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Government Canada Jobs of IT Officers 2023


Government Canada Jobs of IT Officers 2023 To apply for recently listed IT officer jobs by Government Canada for their Department of Correctional Service Canada, you must have a resume, CV, cover letter, a bachelor’s degree, and the desire to submit all required papers before July 21, 2023.

Which Jobs Are Offered by Government Canada in IT Sector?

I want you to understand that if you are looking for which job designations are being offered by Government Canada in this IT sector, you must understand that there are various job positions accessible with four different compensation packages as per the IT-01, IT-02, IT-03, and IT-04 categories.


When you submit your job application, you will be considered for several job vacancies in this department depending on your qualifications, and a pool of job applicants will be reviewed. If you do not receive a job offer during this recruiting cycle, you will be automatically considered for any future openings in this correctional service branch of Canada.


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How Much Salary Can You Expect in Information Management and Technology Jobs?

Government Canada has formed four pools since four distinct levels of officer employment are open for recruiting, and four different wage packages are supplied as per IT-01, IT-02, IT-03, and IT-04.

  • IT-01 Level Officer Salary: $5058 – $6518 per month
  • IT-02 Level Officer Salary: $6260 – $7662 per month
  • IT-03 Level Officer Salary: $7390 – $9181 per month
  • IT-04 Level Officer Salary: $8461 – $10532 per month
Government Canada Jobs of IT Officers 2023
Government Canada Jobs of IT Officers 2023

Where Will New Officers be Posted in Canada?

If you are hired by GC Canada for these IT jobs, you will be assigned to one of Correctional Service Canada’s 40 offices, where you will either begin working in the division of information management services (IMS) or in the policy division, and you can expect to be posted in any of the following Canadian provinces:

  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Nova Scotia
  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • New Brunswick

How to Apply for Government of Canada IT Jobs in 2023?

As I previously stated, you must act quickly because the job application deadline for these IT jobs at the Canadian government Department of Correctional Service is July 21, 2023. You must create a free job applicant account at the government Canada portal to submit your online application, and you can find detailed information about IT-01/02 jobs and IT-03/04 jobs here.

People Also Ask:

  1. Are occupations in Canada in high demand?

    Tech employment is increasing as digital dependency grows and new technologies push change across many industries. Companies continue to report skill shortages, causing average compensation expectations for top IT roles to change.

  2. Is it tough to get a job with the government in Canada?

    This might be quite challenging. The same is true for promotions. You have to compete. If you do not win the competitions, you may be doing the same work for a very long period.

  3. In Canada, how much does a government officer make?

    The average compensation for a Program Assistant in the Government of Canada ranges from around $49,156 per year to $124,326 per year for a Director. The average hourly compensation for a Government of Canada employee ranges from around $18.42 per hour for an Office Administrator to $48.73 per hour for an Administrative Officer.

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