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Recruitment Agencies in Kyrgyzstan for foreigners

Recruitment Agencies in Kyrgyzstan for foreigners 2023 and Kyrgyz Nationals, 2023/24! Kyrgyzstan, also known as the Kyrgyz Republic, is a landlocked nation in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan shares borders with Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the People’s Republic of China on its northern, western, southern, and eastern sides, respectively. The country’s capital and largest city are Bishkek.

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After deciding to expand to Kyrgyzstan, one of your initial thoughts will likely concern the hiring and recruitment of personnel. Your most valuable asset is your workforce; therefore, you must hire intelligent individuals to ensure the success of your new site. Below is additional information on recruitment agencies in Kyrgyzstan.

It may be difficult to find the time to hire candidates, adhere to employment compliance regulations specific to the Kyrgyz Republic, and onboard new employees.

This page will provide information on the recruitment agencies in Kyrgyzstan for foreigners and Kyrgyz citizens for the 2023/2024 academic year.


The Kyrgyz Republic’s hiring procedures.

All employees must be hired in accordance with the employment compliance laws of the Kyrgyz Republic. Depending on the role, you may utilize either an indefinite or a fixed-term contract; however, fixed-term contracts have a maximum duration of five years. All contracts must be written in the local language and include information on benefits, compensation, entitlements, termination terms, and other matters. Ensure that only Kyrgyz Som is used for all payments, including compensation, salaries, and financial bonuses.

Recruitment Agencies in Kyrgyzstan for foreigners
Recruitment Agencies in Kyrgyzstan for foreigners

Recruitment Agencies in Kyrgyzstan for foreigners and citizens 2023/2024

Knowing the appropriate recruitment agencies in Kyrgyzstan, whether you are applying for an international job or a job as a Kyrgyz citizen, can help you overcome the majority of the obstacles you may face when securing your ideal job.

The following is a list of employment agencies in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Sayakat Konsalting
  • Vostok Taym
  • Ak-Emgek Kompani
  • Job Aurora HR Consultants & Recruitment
  • Employment Services inc
  • Reliable Recruitment Corporation
  • Ultimate HR Solutions
  • Malta International Recruiting Agency Ltd

The Kyrgyz Republic’s onboarding process

After hiring the ideal personnel from the Kyrgyz Republic, you must onboard them. Each organization’s unique objectives impact how they wish to onboard new employees. For example, if you are selecting candidates for highly technical positions, you may wish to provide more extensive job training. To help employees feel at ease during the onboarding process, you can take the following steps:

  • analyzing the employment contract and other documents the employee must sign.
  • providing relevant training for the employee’s position.
  • In the Kyrgyz Republic, personally greet new hires on their first day or within their first week.
  • coordinating social events for all newly-hired employees.

Employment Laws in the Kyrgyz Republic

Your organization must adhere to all employment compliance regulations of the Kyrgyz Republic, particularly those governing working hours. The country’s legislation establishes maximum daily, weekly, and monthly working hours and classifies labor into three categories: regular hours, temporary work, and part-time work.

The standard workweek is limited to 40 hours, but short-term work hours vary by employee category. Part-time employees should receive compensation proportional to the number of hours worked, and these hours should be specified in the employment contract.

Kyrgyz Republic recruitment

Recruiting can be difficult in the Kyrgyz Republic due to the prevalence of Russian and Kyrgyz in the workplace compared to English. To converse with prospective employees if you do not speak either language fluently, you must hire a translation service. Due to the difficulty of this for foreign nationals, the majority of companies tend to recruit from the local populace. The majority of foreign nationals in the country work for NGOs or the United Nations (U.N.).


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