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Housekeeping Jobs In Poland 2023/24 – Apply Now


Housekeeping Jobs In Poland 2023/24: In Poland, employment prospects as a housekeeper can be extremely lucrative, and you can distinguish yourself during the application process by ensuring that you are highly qualified to perform any specified duty.
Every employee seeks individuals who exceed customer expectations, ensuring that all restrooms are immaculate, floors are spotless, and garbage is collected on time.
Read on to learn more about the following housekeeping jobs: prominent and highly-paid housekeeping jobs like the one in Poland.

Introduction to Housekeeping Jobs in Poland

In Poland, people want to work as housekeepers more than ever. With the tourism industry growing and more hotels, resorts, and private homes looking for skilled housekeepers, there are many possibilities for both experienced professionals and people who are just starting out in this field.


Why Choose Poland for Housekeeping Jobs?

Poland is a unique mix of the past and the present. It is known for its long past, beautiful natural scenery, and lively culture. Working in Poland gives you the chance to do all of these things while making a good living and advancing your job.


Details About Housekeeping Jobs In Poland 2023/24

This article will highlight the various employment (housekeeping jobs) and digest the information provided, as it will assist you in your job hunt by elaborating.
You should be aware that as a Housekeeper, you will be a committed and active team player who can interact with coworkers throughout the workday to ensure that every demand is handled on schedule.

Housekeeping Jobs In Poland 202324 Apply Now
Housekeeping Jobs In Poland 202324 Apply Now

General Requirements for Housekeeping Jobs In Poland 2023/24

The following are some general requirements:

  • Experience in a comparable position with outstanding references
  • Work eligibility in Poland
  • Earlier cleaning expertise (highly preferred)
  • Secondary level required
  • A strict requirement for cleanliness
  • Physical vigor (required)
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be psychologically and physically sound
  • Capable of passing a background check and drug test.
  • Fortunately, all of the available housekeeping jobs in Poland will be listed in this article, so be sure to choose one that interests you and apply without delay.

Job Openings in Cleaning in Poland:

This involves attention to precision, physical power, and the stamina to work in Poland for extended shifts.
In this article, I will evaluate and describe the nooks and crannies of housekeeping duties in Poland as well as the varied business and domestic showcase cleaning preferences.

I will describe one of the most notable Housekeeping positions available in Poland, followed by a list of other available positions.

Housekeeping Supervisor Jobs In Poland 2023/24:

As a supervisor of housekeeping, you are responsible for teaching the housekeeping team, routinely taking inventory of cleaning materials, and restocking as necessary.

They inspect the cleanliness of rooms and common areas, including stairways and lounges, plan shifts, and make arrangements for replacements in the event of absence.

They distribute cleaning materials and equipment to the housekeeping crew as needed and undertake a variety of cleaning tasks in the event of employee shortages.

In addition, they establish and educate personnel on cleanliness, tidiness, and hygiene standards, inspire team members, and resolve housekeeping-related difficulties.


The average gross pay of a housekeeping supervisor in Poland is 67 307 PLN or 32 PLN per hour.

The minimum income for a Housekeeping Supervisor in Warsaw, Poland is 1,220 PLN per month, while the maximum salary is 3,990 PLN per month.


Supervises the duties and responsibilities of the laundry personnel, as well as the stocking and maintenance of supply rooms; orders supplies based on a budget.
Receives, processes, and addresses complaints regarding cleaning services from guests.
Ensures that rooms are maintained clean and hazard-free and that all communal areas are also kept clean and hazard-free.
Organizes all workers throughout the day, holds daily meetings with the housekeeping crew, and assists guests or patients with simple requests and concerns.
Always provides superior customer service; maintains a professional demeanor.
Regularly meets with company representatives to report on accomplishments and address difficulties.

Competence and Experience:

The following are relevant skills and experience:

Experience as a Housekeeping Supervisor or comparable position
Practical knowledge of cleaning and maintenance duties for large enterprises
Capability to employ industrial cleaning chemicals and equipment
Superior organizational and team leadership abilities
Ability to withstand the physical demands of the job Flexibility to work a variety of shifts, including nights and weekends
High school graduation is a plus.

Manager of Housekeeping jobs in Poland:

A hospital or hotel’s housekeeping manager is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the lobby, guest rooms, and other public areas.
You will be responsible for the hiring, training, and supervision of other housekeeping personnel, as well as the assignment and evaluation of their performance.
As the manager of housekeeping, you are also responsible for setting budgets for your department and guaranteeing the availability of cleaning supplies.


The average housekeeping manager’s salary in Poland is 66 525 PLN per month or 32 z per hour.


As required, perform dusting, disinfection, and polishing of surfaces and furnishings
Perform laborious cleaning duties and unique projects
All garbage must be disposed of in accordance with the recycling policy.
The cabinets are constantly kept clean and orderly, and a weekly inventory check is performed.
Ensure compliance with all potential health and safety regulations in the home.


  • Cleaning skills
  • Supervision knowledge
  • Custodial experience skills
  • Management skills
  • Hospitality skills Laundry skills


  • Long-Term Cost Reductions
  • Greater Cleaning Quality Increased Productivity
  • A Safer Workplace A Positive Initial Impression
  • Long-Term Cost Reductions
  • Give Up Storage Space for Reward.


  • Capable of lifting at least 25 pounds.
  • Perform routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • High school degree
  • Must be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Stable both physically and mentally

How to Apply for Cleaning Positions in Poland:

These are the necessary procedures you must absolutely adhere to:

  • Click the “Apply Now” button below to apply.
  • There are numerous available positions listed under Housekeeping Jobs Poland.
  • Fill in the essential information or data
  • On the opposite side, you will notice the registered word (click on it). There, you must provide the appropriate information.
  • Then yield.
How to Apply
How to Apply

Available Cleaning Positions in Poland:

The following housekeeping jobs are available in Poland:

Housekeeping Inspector House Cleaner Assistant Room Attendant Custodian/Housekeeping Housekeeping Coordinator Mgr-Housekeeping Housekeeping Host Housekeeping Aide Housekeeping Staff Office Coordinator for Housekeeping


Housekeeping jobs in Poland are a great chance for people who want to work in a place that is both busy and full of culture. You can have a rewarding career in this area if you have the right skills, do your homework, and work hard.

People Also Ask

  • How do I find housekeeping job listings in Poland?

    You can find housekeeping job listings on various online platforms such as, Indeed. pl, and LinkedIn. Additionally, consider reaching out to local recruitment agencies.

  • What qualifications do I need for a housekeeping job in Poland?

    Even though housekeeping experience is preferred, there are jobs for people with no experience. Key skills include paying attention to details, being able to handle time well, and being able to talk to people.

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