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Accountant Jobs in Dubai for Freshers & Foreigners


Are you a recent college graduate or a foreigner looking for a good job in finance? As of 2024, Dubai has great job prospects for accountants, and the city is looking for new people to help its businesses grow. Learn about the duties, perks, and steps needed to become an accountant in Dubai, a city that is always changing and attracting new people.

Details of Accountant Jobs in Dubai for Freshers & Foreigners

Fresh graduates and people from other countries can find accountant jobs in Dubai where they will handle financial deals, keep financial records, and help businesses stay financially healthy overall. Some important duties could be:

  • Bookkeeping: Keep accurate ledgers and write down daily financial activities.
  • Financial Reporting: Make financial records, statements, and summaries for people inside and outside the company.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Help make budgets and predictions that will help people make decisions about money.
  • Audit Support: Work with inspectors and give them the paperwork they need during audits.


  1. Educational Qualifications:
    • Most of the time, you need a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a related area. Some companies might look at professional credentials like ACCA, CPA, or CMA as valid.
  2. Certifications:
    • You can improve your chances of getting a job by getting professional certifications like ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), CPA (Certified Public Accountant), or CMA (Certified Management Accountant).
  3. Experience:
    • Even though some jobs may be entry-level, it can be helpful to have appropriate work experience. You can improve your resume by doing accounting or finance-related charity work, internships, or part-time jobs.
  4. Language Proficiency:
    • English is used a lot in work in Dubai, so being able to speak and write it well is often necessary. It might be helpful to know Arabic, but it’s not always necessary.
  5. Software Skills:
    • It’s usually best if you know how to use accounting software like QuickBooks, SAP, Tally, or other widely used tools for managing money.
  6. Visa and Work Permits:
    • If you are not from Dubai, you need to make sure you have the right visas and work permits to work there. Some employers may want to see proof that job applicants are legally allowed to work in the country.
  7. Networking:
    • It can be helpful to make business connections in the accounting and finance world in Dubai. Join professional groups, go to events in your field, and meet with other professionals on sites like LinkedIn.
  8. Adaptability:
    • Dubai’s business world is very varied, and companies may be looking for people who can work with people from different backgrounds and styles.
  9. Communication Skills:
    • It is important to have good writing and spoken communication skills. Accountants often have to share financial information with several different groups.
  10. Residence in Dubai:
    • Some companies may want to hire people who already live in Dubai because it shows that they plan to stay there for a long time.

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  • Competitive Salaries: Accountants in Dubai get paid well, and they often get extra perks like health insurance and bonuses on top of that.
  • International Exposure: The variety of businesses in Dubai gives people the chance to learn about international markets and ways of doing things.
  • Career Development: There are chances to move up in your work in the fields of finance and accounting.
  • Networking Opportunities: Make connections with people from different fields to create a global network.

Who Can Apply

People who just graduated with a degree in finance, accounting, or a similar field, as well as people from other countries who want to start working in Dubai. Even though having experience is helpful, many jobs are open to people who are just starting.

How to Apply

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In conclusion, Dubai is a great place for recent college graduates and people from other countries looking for finance jobs. Accountants are very important to a business’s financial health, and the city offers competitive salaries, opportunities to work with people from other countries, and many ways to advance in your job. Grab the chance to be a part of Dubai’s constantly changing scenery and help its businesses grow.

People Also Ask

  1. Who is eligible to apply for accountant jobs in Dubai?

    People from other countries who want to work in Dubai as well as recent college graduates with degrees in finance, accounting, or similar fields.

  2. What are the primary duties of accountants in Dubai?

    For companies in Dubai, accountants do things like bookkeeping, financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and helping with audits to make sure their finances are in good shape.

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