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National TB Control Program Jobs in Pakistan 2024

Apply online for National TB Control Program Jobs before the last date. The government of Pakistan’s National TB Control Program is looking for highly qualified, highly experienced, hard-working, and well-disciplined candidates for the following posts: MDR-TB Physician/Coordinator and Warehouse Cleaner

The recruitment of National TB Control Program 2024 jobs will be done on a contract basis as per government employment policy in Pakistan and is extendable on satisfactory performance. The above jobs are based in Islamabad, and the applicants willing to apply must have at least 1 to 3 years of qualification in MBBS with work experience in the relevant field for the following No. 1 and No. 2 It is necessary for a middle pass with 2 years of experience, with a maximum age of 50 years, to apply as per the criteria mentioned in the image below.

The quota distribution can be checked from the following job advertisement: Now, in the following, you will have detailed instructions on how to implement the procedure.


Welcome to the National TB Control Program in Pakistan for the year 2024, which could be the start of a great job. In this helpful guide, we’ll talk about the different parts of these opportunities and give you information, requirements, and answers to some of the most popular questions. Read on to find out more about National TB Control Program Jobs in Pakistan 2024 if you want to work in public health and make a difference.

National TB Control Program Jobs in Pakistan

National TB Control Program Jobs in Pakistan 2024 are a great way to help the public’s health and move up in your job at the same time. These jobs are very important in the fight against tuberculosis, and they can also be very satisfying.

Benefits of National TB Control Program Jobs in Pakistan

  • Public Health Impact: The provision of NTP employment enables individuals to make a direct contribution towards the prevention and control of tuberculosis (TB), a significant public health issue in Pakistan. You can help reduce the spread of tuberculosis and significantly improve the lives of those afflicted by the disease by participating in this program.
  • Stability of Employment: NTP positions frequently provide a consistent stream of employment opportunities, given that tuberculosis continues to be a focal point in Pakistan’s public health agenda, thereby guaranteeing continuous financial backing and assistance for the program.
  • Professional Development and Training: Employment with the NTP offers prospects for ongoing education and growth in the domains of program management, public health, epidemiology, and infectious diseases. This has the potential to augment one’s aptitudes and knowledge, thereby creating opportunities for professional progression.
  • Diversity of Roles: Healthcare providers, program administrators, researchers, laboratory technicians, and community health workers are all included in the NTP. The program’s diversity enables individuals to discover appropriate positions that align with their unique interests and backgrounds.
  • Collaborative Environment: NTP positions frequently necessitate cooperation with diverse stakeholders, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, international collaborators, and communities. This environment encourages networking, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge.
  • Profound Research Prospects: The NTP may undertake research endeavors with the objective of enhancing strategies for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of tuberculosis. The program offers opportunities to contribute to evidence-based policies and practices through participation in research initiatives.
  • Community Engagement: To increase awareness of tuberculosis, encourage treatment adherence, and promote early detection, NTP jobs frequently entail community engagement and outreach activities. This form of direct engagement with communities facilitates substantial participation and the establishment of positive relationships.
  • Government Benefits: Employees of the NTP may qualify for government benefits, including retirement plans, healthcare coverage, and other incentives, contingent upon their program position and employment status.
  • Contribution to National Health Priorities: The health sector in Pakistan places significant emphasis on tuberculosis control, in accordance with national health policies and strategies. You contribute directly to the attainment of these health objectives and the resolution of a critical public health concern by participating in the NTP.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Acting as a member of the NTP or another public health program provides numerous individuals with the opportunity to serve their communities, contribute to social welfare, and enhance health outcomes, all of which contribute to a sense of personal fulfillment for many.
National TB Control Program Jobs in Pakistan 2024
National TB Control Program Jobs in Pakistan 2024

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National TB Control Program Vacancies:

  • MDR-TB Physician/Coordinator
  • Warehouse sweeper

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How to Apply for National TB Control Program Jobs in Pakistan:

  • Interested candidates can apply online at
  • Only online applications will be considered.
  • Incomplete information and information received after the due date will not be considered.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called for a written test and interview.

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In Pakistan in 2024, starting a job with the National TB Control Program is not only a good career move but also a chance to make a real change in the health of the public. With a variety of roles and room for advancement, these jobs offer a fulfilling and rewarding path for people who care about the cause. Explore the current job listings and send in an application. This is the first step toward a useful job. Help us fight tuberculosis and be part of a team that is working hard to make Pakistan healthy.

  1. WHO reports Pakistan?

    Pakistan, with 510,000 new cases of TB each year and approximately 15,000 new cases of drug-resistant TB each year, ranks fifth among the B high-burden countries worldwide and is among the WHO The Eastern Mediterranean accounts for 61% of the TB burden. area

  2. Is TB common in Pakistan?

    Pakistan is the fifth-most burdened country in the world. The annual prevalence, incidence, and mortality from TB in Pakistan are 348, 276, and 34 per 100,000 population, respectively.

  3. What is the national TB control program in Pakistan?

    NTP strives for TB-free Pakistan by reducing the prevalence of TB in the general population by 50% by 2025 in comparison to 2012 through universal access to quality TB care and achieving zero TB deaths. Pakistan ranks 5th among the high-burden countries in the world.

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