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Skills Shortage Jobs in Portugal for International Applicants

This post was written to provide an overview of skills shortage positions in Portugal for foreigners as well as some relevant insights into the Portuguese labor market. Because Portugal is a popular tourist destination, there is much casual employment available in the tourism and hospitality industries, and the majority of these occupations pay well.

So jobs for overseas skilled workers in Portugal are available for foreigners, but there are certain requirements such as qualification and work experience, language proficiency, and visa that must be met by the job applicant, which is why I created this helpful article to walk you through it all.

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List of Skills Shortage Job Occupations in Portugal

According to the European CEDEFOP report, a large portion of skill shortage job occupations belongs to seasonal work/business categories such as fisheries, forestry, tourism sector, and agriculture, while some standard occupations such as nannies, cleaners, construction workers, programmers, healthcare staff, aerospace, and IT staff are also in high demand.

With that, I believe it is also worth noting that there are some low-demand surplus job occupations in Portugal for which international recruitment is discouraged, including mining workers, leather industry workers, textile workers, tool makers, trades workers, and blacksmith workers.

Can You Get a Job in Portugal as a foreigner?

  • You can apply for high-demand skill shortage jobs available in Portugal, which I explained in the previous section, but I will clarify that if you are from any EEA European Economic Area country or European Union (EU) region, you can easily find jobs in Portugal, but if you are from any other country, you are allowed to look for employment opportunities in Portugal online and will then be required to apply after receiving an appointment letter.
  • I also recommend that you prepare your resume, CV, cover letter, and other supporting papers such as work experience letters, recommendations, degrees, and transcripts before submitting your job applications in Portugal.
  • And now, if you’re wondering where to look for jobs in Portugal, start with the Portugal Government Jobs page, where you’ll also find all open job positions. As I mentioned above, this government portal also focuses on hiring staff for skill-shortage occupations such as call centers, IT, tourism, metallurgy, health, construction, and agriculture, and all of these jobs are advertised on the IEFP jobs page here.

Benefits of Skills Shortage Jobs in Portugal for International Applicants

  • More Work Opportunities: Because firms are actively looking for candidates to fill these roles, foreign applicants with highly sought-after skills have a better chance of finding employment in Portugal.
  • Support for Work Permits and Visas: Portuguese employers frequently sponsor work permits and offer visa sponsorship to foreign candidates hired for positions in high-demand specialties, streamlining and simplifying the relocation process.
  • Competitive Salary: To attract skilled individuals and ensure that overseas applicants are appropriately compensated for their expertise and contributions, skills shortage roles often offer competitive compensation.
  • Career Advancement: Because Portuguese firms appreciate their specific knowledge and are prepared to make investments in their development, international applicants with in-demand talents may have prospects for professional development within their area.
  • Cultural Immersion: Working in Portugal offers foreign candidates the chance to fully immerse themselves in the Portuguese language, customs, and culture, making for a memorable and enriching experience.
  • Quality of Life: Portugal has excellent living conditions, including a temperate climate, stunning scenery, and a leisurely pace of life. International candidates can live comfortably and have access to recreational, medical, and educational resources.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Establishing professional ties and networks within your field while working in Portugal might be beneficial for future employment prospects and career progress.
  • Work-Life Balance: Portugal places a high importance on work-life balance. To assist employees in striking a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives, many businesses offer flexible work schedules, ample vacation time, and supportive workplace regulations.
  • Possibilities for Travel: Portugal’s center location in Europe facilitates leisure travel to other European nations, giving foreign applicants the chance to see new cultures and places.
  • Personal Growth: As international candidates tackle new difficulties and experiences in a foreign environment, working abroad in Portugal offers opportunities for personal growth, independence, and adaptation.

Applying for Portuguese Work VISA

  • After receiving a job offer from Portugal, your final step would be to apply for a Portugal work visa which you can do by applying for a work visa at any Portuguese embassy near you with all essential documents and an application cost of €90.
  • After acquiring your temporary visa, you will be permitted to enter Portugal to work, but you will need to convert your temporary visa into a Portuguese resident permit, for which you will be paid around €83.

More Info

  1. Which jobs are in high demand in Portugal?

    Jobs in Portugal with Skill Shortages
    In Portugal, there is a growing demand for qualified IT engineers in the public sector. Software developers, mobile app developers, network administrators, and cybersecurity professionals are all in high demand.

  2. How can a foreigner find work in Portugal?

    Once you receive a Work Permit, you must apply at the Portugal Embassy for a work visa, which you will need to enter the country. You apply for a residence permit in Portugal. After arriving in Portugal, you must apply for your Work Permit at the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

  3. How can I obtain a work visa to Portugal from Pakistan?

    Documents Required for a Work Permit in Portugal
    A current Portuguese residency visa.
    Proof of lodging in Portugal.
    A current passport or other government-issued travel document.
    2 new passport photographs…
    There is no criminal record.
    A work agreement between an employer and an employee.
    Proof of Social Security registration in Portugal.

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