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Must-Watch Fantasy Anime With The Best Romances: Romance is almost always a fantastic subplot for fantasy anime. Some anime emphasizes romance without sacrificing external conflict. There are two valid types of must-watch fantasy stories involving fantasy worlds and magic systems: those written as social commentary and those written as a healing escape from reality.

Multiple factors combine to create a great romance. There are distinct characters, inventive twists on well-known tropes, humorous moments, and a clear progression as the romantic pairing grows closer and closer. It all depends on how the characters are written and how they interact with conflict for instant-love romances to have good tension and development.

List of 10 Must-Watch Fantasy Anime With The Best Romances

Meiji Tokyo Renka

Meiji Tokyo Renka may not be the most original reverse harem romance, but it delivers on all entertainment fronts. It could be considered a guilty pleasure, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying something for its simplicity. The plot is straightforward and easily consumable, with a large number of attractive male characters vying for Mei, the protagonist.

Mei’s relationship with the dashing historical figures is pulpy and swoon-inducing. There is something for everyone in the series, despite the opinion of some that the characters are flat: magical psychic powers, fake dating, tsundere love interests, and sentient paintings. What else could an otaku want?

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Ceres, Celestial Legend

Late 1990s supernatural drama Ceres, Celestial Legend follows Aya, who discovers she is a reincarnated celestial maiden. Toya, Aya’s love interest, is unaware of his past, so he discards everything he knows to protect her.

The fate of Aya’s magical girl is distinct from other fantasy romance premises. The consequences devastate her and her loved ones, and the lore is rich. Ceres also fully embrace the love triangle cliche, though it’s clear which couple is the endgame pairing.

Kamigami No Asobi

Kamigami no Asobi is based on an otome game, with Yui Kusanagi serving as the playable protagonist. In the game, she has a variety of romantic options to choose from. Yui has one of the most impressive isekai transport scenes, involving a magical sword that transports her to the world of Greek gods.

Zeus (considerably kinder in this anime than in traditional mythology) desires Yui to educate the other gods on the meaning of love. Each god develops feelings in his or her way, with Yui and Hades possibly being the most endearing. The male romantic interests embody recognizable archetypes while retaining distinctive aspects of their personalities.

Izetta: The Last Witch

Izetta: The Last Witch is a historical fantasy anime featuring a healthy dose of bodyguard romance. Since they were children, the witch Izetta has been devoted to Princess Finé’s protection in the aftermath of a global war.

Witches are formidable and feared, but Finé understands Izetta better than anyone else. Even though the stakes are high in this story, it does not fall victim to the “bury your gays” trope, to the relief of many potential viewers.

Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast For Spirits

Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits demonstrates that even ogres can be suitable romantic partners. Aoi, a college student, is in dire straits when she is asked to pay for the sins of her deceased uncle, a gambler. Fortunately for her, the debt is owed by Odanna, a handsome and reasonably reasonable ogre.

Odanna initially insists that she marry him to settle the debt, but she persuades him to let her pay off the debt at his inn instead. Despite a rocky beginning and an initial power imbalance, the romance in Kakuriyo is remarkably healthy. Who knew an ogre would be such a heartthrob?

Record Of Grancrest War

The Record of Grancrest War is a well-known epic fantasy for its romantic plotline. It embraces intensely emotional and communicative relationships and is not afraid of the violence of battle. This series has a great deal to offer fans of enemy-to-lover romances.
Some viewers criticize the series for its unimaginative fantasy war plots, but the somewhat predictable external conflict and decisions serve as a backdrop for the series lush romances. The knight Theo is an assertive, swashbuckling hero, and his love interest is, to say the least, magical.

Psychic Princess

The romance in Psychic Princess is between a young woman reviled for her magical abilities and the heartless noble to whom she is wed. At first, marrying Prince Ye didn’t seem like a good idea; he had a terrible reputation and an attitude that confirmed it.

The noble possess more than meets the eye. He is devoted, politically savvy, and deeply compassionate. Even though Ye You Ming is a tsundere, his relationship with Qian Yunxi is endearing, believable, and genuine. And despite being cast aside by her family, Qian Yunxi is a compelling protagonist with initiative.

Yona Of The Dawn

In Yona of the Dawn, there are few more romantic couples than Princess Yona and her bodyguard Hak. Hak defended her ruthlessly when Yona’s cousin turned against her, and she was expelled from the court under the threat of a knife.

Hak teaches Yona how to fight with a sword, despite some resistance from Yona. Not everything is about Hak, however. Yona will do whatever it takes to protect him. And wanting to protect him is a significant factor in her desire to learn the sword and bow. There is also the honey scene. Already said.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is an ecological fantasy, a grim historical drama, and an improbable romance. San is as fierce as the people who truly comprehend her are fond of her. In every sense of the word, Ashitaka is a prince among men. It is difficult not to swoon over a prince who calmly refers to his would-be assassin as “beautiful” in the face of certain death.

Ashitaka is the only human to listen to San and attempt to comprehend her and her motivations, which is why he ultimately defends the forest alongside her. If there wasn’t so much at stake for the lovers and their people, it would be amusing to observe San being so flummoxed by Ashitaka.

Howls Moving Castle

There are so many delightfully flawed characters in Howl’s Moving Castle who deserve love and redemption despite or perhaps because of their flaws and perseverance. Howl may be immature, but he has a good heart; he built his moving castle to find Sophie in the future.

Not being beautiful enough is one of Howl’s greatest insecurities; he equates beauty with being loved. In response to Sophie’s assertion that she is not beautiful, he rushes to reassure her that she is, in addition to reassuring her that she is lovable. What a couple!

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