calendars.
  • graphic design of innovative project specifications (shop windows, pop-in, internal takeovers).
  • Facilitate the administration of prototypes and production for Visual Tools.
  • Assist in the organizing of project approval meetings and other project planning activities in general.
  • Using a dedicated portal, manage the data entry for new vendors.


  • Masters in Management, Interior Design, or a related field;
  • Proficient in both verbal and written Italian and English;
  • Computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office (especially Excel and PowerPoint); prior experience with Photoshop and Illustrator is a plus.
  • Excellent analytical, planning, and monitoring of deadlines skills, as well as the capacity to handle various projects;
  • Problem-solving, accuracy, attentiveness to detail, teamwork, and adaptability;
  • Intense passion for the world of luxury.

Finance Internship:

The resource will assist the Accounting Team in all function-related operations. Specifically, the resource will participate in the following activities:

Enhance your understanding of Accounting principles;

  • Facilitate the management of supplier registration, especially for new suppliers.
  • Support monthly closing reporting periods’ control;
  • Administration, with the team, of the administrative tasks associated with the passive cycle;
  • Assist the administration of digital procedures associated with corporate accounting activities; assist the team with the digital archiving of corporate contracts.


  • Masters in economics, accounting, or a related field;
  • Computer skills and proficiency with MS Office (namely Excel and PowerPoint);
  • Prior experience with SAP/ERP is viewed as a plus;
  • Proficient in both verbal and written Italian and English;
  • Problem-solving, precision, attention to detail, teamwork mentality, and adaptability are essential.
How to Apply
How to Apply

Methods for Applying

To apply, click on the link below, and once you are redirected to the official career website, click on load more to view all other Italy fashion internships based on your credentials or positions. Finally, apply for every position that fits your qualifications and check you meet all prerequisites.

Salaries Of Italian Fashion Interns:

The remuneration for the few unpaid internships varies by location, although new legislation has established a minimum of approximately 300 Euros.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a job as an intern in Italy?

Hence, make an effort to establish personal ties in Italy because doing so will ultimately aid in your employment search. Also, you can hunt for internships online on websites like Repubblica Degli Stagisti, Indeed, LinkedIn, and CercaLavoro. Look at corporate websites as well because you might be able to apply there.

How can you obtain a fashion industry internship?

Using your contacts is a fantastic additional strategy for landing internships. Start following people who work in the fashion sector on LinkedIn and Instagram, present yourself in informative interviews, and then use the opportunity to ask for a job.

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