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UXUI Designer Web job in Paris 2023


UXUI Designer Web job in Paris: You will be part of a Product Delivery Team that includes UI designers, software developers, product managers, and data analysts. You will work with the team to create visually attractive interfaces that solve business problems for our customers. With a number of Tier 1 institutions, we collaborate on the creation of web-based tools for anti-money laundering, know-your-customer, and sanctions list maintenance procedures. If you want to advance your career in the big data or fintech industries, this role is ideal for you.


The job of a UXUI (User Experience and User Interface) designer is becoming more and more important in the ever-changing world of web design and development. Paris is known for its rich culture and technological progress. In 2023, UXUI designers will have a lot of exciting chances to work there. In this piece, we’ll look at the exciting world of UXUI designer jobs in Paris. We’ll talk about the thriving tech scene, the skills you’ll need, and the opportunities you’ll have in the City of Light.


The Thriving Tech Scene in Paris

Paris: A Hub for Innovation

Paris has become a place where people and companies from all over the world come to work on new ideas. It has a thriving startup environment and a lot of tech events, which make it a great place for UXUI designers who want to be on the cutting edge of web design.


The French Tech Revolution

The “French Tech” trend began with the French government’s strong support for the tech industry and tax breaks for new businesses. As the center of the tech industry, Paris has a lot of job possibilities, including UXUI design.

Prominent Tech Companies

Some of the most important tech companies in the world, like Ubisoft, Deezer, and OVH, are based in Paris. These companies are always looking for talented UXUI designers to improve their web platforms. This is a unique chance to work on projects with a big effect.

UXUI Designer Web job in Paris 2023
UXUI Designer Web job in Paris 2023

Principal Duties and Obligations

Participate in all stages of the product design cycle, from original discovery to project handoff to developers and user acceptance testing.

  • To drive product design, collaborate with business analysts, product managers, and technical teams.
  • Maintain the quality of the design process, and ensure that the design specifications are properly reflected in the code once the designs have been translated.
  • Create an accurate estimate for the design tickets during the planning sessions.
  • Take part in drawing workshops with people who are not designers. Sketch files, style guides, micro-interaction specifications, high-quality prototypes, and pattern libraries are examples of user interface deliverables that can be created, iterated on, and maintained.
  • Make sure your design decisions are data-driven by identifying assumptions that need to be checked during each sprint and organizing moderated usability test sessions in coordination with your team’s analysts.
  • Create pixel-perfect and responsive user interfaces, and remember that it is better for user experience to follow conventional interface patterns rather than reinvent the wheel.
  • Show and tell sessions allow you to present your work to the rest of the company.

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Skill & Experience

  • You have at least three years of experience in the field of Product Design.
  • You are adept in the use of Sketch, InVision, and Framer X.
  • You’ve previously worked in an agile environment where tasks are broken down into incremental two-week sprints.
  • You are used to using Jira and Confluence in your organization’s workflow.

How to Apply?

People Also Ask

  • How much does a UX lead earn in Paris?

    In Paris, France, the average salary for a User Experience Designer is €68,831 per year and €33 per hour. A User Experience Designer’s typical compensation ranges between €47,425 and €83,974. A Bachelor’s Degree is the most common level of schooling for a User Experience Designer.

  • Which company pays the highest salary for a UX designer?

    Microsoft Corporation UI/UX Designer Salary
    Amazon UI/UX Designer Salary
    Oracle UI/UX Designer Salary
    IBM UI/UX Designer Salary

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