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Driving Jobs In Canada For Foreigners 2023 – Apply Now


Driving Jobs In Canada For Foreigners 2023: Canada has experienced a high demand for foreign workers. Since 2015, the number of foreign workers hired annually by Canadians has risen by hundreds of thousands.

The provision of more than one hundred work permits guarantees foreign employment in Canada. This post will discuss the various types of driving jobs available to foreigners in Canada, their salaries, and the requirements necessary for a foreigner to obtain employment in Canada.


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Job Description

Driving is a profession that requires certain skills, licenses, and permits. Some Driving jobs are extremely lucrative, while others are not, and driving jobs to vary in terms of responsibilities, risks, and compensation. However, driving can be categorized as Truck driving, Taxi or commercial driving, etc.

For instance, a taxi driver’s average annual salary is CA$32,175 and a truck driver’s annual income can range from CA$47k to $130k, depending on the type of truck and location of the driver. Before obtaining a license to operate a truck or a commercial vehicle in Canada, individuals must complete various training programs.

Available Driving Job For Foreigners

The few driving jobs available to foreigners in Canada are listed below.

  1. Truck Driving
  2. Taxi Driving
  3. Delivery Driver
  4. Transport Driver

Driving a truck entails transporting goods and services from factories or producers to a specific location and time. There are various types of truck driving in Canada, including Long Haul Truck drivers and Short Haul Truck Drivers, among others. Given the history of truck driver accidents, driving a truck is dangerous.

Still, truck driving has advantages, such as high pay, which is always higher than the average Canadian citizen’s salary.


The following qualifications are necessary for a job as a truck driver:

  • Current TWIC card.
  • Must pass drug and alcohol tests.
  • Must have a clean driving record.
  • Must provide current MVR.
  • Must provide a medical certificate.
  • High school diploma.

Responsibility of a Truck driver

The following are the obligations of a truck driver:

  • Drive long distances to deliver goods to customers.
  • Load and unload cargo.
  • Record cargo deliveries.
  • Refuel and clean the vehicle.
  • Report road incidents to the dispatcher.
  • Follow traffic laws.
  • Inspect trucks and record issues.
  • Follow accident procedures.
  • Keep an activities log and log hours.

Salary: $50,000 to $68,000 Canadian A taxi driver is an individual who transports passengers from one location to another.


These are the prerequisites for a job as a taxi driver:

  • Able to speak English
  • Own a cell Phone
  •  Territorial Commercial Vehicle license (Class 4 or E)
Driving Jobs In Canada For Foreigners 2023 - Apply Now
Driving Jobs In Canada For Foreigners 2023 – Apply Now

Responsibility of a Taxi Driver

The responsibilities of a taxi driver are as follows:

Taxi drivers are primarily responsible for transporting passengers from one location to another.

Salary: CAD$32,000

Delivery driving is the act of collecting items and transporting them to a designated location. Different delivery times apply to food, furniture, clothing, etc.


The following qualifications are necessary for a job as a delivery driver:

  • A valid class G driver’s license
  • Attention to details
  • A good customer service skill

Responsibility of a delivery driver

The responsibilities of a taxi driver are as follows:

  • A good driving record
  • Loading and unloading
  • Ability to pay attention during delivery and departure
  • Good mechanical skills

Transport Driving includes constructing and transporting customer galley according to customer specifications for all scheduled flights.

Requirements for Transport Driving jobs for foreigners In Canada

  • members of the Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Complete inventories in accordance with airline specifications.
  • Comprehending and following Canada Border Services Agency Memorandum.
  • Comprehend and adhere to Transport Canada’s requirements.
  • Comprehend and adhere to IATA Food Safety regulations.
  • Participation in the Safety Management System at Sky Café (SMS).

How To Apply For a Driving Job In Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I work in Canada as a driver in 2023?

    The completion of a three-month accredited driver training course through a vocational school or community college may be required. Class 3 or D driver’s licenses are required to operate straight-body trucks. To operate long combination vehicles, a Class 1 or A license is required.

  • Can I immigrate to Canada as a driver in 2023?

    As a truck driver, you can immigrate to Canada without a special visa, but there is a program known as the TFWP, or temporary foreign worker program, that allows employers to find and hire workers from outside Canada.

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