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A. Poortman Limited Jobs in London 2023 with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now


A. Poortman Limited Jobs in London 2023 with Visa Sponsorship: A. Poortman (London) is a well-known global importer of various pulses and birdseed, supplying pet and bird food manufacturers as well as food processors, manufacturers, and packagers. Poortman enjoys an advantageous position as one of the industry’s leading suppliers on account of its commitment to high-quality products and continuous supply.

As a result of the rising expansion of the job market, there are frequent opportunities with higher pay. Employers place a premium on candidates who possess a diverse range of skills. In this article, the critical positions at A. Poortman Ltd. is examined.


Why choose A. Poortman Limited?

All products are available in 1 MT (one metric ton) and complete container quantities and can be packaged in 25kg to 2 MT bags. Depending on the customer’s requirements, delivery schedules range from one metric ton per month to multiple container loads per day.


Poortman London Ltd. imports, supplies, and distributes seeds and cereal. The company also provides pulses, beans, lentils, and chickpeas, in addition to millet, canary, sunflower, and niger seed. Poortman London provides products and services in the United Kingdom.

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A. Poortman Limited Visa Sponsorship Jobs

NewsNowGH strongly encourages qualified individuals to apply to A. Poortman Ltd. for their outstanding employment opportunities. However, only applicants who satisfy the requirements and possess the necessary skills and knowledge will be considered.

Agricultural Extension Manager

Specific Roles

  • Educate producers on agricultural topics including natural resources, animals, crops, and the most efficient use of farmland.
  • Next, assist in the development of efficient irrigation systems, the economical use and storage of water, the prevention and treatment of animal diseases, and farming apparatus and practices.
  • Also, disseminate innovative agricultural techniques. Assist cattle ranchers and direct and assist veterinarians in managing various animal diseases.
  • In addition, encourage farmers to adopt new, more effective agricultural techniques by reaching out to them in multiple ways.

Greenhouse Assistant

Specific Roles

  • As required, perform a variety of physical duties to establish and maintain greenhouse plants.
  • Also, perform various manual tasks for planting, transplanting, irrigating, and tidying the nursery plots per the breeder’s instructions.
  • Additionally, one must gather plants, thresh grain, and sanitize seeds.
  • In addition, water specialized greenhouse plants as required.

Greenhouse Labor

Essential Skills & Requirements

  • Must be able to count accurately and record data on the paper and materials provided.
  • Additionally, maintain pace with the conveyors or your colleagues when working on a production line.
  • Moreover, the ability to operate electric transport vehicles following training
  • Finally, exhibit a command of the English language.

How to Apply for A. Poortman Limited Jobs in London 2023 with Visa Sponsorship

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