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English Teaching Jobs In China Visa Sponsorship


Visa Sponsorship As one of the most populous countries with one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, but with the majority of the population only literate in their native tongue, the demand for English teachers has increased in China. This is an excellent opportunity for both experienced and novice educators. In Addition To Salary, Most Of These Jobs Offer Flight Reimbursement, Housing, Visa Fees, And Chinese Lessons.

We are seeking a self-motivated and experienced educator to join our team of qualified educators. As a teacher, you will be responsible for fostering students’ interest in learning and growth. You will be responsible for grading assignments, evaluating the progress of students, and planning educational activities.


You must be a competent professional with a comprehensive understanding of teaching best practices and legal educational procedures. In addition to possessing exceptional written and verbal communication skills, our ideal candidate will also exhibit exceptional presentation and interpersonal skills.


Details of English Teaching Jobs In China Visa Sponsorship


  1. Cultural Experience: When you teach English in China, you can really experience Chinese culture. It’s a great way to learn about habits, customs, and everyday life.
  2. Language Development: Living and working in a place where people speak Mandarin can help you improve your language skills. You might be able to learn and practice English while you teach it. Mandarin, which can be a valuable asset both personally and professionally.
  3. Global Networking: You can make business contacts in the education field and outside of it by teaching in China. This network could help you find jobs, work together, and learn about other cultures in the future.
  4. Professional Development: Teaching English can help you advance in your career by improving your ability to communicate, give presentations, and get along with other people. It also gives you practice making lesson plans, creating curricula, and running a classroom.
  5. Travel Opportunities: China has a lot of different landscapes and a long past, so you can travel there during your time off. Visit well-known landmarks and cultural sites, and get a feel for the country’s wide range of regions.
  6. Competitive Compensation: In China, English teachers usually get good pay, a place to live, and other perks. In general, the cost of living is cheaper than in many Western countries. This means that you may be able to save money or live a comfortable life.
  7. Adventure and Exploration: China is very big, and its surroundings are very different from one another. You can always find something new, whether you’re hiking in beautiful forests, seeing ancient sites, or living in a modern city.
  8. Cross-Cultural Teaching Experience: One of the most interesting things about teaching English is working with kids from different cultures. It forces you to change the way you teach, boosts imagination, and helps people from different cultures understand each other better.
  9. Visa Sponsorship: One big benefit is that visa support makes sure you have the legal right to work in China. Having it gives you security and peace of mind while you’re in the country.
  10. Gateway to Asia: China is in the middle of Asia, which makes it a good place to start visiting other Asian countries. Use the fact that you are close to places like Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and more to get more out of your travels.


  • Creating and distributing educational materials such as notes, tests, and assignments.
  • Classes are supervised to ensure that all students are learning in a safe and productive environment.
  • Organizing Lecture And Presentation Materials And Supplies.
  • Encouraging Interactive Learning To Deliver Customized Instruction To Each Student
  • Planning and executing educational events and activities.
  • Assuring That Your Classroom Is Clean And Well-Ordered.
  • Preparing Periodic Progress Reports And Semester Report Cards.
  • Attending Parent-Teacher Meetings.
  • Evaluating And Recording Students’ Development.
  • Assigning and evaluating homework, assignments, and examinations.

Teacher Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree In Education Or A Related Field.
  • A minimum of two years of teaching experience.
  • Expertise in Teaching Methodologies and Legal Educational Procedures.
  • Outstanding Written And Verbal Communication Skills.
  • Well-Organized With Outstanding Leadership Skills.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and presentational abilities.

Zhengzhou Foreign Language High School

  • English Teacher
  • Salary: US$17k
  • Full-Time Job

More Info

Shanghai High School International Division

  • Middle School English Teacher
  • Salary: US$4.6-US$6k Per Month
  • Full-Time Job

More Info

Carden China

  • Kindergarten English Teacher
  • Salary:CNY 17k To 26k Monthly
  • Full-Time Job

More Info

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Scholastic Kids English

  • Children English Teacher
  • Salary: CNY18k Per Month
  • Full-Time Job

More Info

Shanghai Singapore International School

  • Primary School English Teacher
  • Salary: CNY26k Monthly
  • Full-Time Job

More Info

Being Orange Limited Company

  • English Tutor
  • Salary: CNY25k Per Month
  • Full-Time Job

More Info


  • Online English Teacher
  • Salary: US$25 Per Hour
  • Full-Time Job

More Info

Seek Teachers

  • Senior English Specialist
  • Salary: CNY26k Monthly
  • Full-Time Job

More Info


China has a lot to offer teachers who want to do their jobs in a way that is both exciting and culturally engaging. The piece talks about the benefits of teaching English in China, such as the chance to learn new things and grow professionally. The teaching jobs mentioned give you an idea of the range of choices that are out there, with options for all levels of education and personal tastes.

People Also Ask

  1. What are the key benefits of teaching English in China?

    Teaching English in China is a great way to learn about other cultures, improve your language skills, make business contacts around the world, get paid well, travel, gain cross-cultural teaching experience, and get your visa sponsored.

  2. What responsibilities do English teachers have in China?

    For example, in China, English teachers are in charge of making lesson plans, managing classes, planning events, keeping the classroom clean, writing progress reports, going to meetings, and judging the progress of their students.

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