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Farm Working Jobs in Italy With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Fill out an application for the Italy Farm Work Jobs With Visa Sponsorship. Italian agriculture is one of the largest in the world, and employers and workers are needed for framing jobs. Italy, which is shaped like a boot, frequently appears. Many of their employees left after the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The government is currently attempting to fill these positions and has opened the application process for international job seekers, employees, and students. People employed in the agriculture sector in Italy typically earn between 1,032.00 EUR (the minimum wage) and 2,835.00 EUR annually. The Italian farming sector employs around 1 million people.

The best job to do in Italy is a farm working job. Apply for Italy Farm Working Jobs with Visa Sponsorship Italy is one of the largest agricultural sectors in need of employers and workers for framing jobs.

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Here is a List of Farm Working Jobs in Italy With Visa Sponsorship

EURES Italy Jobs

This portal is created by the European Commission to find all types of jobs in Europe. On this portal, you can find agriculture-related jobs in Italy. Wondering how this portal works? We have provided step-by-step details. To get help from this portal, follow the instructions below:

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Job in the country – Coldiretti

This platform is also used to find agriculture-related jobs in Italy. To use the Platform optimally, you must register on the “Registrazione Lavoratore” page. You will also be able to upload your CV so that job seekers can see it and contact you if they are interested in your work experience.

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Fram Jobs. It

The best farmers want you. On this website, you can send your CV/resume directly. They contact Italian farmers directly to understand their needs.wxa4esq

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Agrijob – Confagricoltura

Another platform for finding work in the agricultural sector is AgriJob, created by Confagricoltura.

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CIA – Agricoltori italiani

You can also register on the CIA-Agricoltori Italiani platform by entering your data and some information regarding your experience in the agricultural sector and you will be contacted if there are job opportunities for you.

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Benefits of Farm Working Jobs in Italy With Visa Sponsorship

  • Cultural Experience: Engaging in agricultural labor in Italy provides an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the local culture. You will have the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange, observe traditional customs, and gain knowledge regarding the agricultural legacy of the area.
  • Language Proficiency: Those who are not yet proficient in Italian may benefit from the opportunity to enhance their language abilities through farm labor. Immersion in the local community can enhance cultural integration and accelerate the acquisition of a new language.
  • Hands-On Agriculture Experience: Practical Agriculture Experience Farm work frequently entails gaining practical agriculture experience. You may acquire practical knowledge in animal husbandry and planting, harvesting, and crop maintenance, all of which are essential for the implementation of sustainable agricultural methods.
  • Beautiful Rural Settings: Numerous ranches in Italy are situated in aesthetically pleasing rural regions. Operating in such settings affords the opportunity to appreciate picturesque landscapes, unpolluted air, and a more serene way of life in contrast to urban environments.
  • Active Outdoor Lifestyle: Agricultural labor is strenuous in nature and frequently entails tasks performed outdoors. This can promote a healthier lifestyle by exposing individuals to natural elements and facilitating physical activity.
  • Diverse Work Tasks: A variety of work tasks may be assigned to you, contingent upon the nature of the farm. These tasks may consist of planting, pruning, harvesting, and animal care, among others. This diversity can contribute to an engaging and fascinating workplace.
  • Community Engagement: Farm work may necessitate engagement with members of the neighboring community. This interaction has the potential to foster significant relationships, enabling you to develop rapport with both the local community and your colleagues.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Visa sponsorship is a substantial advantage that grants individuals the lawful authorization to engage in employment within Italy. This is of the utmost importance for those who wish to labor and reside in the country permanently.
  • Potential for Professional Growth: The farm’s requirements, your aptitude, and your commitment may all impact the availability of career advancement prospects. One could potentially assume additional obligations or develop expertise in a specific facet of agriculture.
  • Networking in the Agriculture Industry: Collaborating on a farm affords individuals the chance to establish professional connections within the agriculture sector. This may prove advantageous for prospective professional careers or partnerships within the industry.
  1. Can I get a job in Italy from Pakistan?

    Italy has job opportunities in Pakistan is a popular keyword in Pakistan currently. Italy has increased the number of job visas available to non-natives to a total of 82705, which is good news.

  2. What is the salary in Italy for farm work?

    The average pay for a farmer’s field crop is €41,056 a year and €20 an hour in Italy. The average salary range for a farmer’s field crop is between €29,560 and €49,390. On average, a Less Than HS Degree is the highest level of education for a farmer’s field crop.

  3. How do I apply for a farm worker visa in Italy?

    To apply for a job through the Decreto Flussi, you must first find an employer who is willing to sponsor you. Once you have found an employer, they will need to apply for a work permit on your behalf. Once your work permit has been approved, you can then apply for a visa at the Italian consulate in your home country.

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