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If you are seeking employment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, you can investigate the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority’s available positions. Dubai Civil Aviation Authority UAE provides many employment opportunities for candidates seeking rewarding careers and personal growth. Dubai Civil Aviation Authority employment postings on the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority job portal list a variety of openings for UAE nationals. In this article, we will discuss the outlook for Dubai Civil Aviation Authority job openings, highlight the employment outlook for Dubai Civil Aviation Authority jobs, and discuss career advancement opportunities in the country.

The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates conducts regular recruitment drives to identify and select the finest candidates with the required skills and a desire to serve in the United Arab Emirates. Typically, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority recruitment procedure consists of multiple phases. Prospective applicants must complete an application form provided by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. This Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Application Form collects personal data, academic credentials, and other pertinent information.

Get moving! Excellent news for those seeking employment. The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority UAE Jobs site announces the availability of various positions in their offices. Currently available are Dangerous Goods Officer jobs with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. Candidates seeking Dangerous Goods Officer Jobs in Dubai, UAE with the required experience can apply for employment with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. Upon selection, the candidate will receive a generous remuneration of approximately AED 8,000.00 to AED 9,500.00 per month.

Details Of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Jobs:

Name of RecruitmentDubai Civil Aviation Authority Recruitment
Name of PostDangerous Goods Officer and Various
SalaryAED 8,000.00-9,500.00 per month
Job LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
Jobs TypeCompany Jobs in UAE

List Of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Jobs:

Name of PostRequirements
Dangerous Goods OfficerBachelor’s Degree in Strategy and Management or equivalent degree   A master’s degree is preferred. Certifications: Certified EFQM assessor Certified Lead Auditor in Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional Professional Experience: at least ten (10) years working experience in major strategic planning and organizational excellence. at least five (5) years in a managerial role.
Head of Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance SectionBachelor’s Degree in Strategy and Management or equivalent degree   A master’s degree is preferred. Certifications: Certified EFQM assessor Certified Lead Auditor in Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional Professional Experience: at least ten (10) years of working experience in major strategic planning and organizational excellence. at least five (5) years in a managerial role.

Responsibilities for Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

  • Audits & Inspections: Regularly inspects and monitors the handling and storage of Dangerous goods and cargo in the cargo agent’s facilities in the Emirates of Dubai, according to local, national, and international regulations.
  • Investigations of Dangerous Goods: Investigates severe and critical incidents and operational issues involving Dangerous Goods and prepares reports for the Head of the Dangerous Goods Section.
  • Dangerous Goods Carriage & Storage: Evaluates and approves online requests for firearms and dangerous goods transportation. Assist the section chief in inspecting the Dangerous Goods facility requested by national and international standards.
  • Dangerous Goods Handlers: Inspects and reports the full compliance of all Dangerous Goods handlers with all standards and regulations, including the use of the appropriate Personal Protect Equipment and radioactive detector by all; report any incorrect handling of Hazardous Substance or Dangerous Goods to the Section Head.
  • Inspection and clarification of all suspicious cargo at Dubai airports.
  • Management of Records and Reports: Maintain records of all Dangerous Goods applications and correspondence. Assist the Head of the Dangerous Goods Section with the preparation of annual audit/inspection reports.
  • Perform additional job-related responsibilities as assigned from time to time.


Academic Credentials:

  • Higher Diploma or degree equivalent.

Professional Certifications:

  • Hazardous Materials Handling
  • Hazardous Materials Acceptance

Professional Experience:

  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience working in aviation operations.
  • Minimum of two (2) years in a professional position

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Benefits of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Jobs:

  • Safety Standards: The DCAA ensures that all aviation operations within its jurisdiction adhere to the highest safety standards. By reducing the likelihood of accidents and incidents, this commitment to safety benefits passengers, airline employees, and the aviation industry as a whole.
  • Effective airline travel: Through its oversight of airport operations and air traffic control services, DCAA contributes to the efficacy and dependability of air travel in Dubai. This results in fewer delays, improved passenger experiences, and flights that depart on time.
  • Economic Expansion: Dubai is a major location for international travel and commerce, and the aviation industry is a major economic contributor to the emirate. By supporting aviation-related businesses, job creation, and tourism, DCAA’s activities foster economic expansion.
  • Infrastructure Construction: DCAA plays a role in the development and expansion of Dubai’s aviation infrastructure, including airports and adjacent facilities. This infrastructure investment strengthens Dubai’s standing as a global aviation base.
  • Employment Opportunities: From pilots and flight attendants to air traffic controllers, engineers, and administrative employees, the aviation industry in Dubai generates a substantial number of job opportunities. The regulatory and oversight functions of DCAA aid in the creation and maintenance of these employment opportunities.
  • Invention and Engineering: DCAA promotes the implementation of innovative aviation technologies and best practices. This promotes innovation in the aviation industry, resulting in enhanced safety, efficiency, and passenger satisfaction.
  • Conformity to international specifications: DCAA ensures that Dubai’s aviation sector adheres to international aviation standards and regulations. This facilitates international cooperation and assures the global operation of airlines and aviation service providers.
  • Tourism and Commercial Promotion: Dubai’s well-connected airports and aviation services facilitate tourism and commerce. The DCAA’s efforts to uphold high standards help to enhance Dubai’s reputation as a premier travel destination for both leisure and business travelers.
  • Environmental Obligation: DCAA is placing a greater emphasis on sustainable aviation practices. It helps reduce the environmental impact of Dubai’s aviation operations by promoting eco-friendly initiatives and technologies.
  • Response to Emergencies and Preparation: DCAA plays a vital role in coordinating emergency response and preparedness efforts in the event of aviation-related emergencies or crises, ensuring the safety of passengers and the wellbeing of the community.

How to Apply for Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Jobs?

  • Preparing Your Resume/CV: Revise your resume/CV to emphasize your skills, education, work experience, and any applicable certifications. Customize your CV for your Dubai Civil Aviation Authority job application so that it is more pertinent to the position.
  • Conduct an exhaustive investigation of the UAE job market and the industries that interest you. Check the websites and job boards of companies that are recruiting and searching for employment opportunities.
  • Job Portals: Utilize popular job portals in the UAE to locate job listings. Bayt, LinkedIn, Indeed, and GulfTalent are examples of commonly utilized portals.
  • Networking is essential in the UAE labor market. Attend networking events, connect with professionals in your field, and join relevant online forums and LinkedIn groups.
  • Numerous companies in the UAE prefer that applicants submit directly through their websites. Check the career sections of company websites for employment opportunities, and then follow the application instructions.
  • Request Online: Submit your applications through the organization’s website or job boards. Include your updated resume and any other required documents.
  • Consider registering with specialized recruitment agencies for your industry. They can help match your talents to appropriate employment opportunities.
  • Government job sites The UAE government also provides job portals where you can discover listings for employment opportunities in various industries. The “Abu Dhabi Government Jobs” and “Dubai Careers” websites from the Abu Dhabi and Dubai governments are valuable resources.
  • Visas and Work Permits: If you are not a resident of the UAE, you will need a work permit to work there. Typically, employers sponsor expat employees for work permits. Ensure that your prospective employer understands the visa and work permit requirements.
  • If your application is successful, you should prepare for job interviews. Conduct research on the organization, dress professionally, and prepare answers to common interview inquiries.
  • Consider sending a follow-up email expressing your appreciation for the opportunity and continued interest in the position after applying or attending an interview.

Always ensure that you are conversant with the UAE’s labor laws and regulations, including those governing contract terms, working hours, and benefits. The job application process may vary based on the specific emirate or industry; therefore, it is crucial to remain up-to-date with the most recent information during your job search.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How can I get an ATC license in the UAE?

    holder of a high school certificate with a minimum average of 80%. Ability to understand and communicate in English. Completion of the National Service Training (for males) Ability to work in a stressful environment and maintain calm manners when under pressure.

  2. What is the work of civil aviation?

    Civil aviation includes three major categories: commercial air transport, including scheduled and non-scheduled passenger and cargo flights. Aerial work, in which an aircraft is used for specialized services such as agriculture, photography, surveying, search and rescue, etc.

  3. What qualifications are needed for ATC? 

    In addition to passing the entry tests, you’ll be required to meet the following requirements: have at least five GCSEs (or equivalent) at grade 4 or above, including English and math. over the age of 18 when applying. legally eligible to work in the UK.

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