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Most Attractive Anime Heroes: Whether he or she is a reluctant hero or a knightly do-gooder, there is nothing more admirable than a hero who is both courageous and handsome. Although beauty and virtue do not always go hand in hand, some anime heroes have both. Some have a muscular build and conventional beauty, whereas others have a dancer-like physique or atypical characteristics. There are various types of beauty.

Heroes with a strong moral compass and Renaissance-worthy features will always stand apart from the rest of the anime pantheon. Some heroes disregard their appearance or may even be self-conscious about it. They will always attract more attention and gain more fans, regardless.


List of 10 Most Attractive Anime Heroes

Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang does not appear to be a particularly admirable protagonist at first. However, the fact that a hero is flawed and possibly not always likable does not mean that they are not ultimately a good person.


Roy Mustang has established himself as a military hero and compassionate leader among his troops by the time he is in his late 20s. He may appear slovenly, but he is always planning ahead. Strong, clean-shaven, and handsome, he wears his hair in an elegantly disheveled fashion. He is a dedicated commander, despite the fact that his appearance tends to cause marriages to fail.

Hak (Yona Of The Dawn)

Hak (Yona Of The Dawn)
Hak (Yona Of The Dawn)

Yona may be hesitant to mention how attractive and daring her guard is, but Yona of the Dawn fans have no problem praising Hak. Hak is so intelligent and courageous that his reputation as the Thunder Beast is sufficient to terrify adversaries, and rightly so.

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His loyalty and devotion to his princess are by far the most attractive aspects of Hak’s personality, despite his attractiveness and flirtatiousness. He is head over heels for her, but that doesn’t prevent him from arguing with her when he disagrees with her or from patiently waiting for her to sort out her own complicated feelings.

Koga (InuYasha)

While the dog yokai protagonist InuYasha is undeniably a fan favorite due to his good looks and tsundere personality, there is no denying Koga’s wolfish allure. Koga provides the cursed love triangle between Kagome, Inuyasha, and Kikyo with the much-needed competition.

Koga is devoted to his wolf pack, and he knows precisely what he seeks in a mate. He respects Kagome’s bravery and loyalty. Not only is he stunning in a wild sort of way, but he is also direct (sometimes too direct) and has his own mind.

Claude Jean Ellmeyer (I’m The Villainess, So I’m Taming The Final Boss)

From the moment he meets Aileen in I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss, the demon lord Claude establishes himself as a good guy, despite his reputation for being frightening. Even though he is the “final boss” of the otome game, he is much more princely than his depraved brother, Cedric.

Claude has tender feelings that he tries to conceal, and he is also adept at detecting Aileen’s emotions and motivations. He almost immediately aligns his allegiance and his heart with her, and he does not hesitate to sweep her off her feet and onto the dance floor when the occasion calls for it. He is the ideal prince of darkness for her to fall in love with.

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)
Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

In Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel is the ultimate reluctant hero. Few possess Spike’s loose-limbed, devil-may-care strut as he lights a nonchalant cigarette and triumphantly trips his way through gunfight after the gunfight. He almost always wears the same outfit, but his suit and high collar points compliment him so well that it hardly matters.

Spike is the ideal bad boy with a golden heart. He frequently makes mistakes, but he always finds a way out of difficult situations. His martial arts expertise and clumsiness make him a likable hero rather than an overpowered one.

Prince Endymion (Sailor Moon)

Levi, from Attack on Titan, is not only an exceptional warrior but also an inspiring leader. It’s unsurprising that Levi’s fans are so enamored of him, given that he is a strong, stoic, patrician-looking man.

When Levi does speak, he provides his allies with the courage and insight they require. He is the type of hero who is strong and stoic but also unafraid to be brutal because he cannot afford to be weak, and hesitation could mean life or death. Despite everything, he strives to be noble.

Alucard (Castlevania)

In Castlevania, Alucard inherited the best qualities of his parents. His father gave him his regal bearing and vampiric power, while his mother gave him his beautiful features and kind heart. Alucard does not always wear his kind heart on his sleeve; he can be quite aloof. However, he always does the right thing, even if it means going against his own father.

Alucard seems to have come straight out of a fairytale, despite his tragic family history and the loneliness of immortality. He is referred to as the Sleeping Soldier, but “Sleeping Beauty” would also be appropriate.

Yukimaru Sanada (Fena: Pirate Princess)

Yukimaru Sanada (Fena Pirate Princess)
Yukimaru Sanada (Fena Pirate Princess)

In Fena: Pirate Princess, Yukimaru is fierce, reticent, and a guardian. Even though he cares for Fena more than anyone else, he can be harsh with her, which makes his rare moments of vulnerability with her all the more poignant. It is completely understandable that Fena would fall to her knees when he looked deeply into her eyes and extended his hand to her in a gesture of loyalty.

Yukimaru is a stalwart warrior and protector, but he also knows when to be gentle. Despite the fact that these moments are so intense that poor Fena struggles to maintain her composure, who could blame her?

Prince Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)

The prince in Princess Mononoke is one of the most noble, handsome, and self-sufficient in all of anime. Prince Ashitaka does not deserve the curse he inherited, but he is determined to master it. He desires to learn how to resist hatred. It takes a rare individual to see what lies beneath a person’s rage.

When San threatens Ashitaka with a knife, he refers to her as gorgeous. As she attempts to stab him, he embraces her. San has a justifiable reason for attacking humans, and Ashitaka has a justifiable reason for attempting to bridge the gap between her and humanity. The ladies of Irontown admire Ashitaka’s good looks, but they pale in comparison to his incredible heart.

People Also Ask

  1. Who is the greatest hero in anime?

    1 Saitama (One Punch Man)
    In contrast to Goku and other anime heroes, who are frequently pushed to their absolute limits, Saitama can defeat his foes with a single attack without breaking a sweat.

  2. Who is the top Japanese hero?

    #1 Satoh Takeru ()
    It is no secret that Takeru Satoh’s starring role in Rurouni Kenshin has propelled him to stardom. Beginning as a child actor, he eventually landed the lead role in the Kamen Rider Den-O series.

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